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  1. Old Chicago client looking for some info

    hey man i was wondering if you went for your fourth session ?
  2. 2019

    Hello.why i can't see any 2019 posts!!?? i already had my smp 5 years ago and i want to go for a forth session,i am wondering if anything changed
  3. 2 times ten plus one

    i want to see someone who did it since 7 years with no touch up this will make me happy...
  4. good results,,are you going to do the top?
  5. Temporary Smp for a permanent time

    temporary smp,every 6 months i guess,i am not sure.
  6. Thinking about a 4th procedure

    it looks good i don't think you need more sessions
  7. man 13 sessions! you are a warrior,,just go for the permenant,i don't know if the permenant will cost you more but you did the temporary and it doesn't work.
  8. Saw horrible SMP today.

    some people they just don't know the right from the wrong if he looks bad i am sure he thinks that he looks good,i can't say that he doesn't care because he had the treatment.for me if i see someone with bad smp definitely i will tell him if he can correct it.
  9. i think session 3 it takes more time
  10. Part of me still wishes I stuck with only 2 sessions. Not that the 3rd ruined it or can't say this now it's less than 1 month since your 3rd session wait 4 months or 5 then you will see,for sure everyone is different but still we are all humans and not that much differences among us,for me mine it's still good but i after 5 months of my 3rd i can see fading,i just want it to stay like this and no more fading.and i always wear a hat under the sun
  11. PalomaNegra's Journal

    Hi man looks good,what is the shade for last session
  12. Mike is the best he did all of my 3 sessions and it's great,for me i asked that the crown of my head to be a littile darker than my sides profile now it looks the same but it's still good i did not have too much fade,i think i'll go for my 4th session just to go a littile bit darker and i am sure Mike knows what he is doing,i think i am still under the guarantee i did my 1st session 10/28/2014
  13. MrOnTheFence's Diary

    if you went 16 in your 3rd session trust me it's not that dark,i went with shade 16 in my 3rd session and was so dark i said to myself this will never fade but now i will like it more if went with shade 14 or 12
  14. Existing Hairline too thick?

    good luck
  15. Existing Hairline too thick?

    why not nothing wrong to look like 16 again but i doubt this is somthing can be achieved maybe you will look like 19 again