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  1. Hey all, getting my first treatment next Tuesday and having the usual pre-treatment jitters. I'm just trying to gauge worst-case scenarios. When people mention "fading" in the forums, what exactly are they referring to? Are they referring to individual dots fading, or are they referring to the dots merging together into one gray blob? Obviously, neither scenario is ideal, but the first one seems way more palatable than the latter: in the first case, the only thing wasted is money, right? Worst case for this first scenario is that you just go back to looking bald. In the second "helmet" or "blob" scenario, people will know you had work done. Is my analysis correct? Which scenario is referenced when folks in the forum mention "fading"? Of course I want a spotless treatment, but I want to prepare for the worst -- which is hopefully NOT a gray blob when it "fades". Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
  2. Thanks for the feedback, threepointer -- I think I read somewhere that you recently finished your first treatment, how did it go? how are you feeling? are there any pics you can point me to? Thanks man!
  3. Hey guys, got my first appointment in Seattle coming up next Tuesday. I recently buzzed my hair for the first time down to a 1 and am wondering how long you guys think I can keep my hair after I get the treatment. For some context, I've been gradually diffusely thinning since I hit puberty (yep, around 11 or 12 years old! -- im 27 now). This might give you some idea of my balding pattern / rate. Question for you all -- do you guys think I can leave my hair at around this length after the treatment? I'm also looking for a really light and naturally receded SMP. I've attached three pics of my head for you guys to look at -- what do you all think? Any response appreciated!
  4. Hey Maxmax, Sorry for the delay in responding to you -- have you gotten your treatment done? If so, I would love to meet up to see how it looks on you! I'll send you a PM as well. Best of luck man! I hope the first treatment went well! Joe
  5. Hey all -- I'm Joe and I've been lurking around these forums for quite some time. For some context -- I've been battling diffuse thinning since I was about 10 or 11 (yep, ever since I hit puberty), and it's recently gotten past the point of no return in the past 2 years (i'm almost 27 now). Really looking forward to getting this off hair loss monkey off my back and moving on with life but had a few quick questions: 1) I'm currently in Seattle right now where I'll be getting the first two treatments done, but am transitioning to graduate school on the East Coast in August. I'm worried that I won't be able to get a third treatment done before I go. Is there any downside to waiting over 2-3 months for a potential third treatment? I'm looking to get a really subtle, soft, receded look...does that factor into how many sessions I might need? 2) If I do get a third treatment, it would have to be with a different HIS practitioner since I won't be in Seattle anymore. Have any of you gotten your treatments done with two different practitioners? Pretty much just want to know -- how necessary is the 3rd treatment? Is it only for those who want A LOT of density? Thanks guys! Joe
  6. Hey guys, Decided to take the plunge and get the treatment done in July in Seattle. Are there any Seattle area folks out there with the treatment done who would be willing to meet up to chat about their experiences? Would be great to ease the nerves by talking to and seeing someone who's had it done. Thanks! Joe
  7. Would love to meet up with someone in the area who has gotten the treatment done and see their results / experience / ask for tips. Thanks! Joe
  8. Hey guys -- Thinking of taking the plunge really soon in Seattle....had a consultation last year but realized I really need to get on it this year. That being said, does anyone know who does the treatment in Seattle, have pics of his/ her work, or would be willing to share their personal experiences w/ the practitioner? Any thing to allay my worries would be great! Thanks in advance. Joe
  9. Any pics of asian men with smp?

    Right, because everything on the internet is true I guess my own 26 years of being Asian holds no sway. Maybe I'm just one of the unlucky Chinese men without this thick hair you speak of.
  10. Any pics of asian men with smp?

    DVSbaldone, I'm asian as well and actually went in to a consultation with Zang here Seattle (great guy, btw). He was also of asian descent (Indian, I think), and unfortunately, Damien and WantToBi are both wrong -- asians DEFINITELY have the finest hair. Now, obviously everyone is different, but speaking in general terms, asian people definitely have the finest hairs. This was also confirmed by Zang. Anyway, this hasn't discouraged me, as I'm definitely planning on getting the treatment done before 2015's over -- I think our dark hair color is the best thing going for us asians.
  11. Do you want an SMP simulation? Service LIVE

    BR -- Thanks so much, had no idea how i would look. Time to get a tan before SMP!
  12. Do you want an SMP simulation? Service LIVE

    BR, here's a link in case that one is still too small: Sorry for all the confusion! Thanks man. Joe
  13. Do you want an SMP simulation? Service LIVE

    Hi BR, Sorry for the mix up in the last post -- I thought I had attached a bigger image but I guess not. Let's try this again -- would be great if you could help! Thank you!
  14. Do you want an SMP simulation? Service LIVE

    BR, I just blew up the same image a bit -- hopefully this one's big enough! Thanks again in advance for all your help.