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    horseshoe got a reaction from in Smp Canada   
    Congrats on going through with SMP. Its a big weight off the shoulders when compared to concealers. 
    It seems that you've had a lot of luck with the ladies over the years. I'm curious, how are they treating you now that you got SMP? Are you getting more attention, less or the same? 
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    horseshoe got a reaction from in Moisturising , matte. And alcohol   
    So far i've tried; peter thomas roth, milk of magnesia, baby powder, head dry and dessert essence oil control moisturizer.
    My two favorite are head dry and dessert essence. Head dry doesn't have any alcohol and says that it blocks out the sun as well. The dessert essence is great too but I don't really like the smell. Dessert essence is all natural ingredients, which is nice, but does have alcohol (it is the last ingredient so it should be ok). Also, since dessert essence is all natural, and pretty cheap, I cake it on thick so it lasts a good 4 hours or so.
    I have been using the two products together. I start with a base of head dry then apply some dessert essence on top. I was just at the mall and caught my reflection multiple times under pretty bright lights and the head looked nice and matte. I was at the same mall last week with milk of magnesia and baby powder and it was shining pretty bad. If I had to choose one I'd probably go with the head dry
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    horseshoe reacted to HatingHats in Pictures of SMP up close or in outside light   
         As to your question Harvey about people detecting your treatment, my answer is that good SMP will fool 99% of the people 99% of the time. The most critical aspect is the shape and density of the frontal hairline. If that is feathered correctly like a real hair line and is not too dense, then the vast majority of people's visual systems (in the occipital lobes) will only give you a once over. However, if the frontal hairline is too straight, too dense or too dark, then you will be quickly spotted as having something, "off" about your appearance.
          I cannot speak for you Harvey, but for myself, my goal was never to fool every single person. My wife knows of my treatments, as do two close friends and I work with several very intelligent fellow academics who probably suspect that there is some reason behind my scalp shaving. But I can live with that just fine. My goal in getting SMP was simply to have my face better framed, look nicer for my wife and not be the "balding guy" in the lab. SMP will not fool 100% of the people, 100% of the time. There will always be that jealous balding guy in the corner at the gym, at work, at etc... who will be scanning your dome closely. That said, good SMP will give you a free pass from the general public that moves you from the, "oh, look at that poor guy, thinning out at only 25" to the, "wow, I usually don't like the shaved look but it looks good on him because he has a great deal of hair" category. And that release from societal pressure will seesaw into a boost in mental well-being for yourself quite likely. (or, at least it has for the vast majority of HIS clients)  So, that is my short take on it.
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    horseshoe got a reaction from in Looking For A Good Foil Shaver   
    I just bought the whal 5-star series foil shaver. I got it on amazon for about $50. There's a bunch of whal foil shavers out there but the 5-star is maroon with a gold foil. 
    I've used it about 10 or so times and am very impressed. The foil blades are offset, with one higher than the other, making it very easy to shave the head. Very close shave, right around wet shaving with the grain but not as close as wet shaving against the grain. The motor sounds very powerful and from all the reviews I've read it should last 5-10 years. 
    I got it to throw in the glove box of my car for quick shaves when I'm unable to get home. It shaves better than I expected so I may end up keeping it in the bathroom and using it more often. I was going to invest in a $200-$300 foil shaver but after using the $50 whal I can't imagine another being much better to be worth the extra money. The only downfall is you can't use it wet or with shaving cream. 
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    horseshoe got a reaction from David1963 in Any truth to the merging/bleeding of pigments over time theory   
    Thanks for clearing that up HatingHats. Your knowledge of biology and SMP is truly an asset to this community. 
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    horseshoe got a reaction from in Looking For A Good Foil Shaver   
    I just bought the whal 5-star series foil shaver. I got it on amazon for about $50. There's a bunch of whal foil shavers out there but the 5-star is maroon with a gold foil. 
    I've used it about 10 or so times and am very impressed. The foil blades are offset, with one higher than the other, making it very easy to shave the head. Very close shave, right around wet shaving with the grain but not as close as wet shaving against the grain. The motor sounds very powerful and from all the reviews I've read it should last 5-10 years. 
