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  1. Micro needling

    Not only don't I understand why I can't send/receive private messages, I don't see why my requests for assistance have gone unanswered. I've never mentioned a competitor and I won't name one now. But I have decided to go to another SMP place nearer where I now live. Still, I'd recommend micro-needling for anyone dealing with old scars. I'm very pleased with the improvement in my cobblestoning scars.
  2. Micro needling

    I can't say how it would work for a strip scar, but it was very effective on old cobblestone scars from plug transplants. Not sure if I will be posting on this site anymore. For some reason I can no longer reply to, or send private messages. It tells me I don't have permission to do so, even though I have been able to in the past. I have twice tired to contact an administrator to see what the reason is but have gotten no reply. So this may be my last post here. Hope all your fellows do well in your SMP pursuits....
  3. I am trying to find out why all of a sudden I am not allowed to answer a private message from someone I have messaged in the past. It says I don't have permission to do so anymore for some reason. I would at least like to answer his last message if I could. Thanks

  4. Micro needling

    Ed, thanks for your post. I am glad my experience has been helpful to others. We are all in this together and getting support, even from strangers, is quite valuable. I went back to the clinic where I had the treatments done recently just to have the lady check one last time to see the final results. I wanted to wait until I knew the healing was complete. She was so thrilled. I signed a release form and she took some more photos. I agreed to let them use my case study and photos on their website. So if I find out that has been done I would share the URL here so other guys could see the results. I have been going places and meeting people without a hat on quite a bit lately. A real first for me. No one even knows me without my hat on, after all these years. I never felt comfortable doing that before. Now all I need to do is decide about getting SMP on the scarred areas on the back of my head. Hopefully that will be the final touch for me. I have appreciated all the information I have gleaned from this forum. It has been most beneficial.
  5. Micro needling

    I didn't have the needling done on any FUE scars. Just old plug-type recipient scars that were very noticeable. It really helped diminish them and I'd imagine you'd get good results with other scars as well. Mine were old scars too. I'd recommend the procedure to anyone dealing with scarring.
  6. Micro needling

    I don't know how much fraxel would cost, or if it varies from place to place, or country to country. I went to a clinic in Raleigh, NC, and the cost of each needling session was $250. I thought that to be very reasonable. I know there are places where you can get personal loans for medical procedures that are not covered by health insurance. I set aside some money to cover any pre-SMP treatments and hopefully enough to cover the cost of the SMP if I decide to proceed with that. Maybe you could look into getting a loan if you are serious about having anything done. I wish you the best, regardless.
  7. Micro needling

    I'll try to answer your questions. I didn't look directly down at the top of my head either after or between sessions. The first few days after my scalp was all red anyway. I would only go by how much I could see from just looking straight on in the mirror at the top/front of my head. With hair shaved off it was easier to see too. I also went by feel. I could always feel the bumps and depressions with my fingers. I do know that after I shaved for the first session and looked directly with a hand-held mirror it made me feel sick to see the scarring. I tried to judge by what Lisa said when I'd go back. I'm fighting seb derm as well and she commented that the overall health of my scalp was improving each time. My transplants were from the early 1990's and the old plug type. The entire front half of my scalp was riddled with plug scars, but never counted them. But many bumps, indentations and constant redness. I don't know what size needles were on the appliance. I could ask. But the reason she recommended needling over fraxel was that she'd be able to direct the appliance more specifically and aggressively where needed most. Plus it was cheaper. I think she was more aggressive each treatment. I could tell by how my head looked afterwards. I had three treatments done. She has not seen me since the last one healed but I plan on stopping back next month for her to look and take one last photo. I signed a release so my case study with pictures could be used on their website. I'm the first client treated for scalp scarring. If it gets put online I'll share the URL for others to check out. All I can say is this. To me, my scalp feels smoother and hardly bumpy at all now. When I used a hand mirror and looked closely recently it looked remarkably different and better to me. Not perfect, as that would be an impossible goal to achieve. But so much better that I would not be embarrassed now to be seen hatless, even with only a little stubbly hair up there that has grown back. I am more satisfied than I ever had hoped for. Lisa stressed the importance of having a professional using a professional appliance over buying a needling device and doing it yourself. I would recommend someone giving this a try either as substitute for fraxel or as supplement to. Hope this helps. Message me if you have more questions.
  8. Micro needling

    I had to laugh when I read your question, The Doctor. No, Lisa is not single, but if she were I'd be ahead of you in line. She is really one of the sweetest and most reassuring people I have encountered. She is perfect for the type of work she does at this clinic. She is very professional, skilled, and yet makes you feel like she is also a friend. It has been a few weeks since my third, and probably last, needling treatment. I have been able to keep my seb derm in check pretty much, so that hasn't been a factor in the healing process. I have to say that each time I had a session my scalp looked different. This last time I think Lisa was extra aggressive as my scalp was very red and looked liked I had a very serious sunburn. None of the sessions were all that painful afterwards, but I do admit that the discomfort level was sometimes enough to make me squirm and grimace while the needling appliance was being used, even after Lisa applied some numbing cream. But it was certainly bearable. I waited until just the other day to look closely with a mirror at the top of my head. I felt it had healed enough now for me to see if there was improvement. And I have to say that the verdict is in. YES. I saw a scalp that was totally different from the one I had been seeing all these years. The scarring from my original plug transplants had wreaked havoc with my scalp. I was embarrassed to have anyone see it even when my hair was longer and disguised it a bit. (My top hair was shaved for each treatment and it is just now starting to grow outt). But now my scalp, although not perfect, looks so much better, and dare I say even more "normal" than I ever had anticipated. I truly believe that if I kept my hair shaved or very closely cropped, I could walk out the door without a hat on and not feel self-conscious about people seeing the top of my head. It looks that much better to me. And as we all know, we are our own harshest critics. You can see some spots where the plug scars were, but the bumpiness has been smoothed down a lot and I can even feel the difference with my fingers when I rub my head. To me it looked like a bald head that you might see on another guy my age (I am 60 now) with some spots or freckles, etc. but nothing out of the ordinary. I wasn't sure what to expect but I have to say I am more than pleased with the results. I would recommend to anyone thinking about some sort of pre-SMP scar treatment to consider micro-needling.
  9. Scars on top from old plug transplant

