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  1. 4 years - Toronto

    Looks great! Would like to meet when in Toronto this fall! Good stuff.
  2. Very satisfied with the treatment

    Glad to hear it!
  3. Bad His Experience

    The treatment doesn't look good yet. With time it should get better, but still not sure how good. I wish they would get their act together and have some talented practitioners work in Toronto. I refuse to get treated by an amateur. Sorry, but your treatment looks like it was done by a new employee. Or an unskilled one.
  4. Bit worried about the Toronto clinic

    I would also book my treatment immediately if Jon G came to the Toronto Clinic, I like his work from what I can see.
  5. Treatment completed

    Looks better than before, I wish I could have Dave do my treatment damnit! Not a new practitioner.
  6. Bad His Experience

    That is unfortunate to have an experience like that. If you could put up some pictures, that would be awesome, so we can see how it looks. I was planning on doing my treatment in Toronto, but I want a practitioner who knows what they are doing. I had a feeling Toronto would have a less experienced practitioner after Dave left. I will have to wait till Toronto Clinic has someone I can trust to do my treatment. It is a big thing in all of our lives. And it is important the practitioners are of the highest skill if we are paying this much money.
  7. 7 days after session 2 -- very light!

    Looks like natural diffused thinning at this point. Its very natural, and you can barely see it. It depends on what you are going for. I would personally want just a bit more.
  8. SMP

    I saw someone today, Caucasian mid thirties at a restaurant outside Toronto. Shaven bald, full head of light hair. Looked like it could have been SMP. If it was I was impressed!
  9. Long term touch ups

    That picture is from a competitor and not HIS
  10. Long term look

    Thankyou, very helpful and intelligent. I would like to visit the bay area some day.
  11. Long term touch ups

    Thanks hating hats!
  12. Long term look

    Several years after having the treatment done. Will it begin to look smudged or painted on?? Or will it look more faded somewhat like diffused thinning? Honestly the only thing I really worry about is how it will look in 5 or 10 years. Being that I am still in my early 20's completely bald. I was just curious how it will look after a few touch ups years down the road. Smudged or thinning? I can deal with a thinning and faded look, but I don't want it to end up blending all together like a helmet after years. Thanks! By the way, this treatment seems awesome, and I believe in it!
  13. Long term touch ups

    After atleast five years, will the treatment start to look smudged or painted on?? Or will it begin to fade and look more like diffused thinning?? That is my only question before I Get the treatment.
  14. How would I look like with SMP?

    If the treatment helps improve how you feel, it makes sense.