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  1. Lichen planopilaris sufferer considering SMP

    The shine does not go away. I use matte for that.otherwise I'm very happy with the smp coverage. I also have some scarring. I can still see a bit of tightened or puckered skin, but I'm about the only one who notices. Best wishes
  2. houston

    Thanks for invite....spring break and a bit of travel this month.
  3. His hair guarantee

    I booked my third, sent in pics and paid in full. Upon arrival, underwent real-time assessment. We took lots and lots of pics under different lighting. The final determination was no additional treatment-for now. Lighting makes a world of difference. The pics I took submitted looked completely washed out. Yet pics under natural light showed a perfect and lasting outcome. I agreed with "banking"...."deferring" my third and if needed fourth session. Why risk over treatment and end up with helmet head? I felt comfortable with deferring based on the practioner and just how much time went into the photo session.
  4. SMP Test Patch Keloid

    I had similar concerns but everything worked out. A real risk. Glad everything is working out.
  5. Great day in Houston

    @remingtonchap, yes that is Daz from Manchester. Thanks for the compliments. Daz is a tremendous resource; furthermore, I benefited from having his wife present to go over my look from a woman's perspective. That was more than worth the three hour drive (each way). Since the process, no one has really spent time assessing it. They went over my scalp with a fine tooth comb...lol. we also took lots of pics in various lights. Cannot stress how important (and potentially misleading) lighting can be. Final thought, I am sold on Peter Roth. I didn't think I needed it. Daz tried applied some and it took the look to another level. Very happy.
  6. No More Mr. Bald Guy.....NYC Diary

    Talk about a transformation. It's really coming along. Glad you are being patient and prudent, especially with waiting for dots to shrink. I'm sure you are feeling younger and more vibrant.
  7. Great day in Houston

    Thanks Daz, Marie and Hishair. Made new friends. Fantastic customer service.
  8. Have you been with a girl...?

    Excellent question. I'm married, but readily see your concern. In the end, I feel secure in saying, I believe most women would be more uncomfortable with a system than smp. Good luck
  9. Why not tell the truth?

    I think it is a difference between the sexes. Women freely share info on their boob jobs and tummy tucks. Groups of women head out for botox parties. We share the latest diet fad. When we find something amazing, we let our girlfriends know and then post it on instagram ,Facebook and YouTube. Entire industries were created for the sole purpose of sharing beauty (and relationship) secrets. No woman would ever let her worst enemy sport a combover. Girlfriends seem to thrive on makeover interventions. It's fun. With guys I don't know if information can be shared without ego getting involved.
  10. houston

    Later this month, I will be in Houston for session three. Maybe we can check out each other's work?
  11. Finished session 1 in Houston

    What a transformation after the second session! Looking great. I'm impressed.
  12. You should be fine, but don't delay too much. It may be easier for you to get away with it, as you will be new and the co-workers lack a baseline image of what to expect. When you come out with session two and three, they will assume your hair "grows".
  13. Never to old to look as good as you feel

    I'm so loving it. It works. Like you, I have sparse eyebrows and lashes, but the procedure works. Congrats
  14. black dots

    Yes....Will shrink.
  15. Fading?? Third Session Tips??

    Pics of your areas of concern?