    I got it to throw in the glove box of my car for quick shaves when I'm unable to get home. It shaves better than I expected so I may end up keeping it in the bathroom and using it more often. I was going to invest in a $200-$300 foil shaver but after using the $50 whal I can't imagine another being much better to be worth the extra money. The only downfall is you can't use it wet or with shaving cream. 
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    horseshoe reacted to HatingHats in Any truth to the merging/bleeding of pigments over time theory   
    Horseshoe, the pigments are held in the collagen micro-forest of the second layer of your skin (the dermal layer).  Image trying to hold some mayonnaise in a cross weaved salad bowl made out of thatching. At first, the salad bowl will hold a big lump of mayonnaise just fine. However, as time passes, the mayonnaise can leak out a bit from the bottom as Earth's natural gravitational field presses down on the mayonnaise (equal to 9.81 m/s^2) and because the mayonnaise degrades a little bit. (its viscosity changes as the UV radiation from the sun changes its chemical structure) The same is true of the pigment being held in a client's collagen micro-forest, and normally, it would leak out into surrounding tissue and bleed out, so to speak. However, the reason this does not happen is that your immune system constantly removes particles that float free from the collagen microforest. (and from there are removed to the lymph nodes) Therefore, with regard to SMP, there is almost no "bleeding". There is fading, where a more densely packed area over time degrades due to immune response or UV radiation, but there is not bleeding or smearing.
         Your next question is probably, "Then why do regular tattoos seem to bleed and merge after many years?"  The answer to that is that regular tattoo inks are exactly that, ...inks. (they are not monomeric pigments) They are made of the pigment molecules but are usually combined with binders, carriers or additives. When that tattoo ink is subjected to the UV radiation of the sun for many years and Earth's standard gravitational field, the various components' are separated or their covalent bonds are broken and they break down and "bleed out", but at separate rates, which show as a stain bleeding together, or as a smearing. All the while, the immune system is working to remove this degradation. In comparison, the HIS pigment is a monomeric structure that does not break down any further, which is why you do not see a bleeding or smearing. The only thing you see with HIS is fading.
          Then, your next question is likely to be, "Will the individual dots eventually fade away?"  The answer is yes. If given enough time, the dots will fade down until they are no longer distinct dots (at least from an observer's point of view). And, that is the exact reason why all clients, at some point in the future will need an occasional touch-up. It is so new sharp dots can be laid down which keep the appearance ultra-realistic. For some, this might be every four years, but for another, it might be once every eight years. (I would say the average is about once every five years)  I hope this helps.
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    horseshoe got a reaction from JC20916 in Session #1 finished / San Francisco   
    Hey hophead247 good start. How did the second session go.. did you adjust the hairline and temples like you mentioned? 
    Has anyone seen the segment that the news crew did on HIS hair? I'd like to see it if anyone has a link, always interested in how the media portrays the procedure. 
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    horseshoe reacted to JazzHead in today I got called out   
    I met up with an old friend from college and she asked me the same thing.  
    That was like the coolest unintended compliment that my ears could have ever hoped to hear at that moment.  
    I just simply replied... "I'm almost 50, who needs to bother spending an extra 10 to 15 minutes in the bathroom combing their hair and besides, I'd rather just have the grey in my beard instead."
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    horseshoe reacted to MrOnTheFence in FINALLY - Goodbye Hair System   
    No need to relax.  I was simply trying to help you realize theres no need to get all bent out of shape by a personal choice your friend has made for his life.  I say "friend" loosely after reading that you think he needs to "man up" Im not entirely sure he can consider you a friend.  A true friend would understand or atleast support his choices regardless if you agree with them.  Honestly I'm confused at the idea that it "takes balls" to shave your head.  Does someone who uses medication to fight bad acne lack balls because they don't accept they have bad skin?  Does someone who limits the foods they love and hit the gym in order to shed some unwanted weight or tone their body lack balls because they don't accept being overweight?
