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  1. 16 days post second session.

    Haha just had to check however does it look nearly as dark outside? Yes I have, however looking for a solution to the scarring and close up blending issues my pre-SMP FUE HT done
  2. I will send a text to the practictioner here in Sweden to ask for a photo of my back and get back to you, he's a great lad and fast to answer. Its holidays now tho so will probably be when everythings back to buisiness. They say on their site the size punch is 0.6mm (0.5-0.75 depending on the shape of the hair) however the white dots on the back of my head would state that it probably is about 1mm. Also Sam thought they looked pretty regular and not smaller. Im a pretty sceptical guy nowdays.. Electrolysis is not the same as fraxel laser right?
  3. 16 days post second session.

    Probably the best one Ive seen so far judging by your pictures, do you by any means have any ancestors further backwards in the hispanic ethnicity? Looks really good and nice dark shade
  4. Micro needling

    Not trying to bump an old thread, if one month even counts as that but, I would really like to see the aftermath on his treatment? Can't figure out why such a seemling reasonable guy would get any trouble on the site other than maybe somewhere bringing up a competitor?
  5. Will most def order a dermaroller after looking into it and mostly finding really good reviews. Today I took some pictures in the mirror I dreaded most, I have to say if it isnt't for my left temple's skin being problematic I am starting to feel more at ease with how it all looks. Have sent an email to my old HT doctor (really had to swallow my emotions towards the clinic and the doctor, but who else knows as much about the things that can happen during a HT than him so I hope he answers.) Also sorry I didnt snap any photo's of the good side but it looks great, only a bit of glance/reflection but thats to be expected as it is a tattoo after all and no hair damping the lights. Has anyone else been called a hooligan when gone from hair to shaven?
  6. Don't you worry about it looking fake, I can understand her being sceptic however just seeing it as this and having no knowledge of it. The second session will bring it to completion and even then you might want a 3rd or even a 4th to blend in with your existing hair, also it looks so much more realistic after each session thanks to different shades and density. Aaaand it needs to heal and settle in/fade a bit
  7. Pluck with for example some tweezers? Havn't given much thought to it just until now since I thought it would just regrow after awhile like a brazilian wax? However taking a closer look at my left side transplanted area after trying to "massage" it with the shaver, I get this kind of sting feeling right underneat the outer layer of skin, as if the hair growing under the surface is pressing downwards and , maybe there is one or more grafts that grows in the wrong direction now that I think of it.. could that be the cause of the swollen look at that side? Compared to the other side which is stretched like the rest of the head this side has a somewhat bumb over it and is easily red, soft and sensitive. Dermaroller might be something worth looking into, could be doing the same type of effect as fraxel laser? Would probably get away with it but the left side temple is something I need to solve as it goes red and kinda like theres a tiny layer of fat/blood under the outer skin, gonna try to reach out to a skin and hair specialist.
  8. And thank you for your opinion on how it looks, I think I might need to hear it from more sources to slowly accept that so might be the case. About comment's I always believe that if something looks odd or someone is fat/skinny or such the most humane thing is to not pick on them on that matter as you don't know how much issues they really have about it or if its out of their control to change. So it would stay at the feeling of being observed not knowing if its a good thing or bad.
  9. Hey OnTheFence, the pictures taken in the Elevator with razor shaved head are cropped so might look like its closer, the resolution was too big and didn't really need to show the background. But it is the same visibilty to the naked eye from 50-60cm it's just that the camera can't take those shots from that distance since light would bright it up kinda like a flash that would cover the area I wish to photograph. Im well aware that it's become a fixation but since it's mostly visible in mirrors outside of the household with flourecent light from above/front it comes as a shock everytime it sticks out and I get afraid that it might look like that on more occassions than when I see it. The only people I've told are my brother, mother and one close friend so far and they don't see much unless I point out my trouble to them, and that is indoors however, I have yet to brave myself up to go around in daylight without a cap if the situation would occur (which it does when im working at least, or go clubbing) that I stumble accross flourecent lightning/mild sun. Here's a picture sent from the clinic before doing my first session, I had shaved the day before that and it was the first time I had ever shaved my head prior to that. Also should add that I have read into Body Dysmorphic Disorder and fill up alot of the criteria. But its only the hairline thats being focused on so Im not too sure. Thats also whats hard since it doesn't look the same way in different situations. I do know that it's mostly me who notices but until I get happy with it and comfortable my anxiety never rests.
