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  1. My Journey

    Some time ago I decided to lower the hairline, sharpening it a bit.. Is was brand new area, Sam expained it could take up to 3 sessions, skin density and a new entire area to cover etc. Summary.. First faded almost completely Second held very well Considering third, but kind of like the "faded" look of the temples.. Here is an overview of my journey, which is close to completion.. Thank you HIS..
  2. Altering smp layout

    Thanks for the replies guys.. Thanks for the honesty.. The mock up was made with makeup and will not be that straight, more to the straight side but not completely.. Jagged line is preferred.. @vinnydiesel yeah bringing down the sides a bit and straightening the hairline out to better frame my face.. Green Dane
  3. Altering smp layout

    Hey guys.. Have been through a journey with SMP, it has been life altering and do not regret it for 1 second.. Gave me my life back in many ways.. Here is the skinny.. Having gotten used to living without a cap, I have decided to alter the layout of my smp. Until now it has been subtle, but will like a stronger, straigter look.. Most would probaly prefer a subtle look, but think my headshape will suit a straighter, stronger look.. My head is angular and long, head slightly sloped and "pointy" 1. Have any of you altered the your subtle to straight?? I have toyed with colors with the gf and created a pic where you can see the straighter look compared to the subtle look.. I have discussed it with my smp-guy.. 2. What do you think?? Left is desired and right is right now.. Thanks.
  4. My Journey

    Thanks Ed, yeah it is Nice to have found someone to kiss goodnight again.. Yeah you are more than Welcome to share it on the general forum..
  5. My Journey

    Hi guys.. Been quiet for some time, life threw me a curveball and got a divorce, and had to focus on other stuff. It was not an unhappy one, we pretty much agreed on it after a day of talked about it. Status on my smp: very happy with it, still wear a cap on day to day basis. But have worn one for 20 years, hair or no hair, but does not fear to take it of no longer and happily do when at parties and such.. Lighting does mean something, prefer the softer lights as direct artificial light sometimes makes the smp go away. Strange enough in direct sun the smp still looks perfect.. I will rate it from 1-10 in lights. - shadow 10 - direct sunlight 9 - indoor 9 - artificial light 7 Remember that smp shines differently when wet than a scalp with real hair strands, so remember matte lotion.. Giving the smp a rating of 8.75, very very happy.. Worth the money?? sure is.. Glad to have it done and would recommend it to anyone who asks.. Smp compared to hair- i had it done in the temples and at the front, squeezing it in between existing hair.. How does it look when up close to real hair strands?? From more than 20 cm away it looks flawless, inspecting it closer it reveals IT IS NOT HAIR HAHAHA.. Real hair grow and there is very small diffirence when inspected, but no one save me have ever noticed hahaha.. The quality of work?? I would say close to perfection.. HIS are very honest and gives good and sound advice, would recommend them anytime. The perfect shave/smp -look... Getting the head warmed up with warm water, putting on shaving cream.. Shaving it with a good razor with the grain, against make my scalp break out with pimples.. After the shave a good lotion, and 30 minutes later a matte lotion, good to go. I have very sharp features and went against some advice and rounded the edges near the temples.. Sam adviced that it probaly would take a couple of sessions, as it was untouched compared to the rest of the area, but left side was perfect after first attempt. Right side did not hold as well, but very very small area, probaly 10 minutes of work but still worth it in my book.. Remember that I got a divorce ?? .. Met a beautiful woman very recently, she is an optrician ( sells and runs a store selling glasses ) and is very sharp.. We have been "close" many many times and she have not noticed anything, and she even like to kiss my forehead goodnight :-) My journey continues..
  6. My Journey

    Sam my His go to guy adviced against the very rounded temples and instead just added a little bit to avoid the sharpness, is very happy with his advice..
  7. My Journey

    This tursday i am going back to Sam.. Have only one concern, an area of a little bit of fading, nothing major.. And to talk a bit of one idea my wife and i had, sharpness. I have a huge head and have some really sharp features. It actually was very helpful talking it over with The wife. She loves me and thinks it would lessen the sharpness rounding out the temples. This meant we would like to make the hairline going to the temples less sharp.. This is nothing major but would ad some softness to sharp features. She is a makeup-artist and used to see lines, sharpness and softness on faces. We have toyed with some magic markers and drawn the lines, roughly .. Any thoughts are welcomed, and we are only adding because we trust Sam and his work :-)
  8. My Journey

    This is 5 months Since last last session.. Very happy with the result, Sam is very skilled and always Quick to answer.. Luckily my hair is dark and could get away with somewhat dark smp, went with 10 i think last time. We did not touch the hairline last time and went for a defined brokken hairline..
  9. My Journey

    Following is same day different light.. Some light is good some bad, you know it :-)
  10. My Journey

    Well back again. It has been roughly 1 year Since The first treatment. This is Ground zero, and what I had to work with..
  11. My Journey

    Hey @Hairkiller.. Yeah I can, when shaved down my follicles are really small and dense, smp is not as dense. But the difference is not very different, but my temples is the area where you can see it when close. I was a norwood 2.5 -3 and the smp had to blend into my natural hair, and there is a subtle difference. I will take a close pic, here: In bright light it is a bit more clear, and some sun on the head will help as well, but have been very protective about my sms :-)
  12. My SMP process

    Hi. You can get it removed, with laser like a tattoo, and should be easier than a real tattoo :-) Do not honestly think it will look strange on you, you have not much hair on the top right?? The sides are easy to blend in. I had only hairloss in The front so The top grows like crazy and have to shave diwn every day, with a little luck you can wait a couple 1-2 days, perhaps buzz down the sides Real Quick. There is also different shades of color, Saman starts light and The next treatment adds density. After the fading of the first it looks like very light, but it is a real transformation.. But Saman is very informed, he has a ton of pics of former clients, a lot with almost the same hairloss as you. You can see the results when you arrive there, and no pressure from him either. I went in with the same nervousness, Will it look good on me? I went for it after seeing pics :-)
  13. My Journey

    Funny enough the fading only started after 2 weeks this time, was even darker a couple of days ago..
  14. My Journey

    This is 21 days after third treatment..
  15. My SMP process

    Hi Oddgeir. For me It came down to a single question.. - Will i be happy looking bald? I did not think I would, and went for it, luckily so. Advice. Yeah you have to shave everyday, perhaps twice a day sometimes, but it is a minor concern, buy yourself a good tri fold razor and it takes 2 minutes every day. Pain, 2-4 on a scale to 10. Reseach the forums, His has THE best customer service, a guarentee after 3rd treatment, which means they will touch it up for free if need be, some need to. I thought I looked awful shaved down, now I actually like myself. Its a process. But it will frame your head a lot, making the upper part looking less big, it does that for everyone :-) Talk to Saman, he is very good advising, hairline, color etc. He also has a ton of pics. of other patients ( me among others ) which he has worked on, and his work is very good. Should you do it?? Only you can decide :-)