    In each case, (choosing a way to hide baldness, heal acne or loose weight) there are sacrifices and limitations that need to be made.  Someone wearing a system might avoid activities in the hot sun for fear of weakening the bonding or tape.  A sufferer of acne might avoid the sun as well as many medicines have side effects when exposed to too much sunlight. For example a friend of mine who suffered horrible acne in high school and who's medicine had bad reactions to the sun had to convince people he just had a bad case of sun burn.  The person trying to lose weight of course is restricted to a certain diet and for those not born with naturally fit bodies need to incorporate a consistent work out routine if they'd like to keep their shape.
    So yes, I agree that its great if the fat guy with the horseshoe of hair and face full of pimples is still comfortable with himself as is.  However, its no less "manly" to do something to try to better yourself in whatever way you see fit.  I don't know why you're on this forum in the first place if you feel trying to conceal hair loss is a problem.  SMP is just another way to try to conceal hair loss just like your buddies hair system.  It comes with its own limitations and concerns.  And its each persons choice if they choose to share they had something done or not.
    Oh, and no I don't think I can fool a girl I'm intimate with.  I KNOW I can.  I have many, many, many times   Honestly. The only people I think might suspect that I never told are some co workers.  Only because I can't just avoid work when the system is looking its worst.  If I think the system isn't looking right I can just avoid friends for a few days. Remember I get it reattached every 2 weeks.  So if anything once in a while there might be 3 or 4 days that it MIGHT look bad.  Its very rare I feel uncomfortable being around people unless I can't avoid it. Like work.  
    Hair systems are like SMP.  There are good ones and bad ones.  Just like HIS is better than most of the competition such is the same with the company I chose for my hair system.  The quality of their product and service is above the rest.  And I pay for that.  We aren't talking a system I order online and have to attach and cut and or color myself.  They cut it, they attach and reattach and can color it as much as I ask.  So yes an off color system can stand out. But when you're going often enough you can avoid that problem.
    And for the record, let me add I got my hair system very young, as I started losing my hair very young.. So yes I started receding a bit but it wasn't like I had no hair and suddenly had hair.  I spent any chance I could under a hat anyways, so when I got the system if anything people only noticed I didn't wear hats anymore.
    Anyways, I guess the main point is "man up" and have some compassion for your "friend."
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    horseshoe reacted to hairhair98 in Do all your hair loss insecurities go away once you get your end result?   
    There are tons of threads here where people report having no concerns after SMP, a lot of threads where people report being pleased, but with occasional concerns, and a few where people say they are unsatisfied with lots of concerns.  So the answer to your question is 'maybe'.
    Like any cosmetic procedure, there is an element of risk which should be taken into account... but based on the amount of positive feedback on the forum, the odds are in your favor that it will be successful.  Similarly, there are pros and cons to this treatment, just like with anything.
    I fall into the middle category, i suppose... generally pleased with how it looks, but it can look worse and more bald looking if my head is sweaty/wet/oily.  I dont like for people to see me when it's shiny, so if i am sweating/wet/oily and dont want to mess with applying antishine (or if it isn't feasible to put on) i will often wear a hat.  Other than that, i dont usually feel self conscious about it when i am out.
    If you are already shaving your head, then that takes one of the biggest cons out of the equation... since going from long hair to a shaved head can be quite a hurdle for some people.  There's still a pretty big difference between a 0 guard and shaved all the way down, though, so if you aren't shaving it all the way down i would suggest doing so a few times so you get an idea of what it looks/feels like. 
    The good thing is that if you shave it all the way down with an electric razor, and then smudge dark grey eyeshadow on your head, you will get an extremely close replica of what SMP will look like on you.
    It's possible, but I wouldn't count on it.  Your best bet will be to find out who will be doing your treatment, and then research them on the forum.
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    horseshoe reacted to stewart1987 in Manchester clinic....   
    Thanks man, she's now my wife too! And she's up the duff with our first kid.
    That's the power of the treatment everyone. 
    SMP = Suddenly Married & Pregnant.
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    horseshoe got a reaction from Raybatesman in My Experience in the London Clinic :)   
    Thats awesome man, congrats on having a baby!
    On a side note... the smp still looks great!
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    horseshoe got a reaction from hairhair98 in Deleting threads- continued   
    We're all on the same side here guys, no need to fight.
