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  1. Smp Canada

    Congrats on going through with SMP. Its a big weight off the shoulders when compared to concealers. It seems that you've had a lot of luck with the ladies over the years. I'm curious, how are they treating you now that you got SMP? Are you getting more attention, less or the same?
  2. Moisturising , matte. And alcohol

    Head dry says that it blocks the sun but it doesn't give an spf rating so I'm not exactly sure about its effectiveness. I went on their website to find out more.. all I could find concerning the sun is this quote I copied and pasted their faq: "Zinc oxide reflects the invisible spectrum of UV light and the UV energy is converted to Infrared (heat) light that is cast off. Zinc oxide can be used in ointments, creams, and lotions to protect against sunburn and other damage to the skin caused by ultraviolet light (see sunscreen). It is the broadest spectrum UVA and UVB reflector that is approved for use as a sunscreen by the FDA, and is completely photostable. When used as an ingredient in sunscreen, zinc oxide sits on the skin’s surface and is not absorbed into the skin, and blocks both UVA (320–400 nm) and UVB (280–320 nm) rays of ultraviolet light. Because zinc oxide (and the other most common physical sunscreen, titanium dioxide) are not absorbed into the skin,they are nonirritating, nonallergenic, and non-comedogenic." I know that dessert essence doesn't have any sun screen in it.
  3. Moisturising , matte. And alcohol

    So far i've tried; peter thomas roth, milk of magnesia, baby powder, head dry and dessert essence oil control moisturizer. My two favorite are head dry and dessert essence. Head dry doesn't have any alcohol and says that it blocks out the sun as well. The dessert essence is great too but I don't really like the smell. Dessert essence is all natural ingredients, which is nice, but does have alcohol (it is the last ingredient so it should be ok). Also, since dessert essence is all natural, and pretty cheap, I cake it on thick so it lasts a good 4 hours or so. I have been using the two products together. I start with a base of head dry then apply some dessert essence on top. I was just at the mall and caught my reflection multiple times under pretty bright lights and the head looked nice and matte. I was at the same mall last week with milk of magnesia and baby powder and it was shining pretty bad. If I had to choose one I'd probably go with the head dry
  4. Does anyone know if hydrogen peroxide can change the color or effect on the pigments in any way? How long after receiving the treatment would it be safe to use hydrogen peroxide? Thanks.
  5. Looking For A Good Foil Shaver

    I just bought the whal 5-star series foil shaver. I got it on amazon for about $50. There's a bunch of whal foil shavers out there but the 5-star is maroon with a gold foil. I've used it about 10 or so times and am very impressed. The foil blades are offset, with one higher than the other, making it very easy to shave the head. Very close shave, right around wet shaving with the grain but not as close as wet shaving against the grain. The motor sounds very powerful and from all the reviews I've read it should last 5-10 years. I got it to throw in the glove box of my car for quick shaves when I'm unable to get home. It shaves better than I expected so I may end up keeping it in the bathroom and using it more often. I was going to invest in a $200-$300 foil shaver but after using the $50 whal I can't imagine another being much better to be worth the extra money. The only downfall is you can't use it wet or with shaving cream.
  6. Thanks for clearing that up HatingHats. Your knowledge of biology and SMP is truly an asset to this community.
  7. Whenever I'm surfing the different hair loss forums and see SMP discussed, it usually comes down to someone arguing that over time, as your body breaks down the pigments, the dots will eventually merge or bleed together. Most people who argue this point will say that all tattoos eventually meet this fate, so they speculate SMP will do the same. Is there any truth to the theory? Will SMP eventually bleed together making for one solid grey shadow with no distinct individual dots? Or does SMP behave differentially than a traditional tattoo in this sense? If so, why does it behave differentially?
  8. I've always heard that the average person's hairline is 3-4 finger widths above their eyebrows. Has anyone taken this into consideration when placing their hairline? Are the conservative people who are going for a look that will age well, placing it 4 or more finger widths above their eyebrows? And the more aggressive hairlines 3 finger widths? I've been doing a few mock ups with eyeliner trying to get a good idea of what sort of hairline would suit me best.. When I place the hairline about 4 finger widths I can pull it off but I'm not as into it as at say 3/3.5. I'm 30 now but would that 4 finger width hairline look better on me in 10 years thereby being considered a look that will age better than the 3/3.5 hairline? I like the look of about 3.5 finger lengths but worried a bit that it may be too aggressive for the long run. I understand it is going to be different for everyone but thought it would be nice to get a feel for what others have done.
  9. Existing Hairline too thick?

    Good luck tomorrow man. I've seen a few 2/2.5's since I've been on the forums, so it can be done with good results, can't recall any of the usernames though. I found this video of a guy with a 2.5: Do you know what sort of hairline you're hoping to achieve?
  10. question

    A rotary shaver will leave a slight stubble. The only way you'll get it completely smooth is to shave with a razor against the grain. Typically in order to achieve that smoothness you'll have to shave twice; once with the grain, then again against the grain. I've done it a few times before (to see if I could eliminate the shadow of my horseshoe) and I was surprised to find out that it was completely smooth, no matter if I rubbed my head with or against the grain there was no stubble whatsoever. It stayed like that for a good 18 hours (you could still see my horseshoe, unfortunately, because I have pretty dark hair). Shaving with a razor just once with the grain, will still leave a very slight slight stubble feel (if I rub my head with the grain I can barely feel it, but if I rub against the grain I can defiantly still feel a stubble.) I've heard that either a rotary or foil shaver are pretty similar, its just a matter of preference. I was going to invest in a Braun series 7 but I've gotten pretty used to shaving my head with a razor in the shower. It only takes me a minuter or so now and with disposal razors I can usually get 3-4 shaves per razor, so it ends up being pretty cheap. It comes to about $3.00 usd worth of razors for 1 or two months worth of shaving. I still may get a rotary shaver for touch ups mid day but I'm happy with shaving with a razor in the shower for now.
  11. How close to shave before session

    First time I ever wet shaved I cut myself up real good. So it might not be a good idea for you to go all the way down with a razor right before your treatment if you've never done it before. You could buzz off what you have left at a 0 or 1 so you're not in total shock at the HIS office if you've never seen yourself like that. That way you'll have a clear head to discuss your proper treatment. Good luck man you must be excited.
  12. Laser side profiles smp

    The side profiles look good to me, sharp but still pretty subtle, did they use a different ink shade on the side profiles? I agree that the top looks quite dense though. What norwood did you start as, and how many sessions did you have? Also do you remember what shades were used?
  13. Bad His Experience

    Since its only 6 or so days after the last treatment there's still a lot of time for the scabs to fall off and dots to shrink. In a few weeks time it may look great. A lot of people go through the initial shock phase to be relieved with the final result. I'd be careful trying to fade it on your own. Ya never know how the chemicals could effect the pigment. In the mean time you could try getting some makeup and applying it lightly to the treated areas. I've read about a few fourm members doing so with good results. There is some semi transparent women's make up that should do great in lightly covering it up so its not so dark looking while it naturally fades.
  14. First session done, advice appreciated!

    Hey Clided, how did the second session go?
  15. Thankyou Damien thread

    Sucks to see him go, he was a great forum administrator. Good luck Damien.