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    DodgyBarnet reacted to Vinnydiesel in Scalp Micro Pigmentation   
    Really? Man, you need some serious upgrade to your internet connection bro.  Mine opened as fast as a regular jpg
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    DodgyBarnet reacted to in Facebook comments   
    It was tough, but I managed it. You will too. But not this side of coming to terms with it... something I did over time and before the internet gave access to this sort of virtual community. Eventually, it was travelling Asia and meeting people from all walks with all kinds of attitudes that made me understand my appearance was unimportant. I came back a different man and guess what... the world treated my differently.
    Maybe you could short-circuit the process with some therapy - I am only suggesting that because of the long list of posts that suggest it might help. You are on here among people looking to support you, many of whom have been through similar journeys. The bottom line is getting away from a mentality where you see yourself as a victim, of baldness, of sharp comments, of Facebook posts. Rise above it and get a grip on the things that really matter about you. 
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    DodgyBarnet got a reaction from in SMP - Did it fail for me?   
    Personally I wouldn't touch it, I think it looks great and really natural.
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    DodgyBarnet reacted to Gandalfsbanger in SMP Treatment for dad   
    Botox, liposuction, tanning injections and pills.  If money is no object, you can really go all out and change your dad's appearance in an unnatural way.  If I was you i would sign him up with a live-in personal trainer and ask him about getting your dad started on a course of steroids.
    All the best.
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    DodgyBarnet got a reaction from in Celebs   
    A good example of a naturally shaved head. I always assumed he had had a transplant but it doesn't look like it here?

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    DodgyBarnet reacted to Alec Baldwin in Finally done it and had my treatment.. Here is my story.   
    100% correct. There's a thread on here somewhere showing Matt Damon and many others with a full head of shaved hair under bright lights and the follicles seem to disappear.
    Love the British forum btw for increasing my vocabulary. I never knew I'd been blagging my way through life until today  
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    DodgyBarnet got a reaction from in Slanted, uneven hairline   
    I think it looks good to me and very natural. Besides, you don't want it completely symmetrical as it will look too perfect and fake.
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    DodgyBarnet reacted to G-Star in The Time Is Near!   
    cheers Robby.
    Down to 5 mins with the Remington now. Still happy, looks a bit lighter, but it's better subtle. Will add some more pics in a couple of days. It's kinda funny. People have said....Your looking well or your growing your hair back and it looks much better. My mum can't believe it.
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    DodgyBarnet reacted to NonDescript in Out of the mouths of babes.   
    Ahh, so different from the "Babes" on the websites I frequently visit.  ;-)
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    DodgyBarnet reacted to the bald ego in What kind of sorcery is this?   
    "You can lead a man to follicles, but you can't make him sport them."
    ~ The Bald Ego
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    DodgyBarnet reacted to Gandalfsbanger in Some thoughts   
    I'm sure your peer group hold you in high regard for your...charming way of handling difficult questions, Cutlass.
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    DodgyBarnet reacted to HBK in Hard to find much about SMP for women :(   
    Sorry to say it but that photo looks extremely suspicious to me. Looks like the exact same photo, touched up with the edges slightly cropped. Not a single hair out of place between before and after.
    Always found HIS to be a stand up genuine decent and honest company during my treatment and in any dealings I had with them so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt but that photo would have alarm bells ringing if it was me.
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    DodgyBarnet reacted to MrOnTheFence in Maintenance and tanning   
    No offense Cutlass, I'm not looking to get into a debate about it, but your statements about skin cancer are dangerously misinforming.  From the sounds of your post you seem to be someone who enjoys tanning. My guess is you've fallen victim to some nonsense spoken amongst other tanners or posted on some pro tanning website.
    If you enjoy tanning thats great, if you want to try to convince yourself it's not as unhealthy as people believe...thats on you.  But you probably shouldn't go preaching inaccurate information.
    Damage from the sun can lead to skin cancer.  You should always use sunscreen if you're going to be exposed to strong sun or sun for a long period of time. There is some debate that sunscreens that use chemicals could possibly be doing some harm, not necessarily causing cancer. That hasn't been proven as far as I know.  In any case. If that's a concern for you then use mineral sun sunscreens such as Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Then you are protecting yourself from the cancer causing sun rays and you don't have to worry about possible poisoning or damage from chemicals. 
    ​Again, I'm not looking for a debate. I just felt it needed to be said so that misinformation isn't taken as fact and then repeated and people become misinformed. 
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    DodgyBarnet reacted to ZenM111 in Some thoughts   
    Really? Did you do this so you won't get called "bald" anymore? I just had my first treatment, and I fucking love it, it's not even that visible, but it boosts my self confidence through the roof. Another thing is, you really care what a bunch of douche's at party think? lol No matter if you have hair, or anything else, you are ALWAYS going to face criticism, its some humans being humans. People judge you on weight, height, skin color, wealth.. its always going to be there! Man up, own that confidence, start working out, get swole, play sports. We have guys that are just like that KILLING THE GAME. The ROCK is one of the biggest super stars on the planet right now, Jason Statham is a fking top action star! Stone cold, Patrick Stewart. Tyrese, these people don't even have SMP! They are full bald! The SMP is just a bonus for us bald guys, you need to work on YOUR inner self. Lastly, what kind of party are you at where people can joke on you? Are they your friends? If so I wouldn't care, but if a bunch of strangers start talking shit, either I'm leaving or I am fighting. 
