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  1. Reassurance needed

    that looks very good to me
  2. Going in tomorrow for 1st session! Seattle

    massive change!
  3. Going in tomorrow for 1st session! Seattle

    haha funny reaction the best one you could expected i guess
  4. i agree with robby, it would change everything
  5. AMAZING! great job, looks so realistic
  6. Finally booked Paris....

    dude are you serious ? i have the same results under a very strong light, even after 5 sessions = D . The coverage after 2 sessions looks great (your last pictures), i like the broken side profile and hairline, i m curious to see pictures taken close up (hairline,sides..), with a normal light.
  7. My results in HK

    treatment looks very light, but very natural
  8. JUST Completed session 1 in SF

    looks really great man, nice job always fun to see how the colour changed with time.
  9. Light patch, under guarantee?

    Hi, myself i had the same quotation as you, the guarantee was after the 3rd one.