    I've seen a few arguments break out between members and soon after one or both stop showing up and contributing as much on the forum. I hope that's not the case here. I've seen a lot of helpful posts from both of you guys.
    I think the new forum policy sounds fair.
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    horseshoe got a reaction from hairhair98 in Deleting threads- continued   
    We're all on the same side here guys, no need to fight.
    I've seen a few arguments break out between members and soon after one or both stop showing up and contributing as much on the forum. I hope that's not the case here. I've seen a lot of helpful posts from both of you guys.
    I think the new forum policy sounds fair.
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    horseshoe reacted to damien in does anyone knows this?   
    Saw this last week.
    So some guy has combined a number of herbs and minerals to create a miracle cure? A cure that multinational pharmaceutical companies, incentivized with billions of dollars of potential revenue, have been unable to find? And all he wants to share this secret with you, is a token payment of $39.00?
    If you're in the mood for checking out scams, see this too
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    horseshoe reacted to Sugar ray recede in finally done it.   
    Hi chaps . Now 6 days post second session. Went to a christening over the wk end and bumped into almost everybody I know.not one comment from anybody . Which is how I like it. There were 3 of my most ruthless mates here.(and when I say ruthless I mean it )we have been like this all our lives so I can give as good as I get ha ha. I will tell them or they may find out on the grapevine eventually but for now it's quite fun seeing the faces slightly confused for that milli second when they initially start talking to you. 3 of my other mates noticed but this was only because I told them about it. But they all thought it looked great ???? it may have faded a wee bit but I'll leave it 4/6 wks like Danny said and deal with it then.
    A word of advice for anybody still on the fence and are struggling with their hair loss. Don't wait two years like I did. Go and do it and get on with your life. IMO it's the best thing out there at the minute. Few tips tho.
    1. Try and joke about it with people if your on the side of the fence who is telling about it but still maybe nervous.I call it my designer fringe ha ha. It's a good little defence mechanism as if your having a laugh about it already it's negates any negative comments that may come your way.
    2. Try and buy some sharp clothes and get yourself the gym. I think it defo helps with the look.
    3. Go age appropriate with your hair line and LISTEN to your practitioner. They know best.
    4. Keep your head up and go out and enjoy your life because this procedure will give you that extra ump in the morning and make your life that little bit better.
    Finally a big thank you to Danny win at the Manchester clinic (top top man) and a massive thank you to Ianand Ranbir watson for coming up with a procedure that gives hope to us all. I am now off to get on with my life. Good luck to you everybody with what ever they decide to do ????
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    horseshoe reacted to Thierry77 in Found Out...Again   
    Hi HBK, I'm sorry to hear you've been having these issues. Last time I checked on your original thread was a while ago and to be honest, I thought your treatment was perfect after session 3 and did not expect to hear from you again! I think what your story so far really shows is that SMP is as much about your own mentality as it is about the SMP. For some people, the odd comment isn't going to bother them, for others, it can completely destroy their confidence.
    I think what people have to remember is, the average person has no clue what a shaved head normally looks like. They won;t get a chance to look at one close up and from a  distance, it would just look like a grey mass. Yes, it's a curiosity for many people as to why someone would shave their head if they have no hair loss and that is probably why people with SMP will get the odd look. And when we are out and about, we are naturally going to look at ANYONE who has a shaved/bald head now because we know about the procedure and are interested in it. That does not mean that everyone else is doing the same! For example, whenever I am thinking about buying a pair of shoes, I notice that I start checking out everyone's shoes - but I never do this otherwise.
    Before I had SMP, I shaved my head almost every day and filled in the "gaps" with face paint. I would never have left the house if I thought for one minute it looked detectable. I never got a comment in over 5 years. I still got girlfriends and women who were interested in me. The truth is that most people have no idea what a shaved head is supposed to look like. One girl once said she liked my beard but I just needed to grow my hair out a bit to give it a more "even" look. When I told her that wasn't possible because I'm losing it, she was shocked! She came right up and checked out my head from all angles and still couldn't tell I had smudged face paint all over my scalp! My SMP looks much better than that, so I really disagree when people say it is not undetectable - it is undetectable IF you have a good treatment and IF you learn how to shave and look after it properly. When I check my scalp after a fresh shave and moisturise, I honestly cannot see where the join is between SMP and real hair, so how could anyone else possibly claim to know?
    There is a footballer who plays for my team, Nottingham Forest, called Henry Lansbury. He had a shaved head when he joined us at the time, I honestly could not tell if he was balding, had a full head shaved down or had SMP. And trust me, I checked, many times! He's now grown his hair out. The average person does not know what they are looking for, what a shaved head looks like. Even on this forum, we have different ideas about what it should look like. Some freak out because it "disappears" under bright lights - that is what happens with a full head of hair, shaved! Others complain about it looking like one grey mass - again, that is what it should look like from a distance. Some say SMP looks better outdoors, whereas I think it looks at it's best indoors.
    You may well think you can tell if someone has SMP or not but I would say that is virtually impossible if it's been done correctly. It's easy to say that anyone you see with a shaved head could have SMP because it's rare to see anyone with a full head of hair, completely shaved. Fact is, you do not know for certain unless something stands out which looks obviously wrong. If I left my head unshaved for 24 hours and any of you guys saw it, you would instantly know where the join is. It's a fine line between detectable and undetectable. When you have this procedure done, you have to know the best way to get the best results. That means timing your shave correctly, using a shaver that works for you and using products on your head that help keep the scalp looking good. It can be a pain to be honest but it's still a far better alternative to what I was going through before.
    That said, if something is OBVIOUSLY wrong, people will point it out eventually. I was never able to grow a decent pair of sideburns so when I was younger, I went through a phase of colouring in the gaps with eyeliner. I got called out TWICE - once by my best mate and once by a girl at work. It was hugely embarrassing and I stopped doing it. The paranoia really got to me, so I can understand why HBK would feel how he does now. It seems as though perhaps you went a bit too far after session 3? I won't comment on that because it's hard to say what a treatment really looks like in photos alone. But for others who are put off by this story, I would say you need to be aware that this is a tough process and it's not a magic wand.
    There will be shit you go through mentally which can be hard to take. I'm still coming to terms with it now, yet I believe my treatment is excellent and have had no comments other than a couple of positive ones (and I have not told anyone that I have SMP). It can be difficult not to panic and to stop and rationalise the situation and this something many people can't do. Be aware that the process of SMP is so much more than just having a needle stuck into your head. It's about your own mental strength and perceptions and about getting the most out of your treatment once the tattooing is over.
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    horseshoe reacted to Yon07 in Bubble totally burst   
    Yes, and the whole idea of fake breasts is to create the illusion of a beautiful set of tits. That doesn't mean that it's hard to spot out fake tits! Exactly what you said. "The whole idea of smp was to create an illusion of hair" And that is exactly what it does for the most part. For heaven's sake, take a moment and think about what you did. You put ink dots on your head that gave you an illusion of a freshly shaved head when you had nothing there before. The illusion doesn't disappear if more people are aware of it. I agree, it would be nicer if it could be kept more on the D/L, i totally get that...But, come on, this procedure wasn't done by a cousin of yours in some basement where no one would discover it. This is a business and millions of men suffer from hair loss. Companies need clients/customers to stay in business and be successful, so as much as we would like it to stay hush hush, it may get more exposure and get more popular, but i don't think anyone actually went ahead with this thinking it would be one of those greatest hidden secrets discovered only by a select few who spent thousands of hours surfing the web for a solution. Again, as long as you have a natural looking treatment, i don't see why it would be the end of the world if god forbid someone found out you had it. People do a lot worse things with their bodies and what not. I'm just thankful to have discovered this treatment and while i don't think it's perfect, and i still struggle at times with it, it sure beats what i had before and there is no question i am much happier now. Problem free in life? Hell no! But just happier and have a sense of self comfort knowing i was able to afford something that would give me a bit more peace of mind in my life. 
