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  1. Just finished my 1st and 2nd sessions in HK. All I can say is It really changed my life. and the practitioner is a very professional guy and master of his craft. Highly recommended. Heres some of my pics. To all of you whose sitting on the fence , just do the p,unge and youll never regret it. I believe that The most regrets we have in life is not what we do but what we don't. Godbless everyone. Glory be to God.
  2. men were on the same side before i have SMP , can you imagine im already in the chair for 1st session and still Im doubting it? but when 1st session were done, all my worries melts away. you must see one to believe but for me I guess all the testimonials here were enough. Go on mate.
  3. Life changing 1st And 2nd Session in HK

    @JuJu @Trendy Thanks for the compliments @HBK. i have 2 HT the coverage is from ear to ear i long scar not double. heres the pic the next one is 3 days after session 2
  4. Life changing 1st And 2nd Session in HK

    yes i cant believe also my transformation. my girlfriend love it. everytime i pass the mirror I see a new me. Thank you guys, If it wasnt for your comments and testimonials ive never taken the plunge. In 2 years of lurking here watching reading reading I mean literally every post, blogs and watching every videos till the day I sat on my first session i have doubts till it happened. I saw the old miserable me long dead. I dont have time right now guys but I share you my life story in a few days time. Thanks forthe comments.
  5. Life changing 1st And 2nd Session in HK

    yes i have two HT but as years goes by it cannot cope up with faster rate of hairloss. and HIS save me. I have 1 more session. Keep you updated.
  6. Pain Killer

    at first theres no pain but as it gets longer it get worse. im trembling in pain that we need to stop every once in a while. that was my 1st session. the 2nd session i took 5 ibuprofen and it helps somewhat.
  7. Life changing 1st And 2nd Session in HK

    thanks HisHair98. I was thrilled with the result. and its only 2nd session.
  8. Just wanna share how His changed my life. Its freedom I found. This were my before , 1st and 2nd sessions. Now Everytime I look in the mirror I saw myself reborn. No more worries. I can leave this thing behind and focus on most important things in life. So those on the fence , go on and take the plunge. you wont regret it. Life is too short to be Miserable. if you think bout the Cost, believe me theres no amount of money in the world can buy happiness than having a head full of hair. ill keep you update on my 3rd session. Thanks JT.
  9. Just a random thought. By the way as soon as I finished my procedure I will upload my pics. heres one before pics. Im having it done in HongKong with the amazing Jonathan Tang.
  10. Do you still using something to make you hair grow back or you feel contented now?

  11. I'm doing it! -- Will_montreal Journeys

    GoodLuck brother! youll never regret it I tell you. Youll become a new you.
  12. nice SMP. I wish my SMP appears like that
  13. men i have the same problem with you and i know how it feels.
  14. My HIS HAIR SMP experience

    looks great . hope my HT disappear like that
  15. Spotting SMP Out and About

    saw one practitioner Jonathan of Hongkong and its totally undetectable.