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  1. 3rd Treatment Difference!

    If you are NW 6 - 7 with a massive horseshoe like I am, then I would def go for a 3'rd treatment with more density and darker. Cause you know, after some months it will fade and you will have the same problem like many others on here? I've had 3 treatments and I will need to go back for a 4'th to get "rid" of my horse shoe. One REALLY important thing that you need to do is shave your head every morning if you want to keep keep your horse shoe hidden". Wet shave works best for me! I have dark brown hair and after 14 - 16 (after a shave) my horse shoe will slightly start to appear. So every morning I jump into the shower and shave it down. Next session, I am def going darker (just around horse shoe area).
  2. Thinking about taking the leap, but...

    This one is done by Saman (he runs Gothenburg office) and is the man that did my head. He appears in the video here, truly talented! Look how happy Colin is
  3. Treatment in Sweden, thinking about it?

    Ey dude, thanks a bunch! We used 3 different shades for my head (26 / 28 / 30) and I have dark brown hair. 26 is the darkest shade and was used in the back of my head cause that's the spot where my hair is darkest. Your practitioner will anyways know what suits you best and you should listen to him if you want the best outcome! Are you doing yours in Gothenburg? If so, you are in safe hands!
  4. My personal experience with HIS Hair Honk Kong & smp

    5th treatment? Can I ask, why so many?
  5. No More Mr. Bald Guy.....NYC Diary

    Agree. Your hairline is perfect, would not lower it if I were you!
  6. No More Mr. Bald Guy.....NYC Diary

    All good I had my second treatment done ten days after my first one, and four weeks after my second treatment I could see some minor fading at some spots that are in need of a touch up. That's why I am going back for my third on nov. 6th, that will be one month after my second. The biggest spots is in the back of my head (horse shoe) area and crown area. My hair is a bit darker there and this time my practitioner told me that we need to go a little bit darker to give it a perfect blend. He will probably hit the whole head (just to be sure) next time and see what happens after that. They usually say that NW6 / 7 is in need of 3 - 4 treatments. Of course, it depends on the person but that's how it is
  7. Treatment in Sweden, thinking about it?

    4 weeks after my second treatment. Pigments are starting to blend perfectly and I am quite satisfied. Going back for my 3rd treatment 6th of November to add more density in the back and touch up some minor spots with minimum fading.
  8. No More Mr. Bald Guy.....NYC Diary

    I am NW 7 and I wet shave every second day to keep it at most natural. Going for my 3 treatment nov. 6th to add more density and touch up some minor fading here and there. Don't worry, you will be blown away after your first and even more after your second session! Remember to wet shave or buzz it down with an electric shaver to the minimum at least 3 - 4 hours before your first session. Good luck dude

    I wet shave against the grain every other day. You can easily go 48h and still have that "fade" look... I use both or (Braun Series 7 - 790cc) BS7 is worth every penny and it will give you insanely smooth shave! I went for very light pigment (28/26) so it blends perfectly with my existing hair follicles when wet shaved. I am also NW7 so I don't have any other option tho
  10. The plastic/glass scalp effect

    Keep your head shaved. Use some anti-shine product and you'll be good with SMP. My horseshoe is almost gone (after second session), will need one or two sessions more and it will be camouflaged. SMP is the next best thing besides real hair, no lies!
  11. Treatment in Sweden, thinking about it?

    And here's one shot taken today in better lighting conditions.
  12. Treatment in Sweden, thinking about it?

    For those who interested, here's an update... I was back in Gothenburg for my second treatment with Saman yesterday and I am truly amazed how good this man is with needles! The second procedure took about 3.5 - 4, same as the last time. Since I have lost a lot of hair, we added a lot of density this time and went a little darker in color (in the back, since my hair is pretty dark) and kept the same color on the top and the sides as we used in the previous session to give it a perfect blend. Saman told me that I have really good skin and that my pigments held really well and when it finally settles down it will give me that "shadow look" that I was asking for from the very start. I will continue wet shaving since I am used to it and (in my opinion) it gives my head that natural freshly shaved look. My head doesn't shine that much to be honest, but I will try both HeadLube Matte and Peter Roth Matte and see what that will do. Some photos taken today: If anyone have any questions, please feel free to ask.
  13. Could you upload a few photos from behind and from profile? Looks insanely good
  14. Spørs hvor mange behandlinger du selv trenger. Vanligvis koster 3 behandliger (30.000 SEK = 27.000 NOK)
  15. Treatment in Sweden, thinking about it?

    So, I've had my first treatment with Saman in Gothenburg yesterday and I am already super wired for my next session, which is on 23 Sept! Saman is an truly amazing HIS artist... I couldn't believe how small the dots were after we finished! He is very professional and hilarious guy, just great! We talked most of the time while during the procedure and I was totally relaxed while my head were receiving over 4-5000 tiny dots The procedure took about 3.5 - 4 and the pain was not bad at all. Side temples did hurt a bit more but it was nothing tremendous or horrible about it. I've got many tattoos all over my body so I'm pretty used to the "pain". I looked in the mirror today and I just can't believe how much younger I already look... PURE joy! Hopefully my pigments will settle in a nice way and next session will go as smoothly as my frist one! Here is two photos that I took this morning. Not the best quality, but oh' well! From above: From the side: