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  1. So the time is near for me to do something. Basically stopped topicals a few years ago after being on them for a decade and of course loss is progressing. Diffuse thinner, so I still have the entire hairline shape there but it gets worse behind the hairline. I love a buzzed look, like 1/4" on top 1/8" on side would be ideal if it was thick enough. So about this FUE/SMP combo... - if i keep it 1/8" on back, would the scars still be noticeable up close in the back (after some SMP touchup)? - what kind of cost would i be looking at for the FUE?
  2. how realistic are we talking about

    my concern is not as much significant other...but what about people sitting behind me, stadium type seating, like in a church. when someone has the chance to look down at the top of my head for an hour, albeit a couple feet away, do you think that would be enough to make their brain think something is off?
  3. Damm...called out twice in one night.

    bro...don't scare me like that...haha just kidding but you seriously had me concerned when i read your title. glad it is positive for you which encourages me about getting it.
  4. How close till you are rumbled

    i think nightwood nailed it. i love the skin-blended hairline, instead of a sudden "boom, there's your hairline" look. so a low density lighter shade 2 cm blended with medium-light next 2 cm blended with your normal shade -- then skip the rounded hairline, skip the symmetric ridges, make sure you get small dots all over, and that sounds like a nice solution to me.
  5. Found Out...Again

    my vote...if i were you, i'd keep it. i don't see that lasering off would get you into any better of a spot than you are now.
  6. Lighter Shade at Hairline Blended Back?

    thats cool - do you know of any photos that have been posted to see how that looks?
  7. In addition to the feathering of dots and creation of ridges on the very front line of the hairline, has anyone had a lighter shade used at the hairline and blended back an inch or so with a darker shade? I am curious if this strategy would create a less sharp looking line and if you think that would look more natural? Additionally, has anyone blended in a lighter shade in already thin areas like the temples to show some variation, in an attempt for more realism?
  8. smp into stripscar now bigger eyesore!!! help!!

    ya man, looks like a bruise - i agree with you i wouldn't go back for another session until this issue settles down so you can have full confidence going into that next session, but according to webmd it is 2-4 weeks for bruises to go away so you still have a week or so in a normal timeframe, and your closeups don't appear to show blotching of the dots, just looks like bruised skin.
  9. Living With SMP Three Years On

    awesome post- when you say your wish you had hair at Magaluf, were you saying that in that moment you wished you would have not gotten SMP and just grown out the hair you had left, or you are saying you just wish you could somehow have had a full head of hair?
  10. Found Out...Again

    hbk is the man for being real with us here and perhaps helping to improve on the body of knowledge we have for this treatment. so i think it could be possibly be one of the options you all have mentioned (color, hairline, hair growing out overnight and that looks different than the dots the next day), but here is another option: when someone says it looks painted on, i interpret that as it appears to be a solid area of color instead of normal hair follicles. when smp dots touch each other or real hair follicles, even if the color is different, that has the chance to look like a huge dot or at least not the normal variance in color we expect from a shaved head, which some people might explain as painted on.
  11. How SMP can work with longer hair

    sounds and looks encouraging, but curious how the first guy looked around his hairline after it settled? behind the hairline looks like the dots and hair blend nicely, wondering if the dots standing out at the hairline are because they have not settled.
  12. Spotting SMP Out and About

    Kind of hard to guy said he's never been called out and nobody would ever know, another says a group of friends just called him out. I do, though, think Damien is right when he says we are seeing a disproportionate amount of the unhappy clients on the forums because they are coming to the forum for help, the happy clients don't post as much. While HIS does seem to have made great strides in making SMP look more natural with ridged and feathered hairlines, some darker dots, etc, I am wondering the following: - it has been stated that dot size is going to be larger than real hair - the reason given is that it needs to be larger to show up - i also assume this might be related to sheer time/expense it takes to do these treatments - it would take twice as long to cover an area with dots half the size they are currently using...but could be way off base here. So would it be possible to spend more for a treatment, get smaller dots and give it a more real look? - another idea to potentially improve the transitions...first 2 treatments maybe, can they give it a super natural thinning effect in the frontal area, adding to the realness -- so let the people in your life get adjusted to it that way, and then come back for another treatment some period later to improve the density on that area just a bit - this would seem to solve the initial shock of people seeing you with new style of a shaved head and then feeling confused because it is so dense now. Seems these ideas have probably been thought of and shot down before for one good reason or another...just have not seen these asked before...?
  13. How I created the 3d look for my Smp

    the link i just posted explains it is nothing new ... "In actual fact, 3D scalp micropigmentation is nothing new. Recent discussions may have given it a label, but in reality we’ve offered treatments like these for a long, long time. The purpose of any scalp micropigmentation treatment is to replicate as closely as possible a full head of shaven hair. What we have always called internally the ‘textured effect’ is now being referred to as 3D SMP."
  14. How I created the 3d look for my Smp

    found this ---