  10. Will take a picture in the elevator I dread the most to take of my cap in at work on monday.
  11. Hello, I think I need to start by saying I've already posted an earlier thread in the British forums but didn't quite get the depth of knowledge and expertise I seek. Checked with Ed and he was okay with me posting here as well to draw experience from a broader userbase. Some introduction on my road so far, I have had FUE done on my temples and widow's peak about 3 years ago. The result was horrendous and I was no-where near satisfied and it left me to say the least, very depressed. I have drawn out where I have FUE on a picture below. Will also upload a post-SMP photo taken at the clinic right before session 1 as soon as it gets sent to me by my practicioner tomorrow. I had 800 grafts for the purpous of having my hair medium to long, did not think much about how sparse it actually would look and it being obligatory to use toppik for the rest of my life up until the year of growth waiting had past. I was dumb and naive and I do not wish to hear any beating about it as I have myself already doing that to myself. I wish to finally stop thinking about my hair as much as I've done from the day I started receding at the age of 16/17. Im also aware that I might be having more texture than most of the users in here but we're all in here because we are more or less vain. Im a bit of a perfectionist but when it comes to the hairline that is what everyone sees first and also oneself when looking in the mirror. If it looks realistic in 95% of different lightning from further away than 20 cm I would be more than satisfied, at the moment it looks artificial/weird under daylight and harsh industry lightning. Ironically Im an electrician so I will stumble across all kinds of light and collegues will be very near, more than the average-joe. I have had 4 sessions, the last one in November and Im not regretting this decision, what I do regret however is my hairtransplant as it's now also destroying the look/realism of my SMP (small benefit for the touch of the hand as stubble) It looks good in darker light and noone would be able to guess but in daylight and direct light from above, especially in elevator mirrors (doesn't matter if its white light or yellow) it makes my temples stand out from the rest of the head, if 8 hours has passed since shaving as close as possible with my Phillips Shaver Series 3000 (its a cheap one I know but I was recommended it by my practicioner for the closeness of the blades) the transplanted hairs has grown out longer than the rest of my hair and as it's so sparse put it looks bad in reflection to my scalp around it. My routine so far has been to shave my entire head before going to bed as I have more time during the evening, really hard to get all the hair around my neck when in a rush in the mornings. Then especially shaving my temples as hard as possible and also even it out all up to the top of my head so that it blends as good as possible with my temples. BUT even with a fresh shaved head it looks weird in elevators and outside as my skin looks like chicken skin where the transplant is done, from the deep insections of the grafts. The transplanted hairs are as they usually come thicker, darker and more fast-growing. One side especially looks worse and "swollen", it goes red when appying pressure/touching it and is softer and also a bit sensitive. It also sucked alot of ink, and I might even be needing a 5th session for it to blend, along with adding a bit of darkness to the crown as I've read tips on that it doesn't stand out in colour. The advice I've gotten so far from 1 person is to fraxel-laser my temples to smoothen out the small bumps (chicken skin), but I am not fully convinced that only doing that would solve it all. The pictures I've named Elevator are taken just to show it as much as possible, it is hard to take pictures as I don't think they show the in person view justice. On the elevator pictures I have actually shaved with a razor and compare the rest of my head with the temples, it is smooth and even where'as the whole transplant'ed area is knobbly. My thoughts so far are leaning the way of removing some of the transplanted hairs(?) doing fraxel-laser (really hoping its possible to get it more or less smooth as the rest of the head so shine doesn't expose that area so badly. And after this doing a 5th SMP to blend better/filling in what ink would disapear after fraxel-laser. Also if you could recommend any clinics in Sweden if you have any experience from them. Should also mention I have SMP over my entire head as they do that for the overall look and if one would lose more hair in the near future. The only product I use is normal moisturising skin lotion after shave. Have tested Milk of Magnesia, but I think that helps people further on the norwood scale more than it does me. Has anyone gone through this before and would like to shed some light to my situation? Im a bit in the dark here as this is not something HisHairclinic solely can do as it is not their line of work with Hair and Skin. TL:DR highly appreciate any advice and feedback! Marcus
  12. A great result

