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  1. brutal honesty, side profiles

    I think it looks good the way you have it now and it also gives you a natural fade. That's what I did and the sides are very soft and you can barely see the line. Some people prefer to go with a sharper more defined line on the sides but I prefer a more soft look on the sides.
  2. Question For The Wet Shavers!!!

    I've read on this website and have been told by other practitioners that shaving it to the bone (as close as possible) gives you the most realistic look with smp. Damien has mentioned this before and I have to agree. Just something else to keep in mind.
  3. Close shaving

    Braun 7 Series for me and it works like a charm with the self cleaning kit...
  4. Question For The Wet Shavers!!!

    If you don't get razor bumbs going against the grain I'd say go with that. I no longer wet shave my head since I've had 3 treatments already. I now us an electric shaver for my head and wet shave my face with a double edge saftey razor. When I did wet shave my head I would shave the first pass with the grain and the second against the grain. After a few treatments it won't matter because your horseshoe will no longer show. As you can see from the gallery the practitioners do an excellent job of blending the color. It would be more of a personal preference based on how long you want to wait before your next shave. Some people prefer not to shave against the grain because they want to leave a little color or texture to help against the head shining too much. Hope this hepled...Good luck!
  5. transportation to la clinic

    I rented a car each time I went to LAX as low as 36.00 a day...The shuttles to the car rentals are no problem and only minutes away...If money is not an object and your going for straight convenience the take a taxi. A taxi could run you at least 45.00 one way by the time you add a tip, perhaps more. Rent a car 36.00 a day without a tip, just fill it up on the way back.
  6. Hotel options near LA clinic

    I stayed at the Residence Inn LAX/El Segundo, 2135 El Segundo Blvd. CA 90245 on my first visit and it was about a 25 minute drive to the Santa Monica Blvd address to Hishair. It was about 119.00 a night if booked early enough in advance. I found the prices for lodging within a mile or so from Hishair clinic went up tremendously which was why I picked the location I did.
  7. What I'll look?

    I like the shaved look (smp) look on yoiu better. Not saying with hair looks bad but the buzzed cut looks more fresh..
  8. 10 times better than I'd imagined

    Looks good! I'm in the same situation..Just had my first session done 5/28 in L.A. and I think I need to bring my hairline down a tad. Always easier to add later than to laser after..Good luck on the rest of your treadtments.
  9. JUST Completed session 1 in SF

    MswSF, that looks great..They really did a nice job on you, I think you'll be happy with that natural look. Congrats! Looking forward to seeing you 3rd session shots but first get well and take care of that flu. I'm 6 days out from my first session in L.A.
  10. 2 days till treatment 1

    MswSF, how did your first session go in SF? I'm scheduled for my 1st treatment in Los Angeles May 28th (just 1 week away) and I can't wait. I feel the same way you did, exited yet a bit nervous. I feel confident and secure about hishair and my practitioner (Zang) who has done amazing work but my biggest concern is how people will respond when they noticed something has changed on my head. I've made the decision and I'm not turning back over what other people might think or say. As long as my end result looks good thats what matters and will make everything worth while. Good luck on the rest of your procedures.. Oh, I'm also from the Bay Area just a bit south of SF..(San Jose).
  11. HIS Hair finance options in the UK and USA

    Understood, I have the money and will just pay debit on all 3 treatments starting May 28th. I was just gonna pay it off in 2 or 3 months to keep more cash in the pocket like we all want to do. Not a problem, I'm really looking forward to the 1st treatment in Los Angeles.
  12. HIS Hair finance options in the UK and USA

    I've been approved for the financing in the US but they still want to charge me well over 100 dollars for the 12 months no interest. I told them I would even pay it off well under 6 months and they still want to tack on a fee just to finance me and I have perfect credit and easily qualify for the loan.
  13. I agree with ZRF, if your smp treatment looks good you shouldn't have any problems. To the average viewer this is news today forgoten tomorrow. We part far more thought and concern into this because we've been affected by the bald experience one way or another. This is my very first post and I'm getting my very first smp treatment by Zang in Los Angeles on May 28th. I can't wait...each day is a count down....