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  1. Omg, am I too blonde for SMP???

    Why not have a naturally very light colour to fill in the areas where you have lost hair?
  2. SMP and Work

    Yes i was the same. It affects many things but mostly your confidence and how you percieve yourself in the mirror. I didnt want to go out and no matter how well i dressed i still felt ugly because of my head.
  3. Thanks man. I started at a colour 8, then 6 and ended with 4. I had the hairline, sides, entire top and into the back crown done.
  4. Thanks Leafs It was a combination of ensuring i allowed myself enough time to research properly and avoid most if not all the mistakes i have seen others make but most importantly it took a little while to get the money together esp as i had failed to secure a private loan or HIS finance option. I wasnt going to invest practically all my life savings in something like this for it to go wrong...it could have obvoiously but i wanted to ensure my end of the deal was done properly. Hopfully now that i have had it done i can help others but really an truly i want to move on with things and live my life freely now without any hairloss worries.
  5. Laser side profiles smp

    I was just doing a search back and came across your original post. I think it confirms my point as you mention you feel now it is too dark and dense. I hope you get everything sorted in the end anyway. http://forum.hishairclinic.com/topic/5119-7-sessions-and-counting/
  6. Lewis Hamilton

    I think we will always have issues with double standards...media and society in general seem to want to push men into a corner of hiding if they get anything done to improve their appearance. Not fair
  7. Glad to have got this chapter of my life sorted now. Will be transferring abroad in a few months and so this has come at the right time...hopefully i wont need to worry about anything hairloss related now for a couple years. I emailed Marcus regarding a free touch im entitled to before the years up that he mentioned so i will see what he says but honestly im not gonna push it if the time comes and i dont need though as its perfect now and i do not want to overdue or ruin anything.
  8. old style plugs

    Do you have any pics, i always believe from what ive seen that anything above 50% coverage is a bonus. They look great in pics but no so much in person.
  9. I think if you are coming just to have a look then it would be fine to turn up on the day, the booking is for those who want to guarantee a one to one consultation if they need it.
  10. Im really happy, thanks guys
  11. Before and after 3 sessions...
  12. Greetings Earthlings So after being on this forum for a long time, having done countless months/years of research and most importanly saving up enough money to actually afford it i have finally completed three sessions in the London clinic with Marcus. Its been a longish journey for me in terms of my hairloss issues, i have used black ice spray in the past with mediocre results and most recently i tried propecia but it wasnt for me and gave me too many issues in the girlfriend department. Ive never been totally insecure about my hairloss but at the same time it has bothered me a bit and im still quite young and always wanted to feel and look my age. I found HIS hair whilst doing a search for hair transplants on youtube, i looked at the videos and eventually came to the website and viewed the pics there but as you know it was easy for me to be skeptical as when something seems to good to be true it usually is. My next step was to go down to an open day in london where i met the team. Marcus and Katrina were working there and i got to see some of their work. Trust me when i say seeing it in front of your face for the first time is truly something else and gives you a totally different perspective on things. Since that first time, i have returned to the clinic on 3 other occasions (2 more open days and 1 just random pop in)..yeh i know its a bit crazy but to be honest as i was taking my time getting funds together and really researching the treatment i felt it best to use all avenues i had which included speaking to the professionals themselves. Across my 3 treatments i have nothing but good to say about the guys that are there, they seem to work really well as a professional team. Marcus is a good guy, very honest and takes him time listening to your concerns. He is now working with two ladies there Laura and Dee who are very nice too. I will always remember the day of our first session when i asked him what are my options if something goes wrong to which he replied nothing can go worng as long as you trust me We took our time and discussed th hairline, colours and what my expectations were. The session itself lasted about 2.5-3 hours long but you dont realise it and we took a few breaks too. 3 sessions and 9 hours later here i am with all my hair back and full of confidence to go out and live the life i always have but not having to worry about my head. I am really happy with how it all worked out. Guys look the most important things i would like to share with you, esp those of thinking of getting it done and are on the fence, are some answers to the questions i have seen asked over and over on this forum and from what i have read and now my experience i can share honestly: It will probably take you about 3 sessions or more to get where you want to be in terms of being comfortable with how it looks and facing people The treatment does fade and its easy to feel in the first 2-4 weeks that it is too dark The first session is not fantastic, you dont really see much and the dots are big. The treatment does hurt forget what people tell you, the sides are the worse! Listen to and trust your practitioner, theres always a part of you that feels something might be wrong or you may want more. If unsure seek his/her advice. They do this every day and all week so will have seen it all. It is better to cut your hair low, I have tried to let my hair grow a bit but it just looks ridiculous and I've realised it flows seamlessly when I cut at least to a 0.5 length Take some ideas with you esp. on the first session so that they know what you are trying to achieve, it also helps to play around at home so you can get an idea even before going to the clinic and therefore not feel like you are under pressure to make a decision, you will live with for the rest of your life, on the spot. Respect the limitations of SMP I think the best treatments I have seen on here are those that are lighter and give the illusion of shaven head as opposed to those that appear like a full head of dark hair Overall, I think it pays off to do as much research as you can so that you go into this big big decision knowing that you gave yourself the best preparation going on which is all you can do. I would like to extend many thanks to Ian and Ranbir for creating such an amazing and life changing treatment, the London team for their wonderful hospitality and mainly Marcus the technician himself who has definitely made a positive impact on my life. I've added some pictures below, I apologise if the quality isn't great
  13. Sad story, hopefully things can turn around.
  14. Laser side profiles smp

    Pancake some people ask for this im sure, even though they don't want to admit it. I'm reading a lot recently about people who are going back for more and more. Mr London, how many sessions have you had?
  15. Shining Nappa !

    I heard some people use Milk of Magnesium