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  1. Looks good mate! Just curious has anyone ever questioned it?
  2. somthing exciting happened

    Thats crazy, would be cool to see a picture!
  3. Found Out...Again

    How are things going now HBK? Have you told anyone that you have had the treatment done? (to possibly get an objective view) Agree, hope it ends well for you HBK.
  4. Befor and After ~~~Thank you JT

    Haha, yep I have no idea how to look at the pics
  5. Befor and After ~~~Thank you JT

    How do I sign into your blog??
  6. Good stuff, cant wait to see your pictures when finished
  7. what is happening with all the negativity

    "...iphones and cameras tell a different story..." What do you mean by this? More detectable or less detectable?
  8. smp on t.v

    On second look, yep the hairline is what people would comment on with regards to it being drawn on
  9. smp on t.v

    Yep the straight hairline is a giveaway, also the darkness although matches throughout does give it away too. Shaved heads have a grey look to them. If you go too dark then the giveaway is the shine. Darker treatments trying to replicate longer length hair doesnt look right because of shine. This treatment would look better with a more subtle\natural hairline and something to reduce the shine. Is his hair shaved right down?
  10. As I used to keep my hair kinda longish before I got SMP around the sides and back the skin colour isnt as tanned as the top. The top of my head seems really pink/tanned which I feel doesnt allow for seemless blending or could I need more density? Should I try and tan the sides? Ive had SMP for awhile now and was hoping staying out of the sun would decrease the tan/pinkness on the top SMP areas! Kinda annoying me when I take certain photos the blending seems off. The reason I'm posing the question on here is because there must be other people who had this problem. Im not going to post pictures on here but will p.m them if anyone can help/offer opinion. Thanks guys
  11. Found Out...Again

    Good to hear mate! Keep us updated, hopefully your treatment is sweet from now onwards!
  12. Going in tomorrow for 1st session! Seattle

    Hey phillip, any new pictures updates? I also think this is one of the best treatments! Close ups would be awesome and different lighting too! Thanks mate
  13. Found Out...Again

    Hey HBK, its a shame to see you got found out again. Really feel bad for you mate. Shouldnt have be paranoid when getting this treatment done. Im trying to figure out if "black line around my head" means hairline or could it be blending from top of head SMP to real hair on sides/back? Your treatment looks good in photos but could it be too dense when seen in person? I know when taking pictures of SMP so many variables like lighting\hair length\ camera angle can make it look so different! What is your hair length in the photos? Have you told anyone that you have had this treatment and if so could they give you an honest opinion? Pictures dont really give the best view however if you could post a few more from different angles\lighting we mite be able to help more. Good luck mate with what you decide.
  14. Update and advice....

    Hey giraffe, do you have any picture updates? I never saw your results anywhere