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  1. Lewis Hamilton

    Revisiting this after reading that Lewis Hamilton claimed that his hairloss was down to using hotel shampoo, and it miraculously grew back when he started using quality products. WTF! This really annoys me. So the cheap products only affected the mpb areas of the head? Going bald is your own fault for not using the right hair products? Why not just be a man and admit you had a transplant? It's as believable as going for the a 50 mile drive to test your eyesight during lockdown.
  2. Beards?

    I think if your treatment is conservative you can say that you shave because you are balding but enjoy having some hair on your head!
  3. Beards?

    Good look, good hairline.
  4. Beards?

    Considering the popularity of beards you don't see many on this forum. Is there an issue with SMP and a beard? Colour matching maybe?
  5. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    you have provided a lot of good feedback and free advertising for HIS on here and surprised they are nit picking on the guarantee issue. I know that originally the guarantee covered everything bu there were people going back for more and more sessions so they changed it to cover fading only
  6. darts legend RVB

    i thought it was SMP at first but wasnt sure it wasnt another transplant. Seems to be hair growth there?
  7. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    The question is, are you glad you did it? And is the maintenance ( daily shave, anti shine ) worth it and less hassle than fibers ? Currently I sprinkle about 10p of fibers on in the morning and a scoot of cheap hairspray and can then cycle to work ( rain and sweat ) and still pull off ( I think) a Norwood 3 on a Norwood 5 head. Would the extra hassle of SMP be worth it ?
  8. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    Isn't the top of head shots me not a unfortunate side effect of balding rather than just having no hair? One of the reasons that avoiding shine is one of the big issues with SMP. If you have a shiny bonce it's a dead giveaway!
  9. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    If you look on this forum you will see plenty of example of treatments months and years down the line. But yeah I think the perception that the suppliers want you to have is that you will have a crew cut rather than a shaved head. I think even HIS were guilty of using models with cropped hair rather than genuine customers in the past. Once customers get used to the look they usually accept shaving rather than clippers. Still thing rotary cut at 10pm will probably look ok by 9am next day for anybody wanting a bit of growth.
  10. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    It sounds like you are getting the perfect reaction i,e you suit the shaved head and why do you shave when you have so much hair. That's pretty much what any of us want from this procedure. Happy Days!
  11. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    Have you considered rotary shave before bed? Then your bracing the world with 8 hour stubble. Personally I would slightly lower the middle with a light and sparse sprinkle. Ideally the hairline is a blur rather than a line.Im sure once the redness subsides and pigment fades it will soften further.
  12. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    You definately want to bring the middle down and break up the hairline. The more even it is the more unnatural. Look at genuine shaved heads, wonky hairlines. Then look at the guy from MAFS to see how it shouldn't look.
  13. FUE on SMP

    And now....
  14. FUE on SMP

    I suppose fue is always an option if you decide you don't like the skinhead look and you've got about £10k to spend. David Silva's now looks great, after a year of looking like somebody had drawn lined on his head for fun !
  15. SMP after decades of hair system

    Hair system to smp can be the "best" transition as you will not need to explain density. Being a little ageist , would you worry that people thought the dramatic hair loss due to illness ?. Be interesting to see the outcome. Worst case scenario is you go back to the system.