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  1. Anyone take propecia/finasteride?

    I was wondering if anyone takes propecia (and also uses smp) to keep as much hair as possible in order to give the smp the most realistic 3d affect. If so, can you tell me your experience with the drug? Any side effects? Anyone else try it and quit? Thank you
  2. For guys who had fue and then opted for smp later, did smp make the dotty scars undetectable? And im asking this in regards to the guys who shave their heads completely? Or will the scars always be slightly visible/sunken/protruding more than the regualr skin? Thank you
  3. Man Makeup

    This looks simple and probably somewhat effective. I'd opt for this:
  4. I want to get the most realistic results possible, and if that means combining SMP with FUE, I would do it. But would supplementing SMP with FUE actually be counter intuitive and make results look worse? At first glance SMP + FUE seems like a decent idea because you think that not only would it give it the 3D texture but it would also reduce shine as well. Keep in mind that I would still shave my head down with a rotary or blade shaver to get the best smp length. But hopefully having those FUE hairs sprinkled throughout my head would give it a more realistic look and maybe I could go a few more days without shaving than the average guy with smp. But then I start the think of the issues with the FUE scaring in the back. FUE is intended for people who want to keep their hair a medium length, correct? It cannot be too long or else you may start to notice that the person's hairs are not as dense but it cannot be kept too short for sake of hiding the FUE dotty scars on the back of the head, correct? If someone has FUE and shaves their head and had SMP placed into the circular scars, would this hide them or would they still be visible? This is my main concern. Getting FUE may add too more problems to the mix, not to mention lightening my wallet big time. A separate idea comes to mind as well: undergoing a FUE procedure but not taking donor hairs from the back of the head but rather from somewhere on the body. It is stating to become more common that FUE surgeons will take body hairs (beard, chest, legs, etc - hopefully not ass hairs, but who knows lol) and place them into the head. Hypothetically speaking, if I took hairs from my calves and placed them into the head just to add more of a 3D effect, would this be an option? I do know that the hairs from the legs are different than those of the head, and that the leg hairs will not grow nearly as long as taper off at under an inch. But who cares if you are having SMP and are planning to keep the hair short anyways, right? I'm just thinking out load really but would like some feedback. Thank you guys
  5. Extremely Happy With RESULTS! Final Sessions Pics

    And how about up close?
  6. Man Makeup

    I've thought about it. Like Helios, I have a few battle scars and blemishes from acne, and have considered using something to cover it up. The reason I haven't yet is because I am actually a little confused as to what products to buy. And I wasn't aware that there is actually make up for men. Even though it seems like a nice idea, it seems a bit hard to believe that it would be a booming business due to the fact that this culture (I dare say a majority of the Western world) would condemn and ridicule a man for using those products, and therefore men would be ashamed to buy it, even if they wanted to. Maybe that's a bit like smp's context as well.
  7. Thoughts on this forum and His Hair

    I really appreciate all the feedback, thanks guys
  8. Thoughts on this forum and His Hair

    Whats_on_top, you really didn't respond to anything I said.
  9. Thoughts on this forum and His Hair