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    DodgyBarnet reacted to jar in Lukeyb - Before and After   
    It looks great mate. I get the bald jokes and I should grow it out just a bit comments????it annoys me a bit sometimes but no one knows I had the treatment done.
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    DodgyBarnet got a reaction from iHAIR in Chicago Clinic Consultation w/ current pics.... I think I'm gonna do it!   
    I think it looks great, nice hairline too. Have you tried shaving a bit shorter to see how it blends then?
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    DodgyBarnet reacted to Bhamroofer in Ian Fue combo   
    And david1969 ive just read that youve had 3 failed fue transplants..flipping hell thats put me right off this thead now..
    As long as your all sorted now dave..
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    DodgyBarnet reacted to the bald ego in Fading touch ups and future   
    My fringe hair is primarily gray. And honestly, I'd wondered, also, if that might've excluded me from SMP candidacy. 
    So I discussed this concern during my initial consult. My soon-to-be practitioner explained how he blends the pigment seamlessly into the existing hairline of any color, including gray.
    All SMP pigments are shades of gray. Yet a client can have any hair color from blonde to red to brown or black. And gray hair is no different than any other color, because – as Ed said – SMP is follicle-based.
    Furthermore, closely-buzzed gray hair does not visually appear gray. The predominant SMP pigmentation shade is the "workhorse" of the illusion, providing a framework for having a well-blended and integrated finished result.
    The blending of my topside into the gray areas happened during #2. It looks fantastic, and will look even better in a couple of days when I can do my first post-#2 shampoo and shave.
    I felt this to be a significant advantage to me, because I would be getting a *double* benefit: regaining my hairline, and also overcoming my gray look.
    Hope that helps.
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    DodgyBarnet reacted to David1963 in Ian Fue combo   
    Sorry to me it just looks like a great example of dark SMP - Even if the picture showed him looking like Tarzan im not sure id believe it was a good transplant
    - Ian always said he lost his hair due to stress and not MPB so presumably now he is a millionaire that might lessen the stress a bit  ( although losing his brother will always be with him ) - so his hair could natuaraly grow back.
    - We have never seen any pics of Ian just before he lost his hair
    I know mental scars can take forever to heal ( I still dont want pics of myself ) but if he is trying to be a guinea pig he needs to get over this block .
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    DodgyBarnet reacted to dasher in pics attached would value some comments   
    Thanks for your opinion would really like to see some high quality pics of your treatment so I can see what kind of hairline I should be aiming for if I get a touch up.
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    DodgyBarnet got a reaction from in Slanted, uneven hairline   
    I think it looks good to me and very natural. Besides, you don't want it completely symmetrical as it will look too perfect and fake.
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    DodgyBarnet got a reaction from in Slanted, uneven hairline   
    I think it looks good to me and very natural. Besides, you don't want it completely symmetrical as it will look too perfect and fake.
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    DodgyBarnet reacted to Cutlass18 in SMP - Interested, but having doubts   
    Soooooooo many dumb points on this thread by "gainz"...someone who doesn't even have the treatment done....too much to type and make fun of, ha, where do I begin
    And hopefully this post doesn't get deleted...but I just cant stay silent when I read such stupidity
    Just stay (in your own words)... "shiney ass dome dude" for the rest of ur life then "mate", ha
    Nobodys forcing you to believe in SMP
    Don't believe us...that have it...then don't get it done
    Keep living life looking like an egghead??
    That's your choice
    99% of people that have got it done are absolutely thrilled with the results
    Life changing
    1% maybe less...might not be perfectly happy due to their own skin or immune system not being able to make the SMP look great AS USUAL
    No company anywhere can guarantee anything 100% perfect results for every single person that walks through the doors??
    And if you are part of that 1% or less...theres always laser to put you right back to the starting line again
    Is it painful?...yes...its a laser Einstein...not a Swedish massage
    If you cant handle some pain like that...that's nothing like what women put themselves through getting breast implants and liposuctions and facial surgeries, etc??
    Or even guys getting hair transplants?! That aint pain-free either, ha
    If you cant handle 5 mins or less of lasering on ur head (with ice cold air being blown onto ur skin while its happening!) are a woman, ha, actual less...a child, ha
    You probably cry while getting tattoos as well, right? Ha
    Dumb point #1 - "Working with people for yrs and them noticing"
    Answer - WHO CARES?!...its YOUR head NOT theirs
    Its your confidence and happiness on the line
    When a woman gets breast implants people at her work wonder "how did she all of a sudden grow such nice perfect breasts?" BAHA
    And if ur that scared of ur co-workers...then get another job down the street, ha
    Or run away to another city, ha
    Dumb point #2 - "Ink fading to green or blue or a mix of both"
    Answer - Do some simple research on this site??
