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  1. Session #1 finished / San Francisco

    Pics of the scar comouflage, please! Thanks a lot... I've the same problem
  2. When HIS Clinic in Italy?

    Maybe next year... Is there hope?
  3. An idea could be to the first and after 5/7 days the second. And after 20/30 days the third... If 3 treatments are enought... My dream is that HIS could open a clinic in Italy, near Rome or Florence
  4. tranplanted hairs' life

    I just want to be natural bald... And shave my head to the bone. I hate my scar, my transplanted hairs and all my hairs! HT si a disgrace, and I hope SMP can bring me my confidence back... If anyone can suggest me how to do the right steps for my treatment, I will be very glad... Remove transplanted hairs using laser first? Treat only the scar? What shade choice?
  5. Thanks friends. Here in Italy it's difficult to find someone who had it done. And it's not easy to go to UK more times to get the treatment. I've just received the answer of the clinic. How long have I wait to obtain a decent coverage of the scar and of the minigraft?
  6. tranplanted hairs' life

    Can transplanted hairs fall forever some months/years after HT? I hope, they're horrible!
  7. Yes, another horrible HT's story... Only after I did I discovered that solves nothing and only creates scars. I'm bald as before the surgery but now I can not shave. I've a 22 cm scar from ear to ear (hign 2/3 millimeters) and not more than 500 bad tranplanted hairs. I don't want to do other surgeries, but only shave my head. 1 What are the right steps for my transformation? 2 Is it possible to draw a new hairline with smp behind my horrible one made by the butcher? 3 What percentage of scar's coverage can I expect? 4 How can I remove tranplanted hairs and reduce pitting? Thanks a lot to everyone. I want to get out of depression and get out of this hell...
  8. When HIS Clinic in Italy?

    When HIS Hair Clinic is going to open in Italy? I hope next year...
  9. Italy

    Anyone in Italy?
  10. You're welcome parapacchio. I hope you'll open a report with photos.
  11. Is there in Italy someone who have smp done? I would like to see it in person. I'm another hair transplant victim (about 500 transplanted hairs & a very long scar from ear to ear). All my hairs are thinned and I need to shave my head... HT has been the worst mistake of my life. DON'T DO IT if you are on time!!! Need to know what to do, please.