    This is not a post about bashing His Hair or this forum. Because in reality, I highly appreciate having this forum as a way to communicate with others who are suffering through the same situation with hair loss and our anxiety upon making a choice to deal with it: hair transplant, smp, toppik, wigs, bic it, or do nothing (not to mention propecia or rogaine). No choice is perfect, they all have their perks and limitations. Many of us are here because we find smp to be our only hope and best option; our hairloss savior, if you will. I'm willing to bet that many of us have also been reading these forums constantly, for months on end, wanting to take the leap to smp but is held back by that ounce of doubt we still have, keeping us in a state of limbo - in between choosing smp and just shaving it all off. I speak for myself (but assume some feel this way as well) that reading these day in and day out has some sort of affect on me, as if I'm slowly convincing myself smp is the answer (but only because I heavily expose myself to these forums) and I'm becoming indoctrinated to the cult-like vibe. When I first arrived here, smp was still something strange, but now after so much time invested into reading, I've grown used to the idea, like it's nothing more strange than cutting one's grass. When I was new, the word "treatment" stuck out to me like sore thumb. "They are calling this tattoo a 'treatment', like baldness is a sickness that we must hide and smp is the cure?". When in reality, and I may get some harsh feedback for saying this, but smp is no more than a glorified tattoo. (Yes, I'm familiar with the differences between smp and a 'regular tattoo'). But to call this a 'treatment' is a clever marketing scheme and a euphemism for a "weird alternative to baldness". But what really raises the red flag, for me, is the overwhelming positivity in this forum. I'm all up for supporting one another, but this forum goes beyond that. For every 1 negative post/topic, there are 99 positive ones (I'm just throwing out numbers here, but it feels this way). And all of the members here are almost too supportive. When I witness someone posting pictures asking "how did my procedure turn out?", I don't think I've ever seen anyone respond with anything more negative than "good". Usually it's "awesome", "great", "fantastic", "perfect", etc even when it is regarding the occasional 'treatment' that is undoubtedly bad (when the person went obviously too dark with the colors and too straight/low with the hairline - which makes it look noticeable and unrealistic). Are many users here actually His Hair employees propagandizing their own product? Or is smp really that good where everybody is completely happy with their results? Because the latter seems unrealistic to me... These are some thoughts of mine on this forum. Can anyone relate? Comments/criticism?
  10. Why have no A-listers chosen to go the SMP route? Is it because it would be too easily detected or not hold up to criticisms?
  11. guys with smp, im curious about this: has anyone pointed out how your hairstle is always the exact same, for months or years at a time? If so, whats your response? And do you think this could be a giveaway? Thanks
  12. Who will skype with me?

    I've privately messaged you guys. Thanks
  13. Who will skype with me?

    Im starting to have some doubts about smp simply based on the fact that no one who has had the treatment will put themselves in contact with me. Ive messaged a handful of people, requested meetups in the Meetup Forum, and since nobody seems to be in my area, as a last resort i suggested a skype conversation - which means all i need is ONE person who has had smp from anywhere in the world to have a short five minute chat with me over skype during your most convenient time (i will get on your schedule to do it, even if it means 3 am my time), yet still no one has given me the slightest response. Is this a red flag? I dont want to believe so because i placed so much hope in smp, since i have an unusual condition and was born missing patches of hair. As a final effort i am posting this in the main forum because the meetup forum seems to attract less attention. So one last time, is there one single soul willing to give just five minutes of his time at the most convenient hour to me? Id greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
  14. What scares me most about smp is twenty years down the road..

    And if not the most likely outcome, then at least the outcome deemed most reasonable at this moment agreed on with our logical minds.
  15. Title says it all. My main reason for holding off on this treatment is future regrets. Ian Watson is said to have it for 12 years, but who really sees Ian? There are like two pics of him and none are high quality. Wouldnt he show himself more if the smp was a total success? I think smp can look good for the first fes years, but if you need a touch up every 3 yrs, after 20 years that is about 7 touch ups? Would your head not just be a painted blob by then? For the guys getting this in their twenties, this means by the time they hit 40 their scalp is ruined and they have to live with not only an unnatural looking blob, bht also continuous comments from people where they will have to explain that they were a desperate kid who tattooed his hair on and regrets his choice. And he will only be 40 years old at that time. Big secret: 40 year olds want to look good too! You will still care about your looks at that age. Im not trying to hate on smp. Im voicing my honest concerns. Does this not go through anyone else's mind too? Please, what do you guys think of this? (please dont respond with reiterating that we do not know how it will look in twenty years bc nobody has had it that long and thus we dont have the facts. Im not interested in the lacking facts, im interested to know how you all FEEL and THINK about this concern and im interested in using common sense to the best of our abilities combined with the PRESENT facts to predict the most likely outcome to this situation)