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  1. Head shine

    Thanks fellas! much appreciated!
  2. Head shine

    Hey guys, have not been on here in a while but just had a question. It seems that minimizing the shine factor is a crucial part of making the treatment look more real. My question is: does applying something like Peter Thomas Roth mattifying gel to your scalp (after smp treatment) make the smp treatment less easy to see? Does it cover up the dots or dull them down at all?
  3. Payment for regular touch-ups - how to act?

    Be cool and act natural....otherwise they may think you're a cop and that could get you shot!
  4. Younes Kaboul Sportsman Celebrity SMP

    Cutlass, I think your results look great bro! I personally really like the edge up line on the side profiles and I prefer the sharper more noticeable hairlines. I feel that really makes the smp look like a haircut and a style choice. If you ask me, you look like none other than my main man Dustin Poirier, my favorite MMA fighter in the UFC! (My profile photo, and attached file) Don't sweat those negative comments....unhappy, salty people are always gonna throw shade, and if there has been one constant in life since the dawn of time it's this: Haters Gonna Hate
  5. Is This The Best SMP Video Diary Ever?

    I hear ya, that makes sense. Nothing wrong with realistic, you never have to be paranoid about being found out if you go conservative. Plus the results from those photos im sure are more noticeable and significant in real life than in pictures
  6. Is This The Best SMP Video Diary Ever?

    Are you being serious or facetious? B/c it literally looks like this guy has had absolutely nothing done.....
  7. 6 Months After Final Treatment

    Best summary of SMP I have read in a while, very well said and summed up perfectly, couldn't have said it better myself. Glad you had a good experience and glad you got good results
  8. Question about Lighting Situations

    I checked out pointillism, vey educational stuff Ed, great suggestion and something that we should all read. Just from reading on this forum and on other places on the Internet it seems that a common deterrent for many guys is the fear of the smp appearing blue, but for me this isn't a concern at all. I can't recall any photos on the his hair site or this forum where the smp looks blue, and if on certain skin types in certain lighting situations the blue illusion does occur, it seems like a rare occurrance and probably not one that will affect anyone's judgement of the smp and won't cause them to doubt the Smp being stubble. Especially since, as mentioned earlier, even guys with naturally shaved heads give off this illusion under certain lighting
  9. Question about Lighting Situations

    Yes, exactly Ed! I notice all the time that in certain lighting conditions a guy's shaved head may appear blueish/greenish but like Ed said it is just an illusion, and I think most people recognize that this is normal for most caucasian men with dark hair shaved close. I am a guy with fair skin and dark hair, and my facial hair grows very thick and dark. When I shave my face with a razor the black stubble showing through my fair skin creates a blue tint. Below is a picture of actor Dominic Purcell playing the character Lincoln Burrows in tv show 'Prison Break'. Purcell had a full head of hair buzzed close and in this photo, to me his head has a blueish tint to it.
  10. My SMP journey has started

    Ericmario, your results look awesome! I love the hairline and temple areas! You must be stoked with how good it looks. Also I'm quite jealous of your tan skin tone I wish i had a darker tan skin tone but I look like Casper's first cousin lol It seems like the darker the skin tone the better the smp looks in various lighting situations Thanks for keeping us posted on your treatments, and congrats on the great outcome
  11. Question about Lighting Situations

    And these 2 photos are of Jake Gyllenhaal, in the same movie 'End of Watch', with his hair shaved to the exact same length as the first 2 photos, but these 2 photos are taken of him inside under normal lighting in first one, and under a more shaded condition and less harsh sunlight in the second. And as you can see in these two his hairline and overall stubble are much more visible. This is just another example of how even guys with full heads of hair buzzed short look bald under very bright lighting, or sunlight, but look "buzzed" under better less harsh lighting.
  12. Question about Lighting Situations

    Here are another couple of examples of an actor, Jake Gyllenhaal, who has a full head of hair but rocked a shaved head in the movie 'End of Watch'. These first 2 photos are Jake under very bright sunlight and he looks completely bald, or at least balding.
  13. The way I see it: it is a good thing if people question why you shave your head bc they are basically telling you that they see you have a full head of hair and acknowledge that you have the option to grow your hair out if you want, which pretty much lets you know your smp looks great. I feel that when most people see a shaved head guy, they see a bold and confident man and believe you are probably a tough guy who is thick-skinned and doesn't care what people think so they assume you won't be offended if they make an obnoxious comment about your head. (It can be quite annoying though, I agree). Also they see you as bald by choice, so they feel more comfortable commenting on your shaved head, as opposed to picking on a balding man. Don't let it get to ya bud
  14. DermMatch vs. Scalp Micropigmentation

    Nice man! Looks really good! So you do seal it with some kind of finishing spray or hair spray?
  15. Maintenance and tanning

    I am also using jergens natural glow- I have experimented with both 'Fair to Medium' and 'Medium to Tan', I prefer the 'medium to tan' version. I agree that pale scalp doesnt look great if you are bald b/c it makes you look less than healthy. Glad to hear that it is working for you and not fading your smp. I wana keep using it after smp so I can maintain some color