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  1. Hi guys. I want to ask if someone have experience whit laser to remove transplanted hair. I just want to remove hairs that are over my receding hairline. I'll be so happy to have some info.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm David from north Italy so I'm really sorry if u'll have to try really hard to understand what's the meaning of what I'm saying... Studying Deutch in the school wasn't a good help.. I'm here on this forum since two three monts and I got to say that from that time I'm feeling a bit better, feeling there's some hope for me too... A little of my story: I've always been a super activ boy every sport was my drug, swimming competition for more than 14 years, snowboarding professionist for some years loving bike like dirt, downhil, windsurfing and everything was possible to try and enjoy in the paradise were I live.. This Is also my job today, snowboard teacher in the winter and wsurf teacher in the summer... But when I was 21, 7 years ago I saw my hairline receding and I went to a clinic that gave me some expensive cure and then they show me about fue ht and great results from some top surgeron (not them works off course). My big mistake: I just trust every single word, no doubts, he was a doctor so, can he do something bad to me?? He did. I went for the procedure and then I found out it wasn't modern fue, but two millimeters punch size that gave me just scarring and plugs. Cool! So. It works for some years but then my native hair started to fall and the plugs started to show and about two weeks ago I went to Feriduni hair clinic to remove the worse and bigger... Some of them was six seven hairs plugs... He took the plugs split them and he put back in some of my white dots. Healing process is going well but I'll have to wait for some months and it's not a fun time. I'm in tuch with his and I'll go to Paris and Birmingham souring the winter season when I'll have some day off. I'll post some pics of my dots and some of my plugs removed. What I hope to know from veteran like hh haircules hbk etc is an opinion about the result I can achieve... Thanks guys and his from some hope!
  3. My mistake ht, how can I go on?

    Plugs removed
  4. My mistake ht, how can I go on?

    I tried to post a picture but I don't know why nothing is uploaded... Some help?
  5. Booked in Miami - My Story

    Almost same age, same sad ht story, I'll wait for some feedback and some pics. Next monts I'll move from Italy to see it in the flash someone in uk. Hope everything went well for your first session. Good luck!
  6. This story is an inspiration for me too, another Italian ht victim, especially cause I love sports too and sometimes I feel like I can't do anything, anymore. Wasted time... I'll find the power to have the right reaction and thread like this make me feel like there's a way to reborn! Thanks haircules
  7. Are there HIS Italian customers?

    If u are on time, please don't do it it will ruin ure life! Ull find just unhappy people with ht scar. I think that we can't go against the nature... So ht will be just be a temporary solution for long time problems! Please don't go for it! Good luck
  8. Are there HIS Italian customers?

    Same feelings same story... Mine was actually fue big punch size(2mm)I'm from Italy too and I would really love to see someone who have it done... Italian guys this is our call! Thank u Ciao scarry dobbiamo creare un gruppo e fare una trasferta veloce!!!
  9. Any Diaries of FUE Scars?

    I don't really understand why there's just few fue cases when it have to be the best one to fix... My fue dots are actually really big (about 2 mm) but I saw bigger cases and I would really love if his will upload some fue cases. Italian guy here so sorry x bad English!
  10. New poster here from Italy. I'm really happy for you! It's unbelievable! I have too white dots in the same position...( like a strip) but mine are a bit bigger. and I have plugs in hairline. I'm scheduled to have a reversal with Feriduni in Belgium next month. He will take all plugs out (2 cm hairline) and he will plant them back in the donor white dots. My target is to shave my head whit no transplanted hair in recipient and more coverage on the withe dots. Then I would love to have the treatment done on my scar tissue first and then on my all head once I'll be happy whit the scar. Do someone know where could be the treatment done near nort Italy? Better France or Spain or England? Thanks a lot four help!