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    I remember your treatment Raymond. One of my favourites. Did people notice or find out about it that you knew.
  2. Light treatment...like Zidane

    Is there any examples of light treatments. I don't want it to stand out just to hide the difference between skin and follicles. After something similar to Zidane's shade of hair.
  3. Is this possible

    My hair is thinning in a weird pattern at the back of my head. Sort of starting towards one side unevenly. I'd ideally want to shave my head with bare clippers to start. I'm after full density on the crown and back and not really bothered about the front just sparce coverage to look receded/thinning. Is smp noticeable at a zero guard in amongst already thinning hair? I realise ill have to shave it eventually to the bone just trying to do it gradually
  4. 28 Days To Go

    Any pic updates max?
  5. Anything Looks Better Than A Horseshoe!

    It's the reaction and stigma from other people that I think people fear rather than the treatment looking slightly unnatural
  6. Patch test

    Yeah that's right mate but from doing this I was wondering it's possible to gauge whether or not you could apply a 1st treatment that had more density like a 2nd
  7. Patch test

    If you have a patch test first is it then possible for treatment one to be a bit more like a 2nd treatment in terms of density in order to reduce the likelyhood of needing a 3rd?
  8. Long term maintenance

    The reason i believe it turns into a blob is from practicioners ive seen. The majority of them all seem to end up with very dense treatments which i put down to having immediate access to touch ups whenever they feel like it. I dont want to list names but i rarely see practicioners with a subtle treatment
  9. Long term maintenance

    Probably not, from what ive seen anyway
  10. Long term maintenance

    Its not the price for touch ups its the effect the touch ups have on the existing treatment. Adding to the pigment that is already there, albeit faded, will surely make it appear blocky?
  11. Long term maintenance

    I think what im trying to get at is over time is it possible to avoid having a blocky greyed out effect with no differentiation between scalp and follicle.
  12. Long term maintenance

    Can anybody here put my doubts to rest and show me an example of long term smp maintenance. I cant see how it would be able to keep the same appearance of having individual dots and visible scalp after multiple touch ups. Im talking a time scale of around 5+ years at least. I do not class Ians as being a good example as its clearly a tattoo on his head.
  13. Found Out in Turkey

    I know what you're saying Honda and the main reason I consider getting it done is due to the shape of my nut. It's narrow and long. Just won't look in proportion with no hair on it at all. Literally feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. If I'm honest I'd say about 1 in 15-20 look realistic IMO
  14. RAYMOND - picture before & 22 months later

    Ever been called out Raymond?