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    horseshoe got a reaction from MattSFL in Made a big mistake   
    Hey Recedo, hang in there man. I don't think scrubbing your head with a exfoliating glove is going to cause permeant damage. It seems your skin is still in shock from the procedure and chemicals used afterwords. Skin is quite elastic so maybe its just reacting to the irritation in a peculiar way. The indentations should heal on their own and you can remove the SMP by lazar after 6 weeks if you don't like it. Try not to be too hard on your self. You'll get through this. Good luck man, keep us posted. 
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    horseshoe got a reaction from Josh2.0 in Just had 2nd Session in Chicago   
    Awesome pics man, it really suits you. I read your story and can defiantly relate. Congrats on getting the treatment, must feel great to get over hair loss. What shades did you use, how's it holding up after three weeks?
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    horseshoe got a reaction from MrOnTheFence in Disappointed   
    Wait, Hairkiller.... that's SMP right? I remember seeing the thread about him and researched his name and figured after seeing his pics it was defiantly SMP. I saw other pics of him with long hair but figured it was a wig. In that close up I can defiantly see hair, do you think there's SMP under it?
    I may not be the best person to answer this thread cause I still haven't seen SMP in person. But I gotta say the OP is full of it. I mean come on man. You yourself said you're obsessed with the treatment (as most of us considering it are). We are not the 99% that this treatment is supposed to trick. As MrOnTheFence said every shaved head is under our extreme scrutiny. Since learning of this treatment I've probably seen 20 or so shaved heads. Every time I see one I immediately think SMP FOR SURE!! I live 500 miles from the closest clinic so its almost guaranteed none of them were actually SMP. One treatment did stand out and I think it was SMP. The hair line was pretty straight and had pretty define profiles. Otherwise looked natural. Ya know what... it was the best looking shaved head out of the 20 or so I've seen. Still don't know if it was or not, but if so I'd be happy with it.
    I just wanted to say that I feel bad for that poor guy you called out. During my hair loss journey I've tried a lot of concealment methods.. combover, toppic, wig, hat, etc. During each phase I did extreme research to look my best. (except with the hat when I just said Fuk it) As a result I can spot all of them very easy, every day I go out I see someone concealing in one way or another. I would never call someone out on it. That's the bald guy code. What you did was completely selfish. 
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    horseshoe reacted to Yon07 in people reaction after seeing smp on your head ?   
    All i can tell you is that this treatment does not put hair on your head or for my sake doesn't even make me feel like i have hair. What it does do is make me feel better looking at myself in the mirror after a wet shave for a solid 24 hours seeing a closed frame face with a natural receded hairline and not being able to see my horse shoe...No one i knew from before ever said anything that i got a hairline back or anything like that. I think they still think and see me as bald, but i know that i have a much better look to me when kept shaved right and it makes ME feel better, that's all that counts...Don't do this for others, because if you go natural, most people won't even notice the change. Do it for yourself, because YOU will notice the change and feel happier with it...Good luck!
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    horseshoe got a reaction from Angil_af in My SMP Chicago   
    That's awesome man, good luck! Keep us posted.
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    horseshoe reacted to vince in SMP Spotted!!!   
    I've had SMP for nearly 6 years and until very recently my style was very sharp/defined and I've never been spotted. I've got some friends who would not hold back if they thought anything was amiss and not a single one of them have noticed anything.
    In reality, all people with full heads of hair and ones who do not shave/buzz their hair will not know what SMP is, unless you have really gone for an un-natural, dark look against your practitioners advice. Or they think they can get away with a few extra days growth, and this is where the difference between SMP and real hair can be seen. You have to be realistic in regards to the length you can get away with. In my case a daily wet shave gives me an undetectable look.
    There also seems to be quite a few armchair 'experts' saying how unnatural it looks, how big the dots are etc and yet most of them have never seen SMP in the flesh. They are basing everything on what they see in pictures/videos (most of the times these would have been taken immediately after a treatment or the dots have not yet fully shrunk - it can take up to a few months to see the final effect). Also what one may consider flaws in pictures/videos, the naked eye simply does not see these in person.
    If you are on the fence and not sure if SMP is something for you or not, then you need to see it in the flesh on a few people. No amount of pictures/videos will help to convince you if it's for you or not.