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  1. Meet up in Toronto

    i private messaged you
  2. Full heads of shaved hair

    for anyone that sees these pictures. I'm sure anyone who has had SMP done would agree, i would much rather have dude on the rights hair and hairline rather then dude on right. For anyone who is on the fence because they're un sure due to not wanting a shaved head, trust me when i say shaved head is a lot better then receding head. This picture is a great example, both men similar features with a beard and its unarguable that man on left not only looks better but younger.
  3. fading concerns

    Good to know! mayonnaise analogy really put it into perspective haha. I am on 1 year post my third treatment and would say very subtle fading. Just would like a little touchup, not because of fading just for personal reasons!
  4. Meet up in Toronto

    Hey Toekneei, where exactly are you located? http://forum.hishair...n-toronto-dave/ from toronto My last update from exactly a year ago. Going for my fourth soon!
  5. Hey! Check out my first three treatments! http://forum.hishairclinic.com/topic/6177-3rd-session-toronto-dave/ Going for my fourth soon! Very excited. Just to let you know the treatment has changed my life. I'm young and thinking and balding is the last thing any individual wants. But this procedure totally takes away that pain and heartache. From the first session I was beyond impressed and I'm sure anyone who has had the procedure done can also say how they wished they'd have done it sooner. I'm willing to meet up with anyone, it's been a full year since my third appointment and it has held up pretty good!
  6. Toronto

    Hey m.buster where a ours are you located? http://forum.hishairclinic.com/topic/6177-3rd-session-toronto-dave/ My last update from exactly a year ago. Going for my fourth soon!
  7. 4th treatment in Toronto - Nervous

    Apologies gents, i did mean xxxx is no longer with HIS, not Jxxk. I have read in many parts of the forum that Jxxk is the man to go to! all the best to everyone!
  8. 4th treatment in Toronto - Nervous

    Hey Dodgy, everything is good. I guess you could say by me not being on the forum i have continued to my day to day activity normally haha. I have never been more pleased in my life and how life changing the procedure was for me. Obviously you will never have the satisfaction of having long flowing hair like i used to but this beats having no hair at all. i am only 21 and at early stages of hairloss but it truly takes the edge off. to be honest i have no idea if i have thinned or lost any more hair as i am constantly shaving/buzzing my head. if you are on the fence about it, trust me when i say it is worth it. waking up everyday with that relief on your shoulders is unexplainable. Waking up in general is a lot easier haha just wake up and go on with your day is the best thing. In regards to fading i wouldn't necessarily call it that. i would say that it has just settled. exposure to sun and everything else I'm sure like anything will take its toll but i wouldn't say that its not super light compared to my existing hair. All i find is that its a little harder to get away with it if i let my hair grow a bit for a couple of days. Other then that i am only getting my 4th treatment because i want to touch it up a little bit in some areas and my birthday is approaching! i thought i would treat myself to a fresh new haircut haha Also, no one has noticed it other then the people whom i have told. i have never been more satisfied.
  9. Hey forum, haven't posted in a while but id like to begin by expressing how huge of an impact SMP has had on my life and my confidence. It has made the whole hairloss experience so much easier. Obviously i miss having hair but this is the next best thing. I am going to be booking my fourth treatment soon and have realized XXXX is no longer working at HIS and am a little sceptical about using a different practitioner. I am sure the new practitioner is a master of his art like XXXX was but i am only worried about a practitioner working on another practitioners previous work and how the blending will be. please let me know of anyones experiences!
  10. Safest bet for a NW 2.5/3?

    Hey PuzzledMuzzle, DodgyBarnet shared my link on this page. if you read over my posts and seen my pictures you can see i was in the early stages of hairloss. i had my third treatment in january and i can truly say i wouldn't have done any other treatment then this, just because of it being so undetectable! i don't wet shave, i use a clippers at 0 and need to reshave every couple of days (which at first sucks but then you get used to the technique, and you begin to like shaving haha) i think the more hair you have at the beginning the better (just my opinion) and because hairloss is so progressive, it really takes away the pain and heartache while your loosing it and still have hair because you barely notice any more hairloss after getting the SMP. feel free to ask any more questions! all the best!
  11. who created smp

    Ranbir and Ian 100%
  12. I'm doing it! -- Will_montreal Journeys

    looks awesome man! Dave did mine too i had my third on Jan 7th and I'm so pleased with how its settled! only complaint with a shaved head is the Canadian cold! haha
  13. how many sessions

    check out my forum, i had my 3rd session at the beginning of january and I couldn't be happier! http://forum.hishairclinic.com/topic/6177-3rd-session-toronto-dave/
  14. 3rd Session - Toronto - Dave

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but from my understanding Dave is in Toronto the first two weeks of each month for awhile, until Kyle (new practitioner) has finished his training. so i believe he will be at both.
  15. Extremely rigid customer service

    Hey Muddy i too had a similar situation to you. to my understanding and my best advice is that you never no how much more hairloss/thinning will happen so for the best results might as well do the whole scalp while your there. it'll make everything look denser whether you decide to shave your head or keep it long. take a look at my post (it shows while i had hair, how it was when i shaved, and all my treatments) it might change your mind and make you want to do the whole thing and you might actually like the shaved look like i did. Because hairloss/thinning is so gradual, its tough on anyone. but what really sold me on this procedure was the fact that the fact your shaving every couple of days (depending on individual) you totally forget about hairloss/thinning because you don't see nothing fall out or big see through areas. check out my post and look at all my pictures it will give you a better idea what someone with diffuse hair loss can look. best of luck! http://forum.hishairclinic.com/topic/6177-3rd-session-toronto-dave/?do=findComment&comment=69302