    We're our own worst enemy when it comes to judging ourselves.Weird that you say it looks good in shops as I'd thought they'd also fall under the heavy industry white light as nightclub bathrooms can. (Ironicly Im an electrician, must say I chose the wrong line of work for having issues with different lightning) I live in gothenburg if you want to grab a coffee and up for some chat and a strangers opinion (though one who's mastered the art of checking peoples hair almost before anything else), Im however in another type of situation,where I have some trouble with blending and growth, also very keen on secrecy as I know how easily people like to talk about others.
  13. 4 sessions done November 2015 FUE SMP

    MANY PHOTOS INCOMING! I was able to snap some photo's outside yesterday, my phone took much better pictures than my Ipad, the last photo is from the Ipad for a somewhat comparison. I took a bunch and only included the ones that showed the most of my troubled areas as it looks like in person/the mirror. This is approx 11hours, (30min after coming home from work) since i shaved the front area in the morning, I drew the line on the second last photo to point that out but it's safe to say you can see the lenght difference anyway, the back and sides are roughly 10 hours before that making it 21hour growth. The only way I can think of to shave closer is with a razor. Close after that I would normally be taking a shower and shave the whole head but it can't be this obvious before shaving everyday. Im really in the dim here and it's taking its toll on me. I went with a conservative hairline to follow up the implanted hairs and also to be able to live on without having a baby's low hairline which I've never had since I've always thought I had a big forhead, which I do. I've not yet turned 25 and I want this to be the solution for moving on with my life not worrying about losing hair or looking 15 years older than I am. Im not looking for perfection since that would be hair, but rather for someone who's not enlightened about SMP/had SMP themselves to notice anything unless you tell them about it, to notice anything strange/odd looking going on. We're a minority here who's had FUE first and Im afraid those who have -have long been gone from the forums and lives on without checking in on the website. Some have done it with knowledge of getting SMP first and adapting it for SMP and maybe thats a better option to get it good right off the bat. But that's however not my story. Hoping for some insight or experience, is it also okay to post the thread on the american forums for more people to see? Seeing Im not even on my nationalitys forum. I've also tested milk of magnesia for some shine-proof but didn't think it did much for me. Im still living underneath my hat and I wish to someday burn it.. and with it my anxiety. ALL answers are highly appreciated, I checked out fraxel on the web, but can it really do all that for me?
  14. 4 sessions done November 2015 FUE SMP

    Hello again, figured we would speak on the thread aswell so others can find the information they need. I had 800 grafts (way to low). They spoke fondly of their "smallest needle" size 0.5 - 0.75mm but Im not too sure thats not just a fraud seeking to lure more customers to them. They were notorious for exchanging nurses as they couldn't stand working there for too long with alot of worrying patients calling after a year simply getting the answer that it didn't take well on them (sure it can happen but shouldn't be a dominant percentage of the clientele), that they need another, or would need to wait even longer. Also impossible to get a hold of the doctor himself, always with a patient or not there. My pictures here doesn't do justice, I will try to take a photo in daylight in the nearest days, but heres my issue as to whether what to do: I shave on the evening rather close to going to bed with a Phillips Shaver Series 3000, it's cheap I know (was recommended for the straight-line rotary blades by my practitioner) then another quicker shave on the temples and front in the morning before going to work. But it is still looking very artificial and odd by the time I get home 10 hours later, maybe even earlier. What I'm not sure of is whether I can get away with just smoothing the "chicken skin effect" or if I actually have to take out the transplants since its really the hairs that looks strange and out of place. Also after fraxel, is there a need for a retouch of SMP? Or does it do no harm to the tattoo itself (wondering since laser is what you erase a tattoo with aswell). At the moment I can't have it as it is since Im not able to adapt to shaving more often than I already am, or is shaving with a razor the solution? Kinda like having the sandpaper feel to it.. Picture from the back taken by my brother who says it's only somewhat noticable when leaning forward, since it stretches out the skin. Personally havn't given much thought about my neck, it is not undetectable but my focus lays on the front, damn the pictures are really small when posted here.
  15. A great result

    Alright, I guess a subtly change doesn't stand out that much and everyones slowly getting a new image of you imprinted in their heads, the only real proof would be to compare pictures from before with how you look now. But did you shave the horseshoe very often as well, and was it with a razor perhaps? You say you now notice it in most mirrors, what are you saying it is that you see? Is it something odd, or is it the look of a shaven full head of hair? Also people seem to categorize bald with close shaven full head of hair as well at least in their way of explaining someones appearance