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  1. Scar assessment after 2 sessions

    give it some time, it will settle down. I have been there before and felt the same way a week after I had my second procedure. Is your long term plan to do your entire head of just the scar?
  2. I have had had quite an SMP journey to get to where I am now....great work done, followed by a bad session that needed to be lasered off to going to HIS to get me to where I am now...thinking I need a touch up. Thoughts?
  3. Here are two pictures of the two long you manage your expectations and realize that it will never be 100% gone, you will be fine. I am happy with the outcome and will continue to touch up, as needed. Let me know if you have any other questions.... Good luck!!
  4. it could, however, if you don't shave your head (razor or very short buzz) the difference between the hair (3D) versus SMP (2D) will be very noticeable. Happy to send you some pictures of my scar work for perspective.
  5. Hello, I have SMP on my two scars and I use a Wahl Balding Clipper every 1-2 days. I have found that if I go past 3 days it does not look great. Some people like to shave their head with a razor, but I have found that the Balding Clipper works best for me.
  6. SMP into Scar

    Start light.....go darker as needed and blend with the hair/skin around the scar. You have to realize that it is a process and it takes time to get it right.
  7. Ed - It has been some journey.....the laser removal was pretty straightforward. I was referred to a Dermatologist who does tattoo laser removal in their office. The procedure took 3-4 minutes and was painful to say the least, but it only took one procedure to remove the old SMP and I was healed within a few days and was able to start over within 4 weeks. Overall it was relatively easy to take care of....
  8. can you post some pictures or send them to me in a message? I am interested in doing FUE into the scar too. Curious what your result looks like. Thanks!!
  9. Didn't get specifics as each scar reacts differently, but I will watch it and go in for touchup's as needed.
  10. I too, wish I never walked into the door of the HT surgeon to begin with!
  11. journey (detailed on another thread) is a long one. Short version...started SMP with another company and ended up with two dark lines on my head, which I ultimately had to get lasered off. After the laser treatment healed, I went to HIS Hair and they took care of me. Three treatments over a three month period and I am where I am now. Understand that it will never be 100% but it is much better from where I started and after my bad experience.
  12. It has been quite a six month journey...glad to be at the end. Thank you HIS Hair!!
  13. SMP into Scar

    Thanks! It has been quite a ride.
  14. SMP into Scar

    Still holding up.....wondering if I need one more touch-up? any feedback?