    The ink is charcoal based...meaning its black and grey....that's it, that's all
    ZERO green is in the ink....ZERO blue is in the ink
    This is NOT normal tattoo parlour black ink that has green or blue mixed into it
    When fading does fades to grey looking 100% natural
    Shaved heads look grey...matching it perfectly
    Dumb point #3 - "Treatment not around for very long"
    Answer - This company started in like 2006? That's 10 yrs
    Enough said
    Dumb point #4 - "End up looking diseased with the treatment in the future"
    Answer - Show me a "diseased treatment" from HIS?...
    The owner has had his for like 10 yrs?! Ha
    His looks 100% natural
    After yrs of having SMP...the original dots fade to light light grey...fading into a "base/foundation"...and then fresh dots are applied with minimal density for a 3D look
    You are not getting dark dots put on top of other dark dots on top of more dark dots over and over and over again for the rest of your life??
    If this concept confuses you...I don't know how else to explain this simple procedure or cycle, ha
    Enough said again
    *OH and you can get the sides of ur head done as well and have it not look fake whatsoever??
    Getting your temples done frames your face real nicely
    Lots of people have got it done...and lots of people with no hairloss have a nice hairline and temples in real life
    If that's something you like...then get it done
    If you don't care about ur temples...then dont
    And the Techs don't make ur temples super dense anyways...its a lil less dense then the top...making it look great
    So I wouldn't listen to that non-sense either
    If you only get the front top hairline done...and ZERO temple work...I think that stands out more cause youre not allowing any kind of blending to take place
    Its totally what YOU want, they'll make it look real nice
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    DodgyBarnet got a reaction from in Do i need a third session, 9 weeks post second? pics included.   
    That looks amazing man and so glad you're happy! I'm still on the fence at the moment, I was so close to making the call to book up the other day by I bottled it! One day I wake up and think it's a great idea then the next day I find myself thinking I'm mad for even considering tattooing my head! Where abouts in London are you, I'm in London and would be really interested in meeting for a coffee or something one day if you get time?
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    DodgyBarnet reacted to MrOnTheFence in UPDATES: 4th session, dating with SMP, quality of life.   
    EDIT: Let's just make this thread about dating with SMP.  While I did not intend to promote anyone, I also don't intend to have anyone mislead. 
    Right off the bat, there hasn't been any "ugly" so lets start with the bad.
    First off, I earlier mentioned a gf.  We have broken up.  Nothing bad, one of the most mutually agreeable break ups I ever had.  We discussed the future, realized we had different visions and made the decision not to force something that probably will leave one or both of us unhappy down the road.
    Obviously one of my first thoughts was....shit...I feel like I look good but now I'm going to have to break the news to someone eventually.
    Well I haven't found the one yet lol.  But I have a few stories.
    The bad....Ok So first I met a single mother.  She was a few years older than me but HOT AS HELL!!!!!!!! Too bad she ended up being a little crazy and not too bright.  It didnt last beyond a few dates but in regards to my shaved head it was a bit annoying.  Obviously she was intrigued that I chose to shave my head.  She said it looked good and didnt mind it but EVERY TIME we got together she would mention "why don't you just let it grow out a little bit....."  Even going low as to say "you look older like that"  Sorry honey I'm not a youth obsessed approaching 40 single mother...that one doesn't sting lol.
    Now she saw plenty of pictures around my house with me in my system.  Obviously if I have a picture up it was because the system was looking flawless.  So that helps sell the fact I "could grow a nice head of hair out."  But I have to was annoying.  And if you're single and living with SMP it is something you might have to deal with until you are comfortable enough with the person to tell them the truth.  Now the testament to the SMP is that she really thought I could grow out my "hair."  So not all bad, just annoying.
    THE GOOOOOOOOOOD:   So maybe around 6 years ago there use to be this HOT HOT HOT latina barista that worked at the coffee shop I go to.  So hot in-fact that sometimes I would go even when I didnt really want coffee.  It was one of those "crush" type deals. But I had a gf at the time, and plus I knew she was probably much younger.
    Well, recently I went into a restaurant for lunch and who happened to be the manager there....the same girl!  She was very surprised and shocked when I remembered her name.  At first she didnt recognize back then I had my system.  So anyways it was like 10:30, so right before the lunch crowd and after the breakfast crowd.  So it was extremely slow which gave us a chance to sit and talk and catch up.  Long story short I left her my number and said lets get together sometime.
    That was on a thursday...a few days went by and I don't hear anything... Aww who was I kidding what would she want with me...this girl is like an 8 atleast if not more.  Then sunday rolls around and I get a random text from a number I don't know.  It was her! We chat a bit and now I have a date set up with her.
    Here are the facts.  I'm 35....shes 24.  Let me repeat....I'm 35, with my shaved ass SMP head and this hot 24 year old wants to go out with me.  So much for over the hill "you look older" bitter mother of 2 lmao.
    Do you know how good it feels to have someone 11 years younger interested in you?  Not just anyone, but someone hot that you've had a little crush on for years?