    Onamission, I am going to jump in here and tell you of a thread I started about micro-needling that is also in this "world scar diaries" section. I had sought out fraxel for my cobble stone scarring as well but ended up having something different done. Check it out and you might find it interesting. I am going to give another update right now. Best of luck to you. Message me at any time if you have questions. Thanks.
  10. Micro needling

    Went for my third, and probably final, needling procedure this week. I actually will kind of miss the lady who is the practitioner. She is one of the nicest and friendliest people I have ever met. I felt so comfortable with her and her encouragement made me feel relaxed. In fact she told me on my previous visit that in her eyes my scarring was much less noticeable then I probably was thinking. I know you fellows will related to this, but when I look at my head and see the scars, that is all I tend to see. We know where the flaws are and our eyes just focus on these places and we tend not to see ourselves as others might. It is only natural, I believe, but perhaps it makes self-acceptance harder to achieve. Anyway, I had very minimal problems with my seb-derm after the second treatment. In fact my scalp has never looked so healthy and normal. Not in the 40 years I have been dealing with the seb-derm. And when my hair started to grow back a bit I would look in the mirror and it looked like I was merely a balding guy with very short, stubbly hair on top. I didn't see the redness and bumpiness that was always there before. I wasn't sure if I was seeing only what I wanted to see, perhaps, but it did look much better. So when Lisa looked at my scalp this week she was very pleased as well. She took more pictures to document my progress. I had a very rigorous treatment this time. I told her the redness lasted longer after my second treatment. She said that the circulation was improved on my scalp and that was a good sign. I signed a release for them to use my pictures and case study on their website, so if at some point I find out they have done that I will provide a link so everyone can check it out. I think pictures that Lisa took would be better quality than any I might have taken, which I did not do. So I am going to wait about four weeks for this last session to fully heal and then go back one more time so Lisa can check out the final results. But IMO I have to say the results thus far are noticeable and very pleasing.
  11. Micro needling

    I had my second micro-needling treatment done last week. I have to say that the lady who is the practitioner is the nicest and most reassuring of any I have encountered in my many visits to clinics such as this. I thought I had noticed some improvement in my scarring, but I don't really trust my own perception anymore. I see things that perhaps aren't that noticeable and sometimes don't see things that are. It is hard to be an unbiased judge when you are looking at yourself. But the lady said right away that she not only saw much improvement in the condition of my scalp in general, but felt there was improvement in the scarring too. That made me feel good. She told me that in her opinion the scarring isn't even that bad or noticeable, and that made me feel so good as well. I know I focus too much on it, as we all probably do. But I bet that most people might not even notice the tings that we obsess over. The second treatment seemed more aggressive. When I got home my scalp was very red and sensitive. It looked like I had a severe sunburn, but the discomfort is very manageable. I knew from what happened after the first treatment that I needed to be more on the lookout for any symptoms of my seborrheic dermatitis flaring up again. I did things a bit differently this time And I am happy to say that I have had no symptoms. My scalp looks and feels better than it has in years, even with the residual redness from the treatment. I honestly think that my scars are much less apparent than before. I almost find it hard to accept, but to my eyes they my scalp in the front looks the best since before I had the darn HT. Even without looking, when I rub my fingers over the scarred area I don't feel the bumps and depressions as much. It seems as if they are leveling out a bit. The body reacts to the stress from the needling and attempts to heal itself by producing more collagen, and therefor improved skin. At least that is the theory. I go back for one more procedure in 3 weeks. I think it will be the final one, but if I continue to see improvement I will be well worth the cost and the discomfort.
  12. SMP in Toronto - My Experience!

    What is the name of the sunscreen product that is skin colored? I would like to try and find it perhaps here in the USA or online. Glad you have found a regime that works. it is the best and most helpful information when it comes from personal experience. Thanks for sharing with us...
  13. SMP in Toronto - My Experience!

    Thanks for the updates, Oscar. Sounds like things are coming along. Wishing you good final results.
  14. Scars on top from old plug transplant

    Micro-needling is just the professional form of what guys on here call Derma-rolling. When I spoke with the practitioner about Fraxel she said the needling would perhaps have the same result only it is cheaper. So I am trying it for two sessions. After that she said we could try the Fraxel if it seemed more improvement might be achievable.
  15. Scars on top from old plug transplant

    I am glad you had good results. I am having one more micro-needling treatment next week. Several years ago I had some repair transplant surgery done by a doctor in Toronto, Canada. He added some new hair on top and also broke up the old plugs and redistributed that hair so it isn't all lumped in certain areas. So I am not sure about having hair removed from on top. I will wait and see how the needling treatment works for the cobble stoning. If my practitioner thinks that more could be achieved with some fraxel, I might try that as well. Thanks for your input.