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  1. Contrast top vs sides

    Sam, i think they can make it work for you. Go in for a consultation.
  2. Contrast top vs sides

    Thank you baldy locks. You are right noone has said anything to me either about the uneven contrast even my parents who know i had this done. Problem is when i look with a handheld mirror looking at the back of my head thru my bathoom mirror, i can see the horseshoe pattern, because the back is more red than the top. And i am the worst type of baldness nw7 plus retrograde alopecia plus ht scar. Had to have my whole scalp done by in my opinion best in the business from HIS. Im definitely going to start tanning once the sun comes out but im researching if you can tan in the winter and it says between like 11am-1pm the sun is strongest. Maybe i try that. Thanks for your relply though much appreciated.
  3. Contrast top vs sides

    Hi, I had 3 sessions of smp done about 6months ago. I used to wear a hair system for around 12-13 yrs so the top of my head is alot more white than the back and sides. Since I has smp done in the summer i couldnt really try to tan for a few months as it is not recommended. Its winter now and I can see the transition line all around my head. I have tried self tanning lotion but that did not help. It turned me orange. Thinh is my sides and back are kind of a pinkish/red color and top is milky white. I dont know what can be done about this? Otherwise I am very happy just wish the transition had less contrast although. Would appreciate any advice. Thank you.
  4. Does anybody know why i only have this reddish/pinkish color in parts of my head where i still have hair which is mainly the back and sides. The rest of it is grayish/white where there is only smp and no hair left. I wore a hair system for about 10 years i am wondering if that has anything to do with it. I dont know if this redness was there prior to smp because as soon as i took the system off and shaved i had smp done a few days later. I had 3 sessions done (full head treatment) over 4 months but redness is still there only in places of where i have hair left. So there is a slight contrast between the top and sides and back. It makes the horseshoe stand out because of the color contrast. I havent tried to get a tan yet or use any self tanning products as it hasnt been 30 days since my 3rd session yet. But does anyone know how to get rid of this redness ? It does not itch or hurt just looks pinkish red all the time. Thank you.
  5. Shedding after SMP

    Hi I would just like to know if its possible to have shedding in the side burns after having them touched up. I had them touched up only in my last 3rd session and after a week the left sideburn had extreme shedding and bald patches developed that were not there before. Right sideburn has no damage as far as i can tell. Could this be caused by trauma from the needle and is it reversible and how long before it grows back. Today is already 2 weeks post last session and the left sideburn looks worse than ever before. I will post pics before and after treatment. Thank you if anyone can advice me, i am really upset and wish i never touched them up in the first place. Top pic is after treatment, bottom is before.