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  1. Got it done in Hong Kong

    Here are the photos taken this morning from the assessment...
  2. Got it done in Hong Kong

    Hi everyone, I completed 2 sessions with Jonathan Tang in Hong Kong 2 weeks ago now, and I went in for assessment this morning, possible 3rd treatment. But as the photo shows below, it's really holding up well after 2 sessions, so JT told me to leave it for another month to settle further before coming back my next assessment. I followed a few guys who's had it done in Hong Kong with JT, and it's there result that I really wanted. They seems to have a more natural results, with believable dot size. I wanted my treatment to look natural, to blend in with my existing buzzed down hair, definitely not darker, because buzzed or shaved down heads is a shade of gray, even though my hair is get black. JT has done an amazing job, it's turned out 10 times better than I imagined, even after just 2 sessions. But Jonathan did say that everyone is different, and the natural process of fading happens at different levels for each individual person. Thanks a million JT!!! Here are some photos from my first session...
  3. I'm up Next! Chicago July 26 #1, July 3 #2

    It's great to see a natural looking hair line, rather than too MTV. Congrats man!
  4. It's difficult to imagine that you are/ were bald, you look like you have a full head of hair. Awesome for a first session!
  5. NFL star Louis Rankin has SMP at HIS

    He looks awesome! With his salary, I'm sure he wouldn't of hesitated to pay many time more for his waterproof, smudge proof treatment compare with his previous time consuming techniques.
  6. My Pictures 2 Months Later!!!

    Looking good buddy!
  7. Thank you HIS

    Your treatment looks superb!
  8. My results in HK

    I really like the natural shape and look of your treatment!
  9. My personal experience with HIS Hair Honk Kong & smp

    Wow! you look great, thanks for sharing
  10. my new fresh look

    Looking good, the defined look suits you!