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  1. Doesn't last

    Got mine done in 2015 and it faded pretty quick, not worth the money for something to only last about a year. Yes the top hair a bit of hair but the bottom is wet shaved and the contrast is clear as day.
  2. Doesn't last

    I'm just going to do it myself. Good luck to everyone on here.
  3. Doesn't last

    So I get no free touch up, even when I asked before I got this if they could do it whenever because I work 7 days a week they said that was fine passed the year because of my work schedule now they're denying that, now it's 800 instead of 400 like I was told. This place fucked me
  4. Got called out

    Ok so I was on the couch with my son and he asked "daddy why do you have black dots on your head?" I told him not sure and immediately put on a hat. I'm just getting into a relationship and now wonder when it's going to be when she asks the same thing. It looks good for the most part but now I'm just really self conscious about it. I already told her I'm bald but I will have to take my hat off more often if we were to get more close. I took it off for awhile but I'm just totally nervous for when it happens. It's been a month since my 3rd session but was thinking it wasn't going to be as dotty and more of an even coat that's not as pronounced.
  5. Got called out

    I've tried posting pictures before but couldn't get to work. Definitely will try to get some on here by tomorrow.
  6. Any pics of asian men with smp?

    Yeah, trying to get them HAIR GAINZ!
  7. Just took pictures. Once I get this working better I'll take some more pictures. Any comments feel free to make them.
  8. 2nd session complete in Chicago(with pics)

    Alright if someone let's me know the best way to post pics I will. If not oh well.
  9. 2nd session complete in Chicago(with pics)

    Ok, I guess I can't post pictures.
  10. First session done

    Well drove up to Chicago and had my first session with mike. Great guy! I actually got there an hour early because of the time difference. So kind of walked around. Finally after an hour we started the session and got the sketching of the hairline out of the way. I went with a 36 to start out with. It's extremely light so I will havevto drop the shade down a bit. I'm thinking a 30 will do but wanted to play session 1 safe. After the session I was walking to my car and seen coach ditka. That was cool. Figured he'd be a lot bigger. Lol. On the way home though my car broke down so everything didn't end great that day. Going to rent a car for next session but scared I might miss the appointment.
  11. First session done

    Hey Manx. I need to get an sd to USB adapter so I can load a few pictures up. I'll def post by Sunday though. I agree start light and work from there. Staying above pigment 26 is safe bet in my eyes. I'm trying to stay above 30. So far it looks awesome. Just might bring my hairline down a tad. I also met up with a girl the day I had my first session. She didn't Say anything when I took my hat off.
  12. Need help

    Ok. I go in for session 1 may 2nd and the night I am going to a girls house to stay over. I can keep my hat on most of the night but what do I do when it's time to fool around and then sleep. I was thinking of saying I let it grow a day because my head got burnt from the sun and it hurts to shave. Does anyone have any better ideas?
  13. Just need a little reassurance

    Why not get a razor for the wet shave look?
  14. finally

    Anti shine I hears milk of magnesia is good. Like the constipation medicine.
  15. Dating after smp

    So I'm starting this thread to see how others dating life has been since smp. I have no problem in the dating world really but if this helps awesome. Please only those with smp reply.
  16. needle size?

    I'm aware a 3r needle is used but what's the size? #6?
  17. needle size?

    Lol. No. I've never had a tat. I knew that comment would come up. Didn't know if pain is different between size. I think the real secret is in the ink anyways.
  18. My SMP Chicago

    Angil I'm from the Indianapolis area and going to see mike soon. Would you mind maybe wanting to meet sometime? If not I totally understand.
  19. Found Out...Again

    Also I agree that going under 26 is risky. For me and not others. I think it starts getting a pencil graphite look to the pigment that scares me. That is if you hold the pigment well. If not you obviously will have to drop shades to get any results but as a first session as a white male I would stay 26 and above. Go from there on session 2. Also I believe meds can also have an effect on how the pigment holds. I'm gonna hold off on numbing creams and aspirin.
  20. T-minus 22 hours

    Where are the newer pictures?
  21. Lighter Shade at Hairline Blended Back?

    Damien. I was wondering. What's the amount of shades I could ask for in a session? I don't want to be a pain the the ass but I was thinking if I did 26 throughout most of head and 30 very front and 28 following that an inch back. Sound like too much of a bother?
  22. Found Out...Again

    Honestly Hbk. The jerks that called you out could be your best friends. They said what others were thinking. It's rough to put it like that but I'd rather know people think my hair is painted on rather than being quiet about it and talking to there friends behind my back. Honest opinion on the pics of before the first laser and after first laser. Haven't seen after your last laser. Here we go. The treatment looked great until I believe your "touch up" which I believe you said would be 1.5 hours but turned into 4.5. All that so you wouldn't come back for anymore touch ups. Well now your head turned too dark and dots are all blended together. It was over done with dots. I really liked your treatment until that session. Some say go dark but that's when you get called out. After the hairline laser which I would have done too so great choice in my mind. Well they went too long and it just disappeared instead of lightening up. Reason why I'm going 6 shades lighter on hairline. I still have faith in his but you really do need someone to point out the flaws who is actually a fellow bald brother getting the same treatment. I feel a lot will say it looks perfect but I guess my perfection scales different. When I post mine I want this type of response if this is how you feel instead of saving my feelings. Better to be told by 1 then laughed at silently by 1000's.
  23. Being that it's Miami and they need it to fill the demographic of the area. L.A. Might need another Spanish speaking person if anything so brush up! Lol.
  24. Mnic's Diary

    Yeah. I did the concealers as well and have to say how you look now it's 10 times better. Love to see an outside pic if you ever get the chance.