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  1. Thanks Damien! I appreciate the input. That makes a lot of sense, because that is the way I would prefer to keep it. Clippers is much easier too and less time consuming, although I do have it shave more often that way than if I use a razor blade shaver. And Htownboy, yours looks great! Did you have a scar in the back or was yours the FUE procedure I keep hearing about? My main concern was really to camouflage the scar, but if I can get the density appearance on the top as well then I will be very happy!
  2. I'm having it done this Friday so I will have the weekend to recover. Should I shave with a razor before I go in or do my normal clippers shave?
  3. Fix Ma Heed's Story (with pics)

    Fix, I think you look way better with the shaved head. You rock it! Your treatment looks fantastic! I hope mine looks as good as yours and HBKs!
  4. Wow HBK, I am reading your SMP diary posts and I have to say your results are amazing! You keep talking about scars and dots, and I'm sitting here squinting and moving back and forth trying to see what you are talking about, but I just can't see them. I see no scars and no dots. I am in the same boat as you and I just cannot even tell you had an HT! I hope my results are as good as yours. If they are, I will be ecstatic!!!
  5. It was the strip. I do have a scar, but they said my scar is very minimal. They said it's very flat so it should cover up rather well. There is just no way I could go through another hair transplant. The procedure, the pain, the healing process, the money, the excuses as to why I'm wearing a hat, etc. I feel like I've been in limbo for the past 6-7 years. I have a lot of hope for SMP through HIS Hair Clinic, because I see all of you, and you guys look fantastic. So I am very excited! I feel like I'm finally going to reach the point I have been aiming for. It might not be with a full head of hair, but it will be the next best thing. My skin tone is kind of tan, so will I need to think up an excuse for redness or do you think it won't be an issue?
  6. I have my first treatment at HIS Hair Clinic Miami scheduled for this Friday, and I was looking for some advice prior to going in. My situation is I had a hair transplant about 6 years ago and I like the way it looks, but it's just not full enough. I've gotten used to the shaved head look, and I actually like it now. I just wish it all looked fuller and didn't have any noticeable receding lines and noticeable balding spots. Because of the hair transplant, I do have hair pretty much all over my head, but again it's just not full. I prefer to shave with bare clippers (no plastic levels attached), so it's low but not nearly as low as a razor blade shave. I notice almost every picture I see is from guys who shave with razor blades and get skin close. How will this look if I already have a decent amount of hair which I cut with buzzers? I went in for two consultations at two different clinics, and they both offered up the same observation, which was that it will look good because I already have a decent amount of 3D follicles. If I keep it buzzed constantly, will it look right? Or will the 3D follicles conflict with the look of the 2D SMP "follicles"? Is there anyone here in a similar situation who can post a picture of their results after SMP? And the day of my treatment should I buzz-cut or razorblade shave my head? Any other pre-treatment advice you can offer is also greatly appreciated. Thanks guys! - JR PS- What excuse do you give people when you return to work and it's noticeable that something changed or that your head is red?
  7. Scar removal

    Would it be wise to have this done before having SMP done too? Or will SMP alone be the best way to hide the scar?
  8. Help/advice needed

    Terry, did you get the treatment done? And if so, how do you feel about it now?
  9. Post treatment 2 pics

    Wow! That looks fantastic! You got excellent results!