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  1. FUE on SMP

    And now....
  2. FUE on SMP

    I suppose fue is always an option if you decide you don't like the skinhead look and you've got about £10k to spend. David Silva's now looks great, after a year of looking like somebody had drawn lined on his head for fun !
  3. SMP after decades of hair system

    Hair system to smp can be the "best" transition as you will not need to explain density. Being a little ageist , would you worry that people thought the dramatic hair loss due to illness ?. Be interesting to see the outcome. Worst case scenario is you go back to the system.
  4. I thought Ranbir and Ian were off empire building. I didn't think they were still hands on. Is it cheeky to ask how Ian's much anticipated the/SMP combo is looking ?
  5. i think in general guys stupidly think woman are attracted to the same things that we are. We like slim, smooth, hairless bodies but thick hair and low hairlines, and think that the opposite sex will be attracted these feminine traits. Therefore 60% of guys between 18 and 24 shave their body hair. My g/f is in her 40's and i'm amazed at the guys her pals are attracted to. e.g Nathaniel Rateliff, Samuel T Herring.
  6. Actually I think he is in his 60's but looks a lot younger (now!). Lots of pictures in his multiple posts .
  7. This guy suits both looks and squarish head and small ears suit shaved heads .
  8. first one looks like a guy in his 50's , the seconds in his 40's.
  9. Your schedule sounds about right. Yes ideally you leave weeks between sessions however very few folk look decent after just 1 session so you are going to want at least two before the big reveal. It may be if you wanted longer after the 2nd you could wear a hat and say your skin reacted badly to shaving for the first time and you want time for it to look normal. In the UK very few companies have dress codes that mention headwear, and few punish.sick days that are self inflicted ( food poison, sports injury etc) so a short sick period is an option.
  10. Post first session - underwhelmed.

    The question was about pricing. Your answer inferred HIS would perform as many sessions as necessary. Of course they will if you keep paying them ! Originally the guarantee was for unlimited top ups in the first year, but people started getting 7 sessions! So it changed to 1 top up.
  11. Post first session - underwhelmed.

    Really? I was quoted a price for 2 sessions with an extra £500 for a 3rd ( which would then trigger a free top up under the guarantee if required) Maybe the pricing has changed.
  12. SMP and weight gain/loss?

    My only concerns would be 1. If I lost weight and hair was suddenly shaved to nothing would people think I was ill? 2. The various non sweating times would probably mean gaining weight and so No1 won't happen !
  13. SMP, FUE or nothing?!

    £2 a graft is amazing value. Transplants work great on celebrities, not so much on us. But I'd go for the 2 5 k plugs
  14. SMP, FUE or nothing?!

    £5k seems pretty cheap for a full FUE. You certainly wouldn't get the coverage drawn on here, at a 1000 or so grafts your getting either a thin coverage, requiring fibers etc to fill out, or an island hairline with the rest disappearing. That's if the grafts take at all. However if you have been promised a good result I'd take the FUE.
  15. my 1st treatment, bit confused/worried maybe

    Isn't the headblade a wet shave ? Confused !