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  1. Cold called by a rival company

    I've received several calls recently from a rival company by a particular ex HIS employee. They seem to have stolen all of HIS Hairs database! The first time I answered, it was from a mobile number. It was extremely embarrassing to be honest. I have only recently just shaved all my hair off for the first time ever and am just getting comfortable with it. My work colleagues have adjusted to my new look and it was no longer a topic for discussion. Until, the other day! I was driving to get lunch with 3 other work colleagues in the car when all of a sudden I had mobile number calling me, this is not unusual as my work involves a lot of phonecalls, so I answered on the handsfree. Then to my horror, the voice on the other end said 'Hi I'm calling from ********** are you still interested in scalp micropigmentation? We have some special offers on at the moment' I froze and didn't know what to do.... Then just hung up the phone! There was a moment of silence before my colleagues burst out laughing! I had to make a bit of a joke about it and fob it off. It's really pissed me off because it is something I was really interested in getting done, I wanted something really subtle that would hopefully go unnoticed but now I feel I can't I think that's such an unprofessional way to contact customers,. especially when there details have been stolen in the first place!
  2. Did those posts get deleted?
  3. SMP - Did it fail for me?

    Personally I wouldn't touch it, I think it looks great and really natural.
  4. Propecia warning!

    I've used this shit and it can have horrific side effects in some people, myself included! Look up post finasteride syndrome, there have even been suicides directly linked to the taking of this drug.
  5. Celebs

    A good example of a naturally shaved head. I always assumed he had had a transplant but it doesn't look like it here?
  6. Celebs

    I saw this the other day and thought the same thing, you couldn't see the SMP at all. Unless he was directly under bright lighting and the camera couldn't pick it up?
  7. Peyton X-factor

    I think the shade and blending are perfect but the low and straight hairline gave it away for me. In my opinion a short laser session to slightly raise and feather the hairline would make it look 100x more natural.
  8. Glad to hear your happy with your treatment. Can I ask why you opted for such a pointed hairline?
  9. I think it looks great, nice hairline too. Have you tried shaving a bit shorter to see how it blends then?
  10. Altering smp layout

    If I'm completely honest I prefer the picture on the right, looks more natural. You really don't want to draw unwanted attention to your head.
  11. Slanted, uneven hairline

    I think it looks good to me and very natural. Besides, you don't want it completely symmetrical as it will look too perfect and fake.
  12. SMP - Interested, but having doubts

    Have you tried wet shaving to see it blends better with your remaining hair? (Sorry just read your picture was taken 6hrs after a wet shave)
  13. That looks amazing man and so glad you're happy! I'm still on the fence at the moment, I was so close to making the call to book up the other day by I bottled it! One day I wake up and think it's a great idea then the next day I find myself thinking I'm mad for even considering tattooing my head! Where abouts in London are you, I'm in London and would be really interested in meeting for a coffee or something one day if you get time?
  14. Peter Thomas Roth Anti-mattifying gel

    I havent tried it myself but a lot of people have said about Monistat anti chafing powder gel. It's cheaper and it comes in a larger container.
  15. Celebs

    I must admit it does look better in that video but I think the receeding hairline combined with thick density is what stands out to me. If it was a bit lighter and less dense especially around the hairline and reseeded area it would like 100x more natural. That being said, the lighting definitely made it appear worse in the first video.