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  1. Outing Hair transplants.

    there is no need for this hair transplant outing.
  2. Why does HIS hair feel the need to constantly "out " celebrities on Instagram who may or may not have had hair transplants. what is the purpose? I think its tacky and unprofessional. HIS Hair is a class act. This kind of nonsense just cheapens the brand. Lets keep it positive and respect those who have chosen to go another route to address their hair loss. Lets stay respectable !!!
  3. Why not tell the truth?

    HBK, I have the same situation as you. the hairline is WAY to straight and that is the dead giveaway. i had some dots scattered but they seemed to have disappeared. I will be going in next week to get the hairline jagged, however, I will not be doing the laser. Not to worried as john, the practitioner, has reassured me that all will be made right. HIS is so extremely Unbelievably awesome when it comes to customer service. I love these guys. and As for "telling the truth," I feel like if you re gonna do it, then OWN it. I tell people ALL the time, I LOVE to see their faces. There is ALWAYS a moment of sheer confusion in their eyes, as they just can't seem to comprehend that I have a tattoo on my head. This awesome HIS tattoo is my new reality, I adore it, and feel no shame, embarrassment, or need to hide the awesome work that I had done! I do , however, feel the need to have a slightly more natural looking hairline. So I will post pics when I get it fixed/
  4. San Fran Clinic Practitioner

    John C, he is AWESOME and totally knows what he is doing. Great guy. Great work!!
  5. hairline revision. laser ??/

    that is my concern. just wondering if i have enough space to go to soften it without it looking artificial
  6. hairline revision. laser ??/

    yes, the softness factor was discussed. he went in and softened it on my last session, but the dots seemed to fade. As the SMP has faded the hairline seems to get more and more defined. its a bummer, like I said, its the only thing that "gives it away" Someone said my head looked like a ken doll, and THATS when I decided to email about softening it up some more. Totally bummed, but confident that they can sort it all out. Like I said earlier, this has been a SPECTACULAR experience. just needs some fine tuning adjustments. I was just fearing that the hairline was so strong that the only recourse would be laser. thus why I am asking for opinions.
  7. I had my SMP done about 5 months ago. and I have to say, I LOVE IT. the only problem..... the hairline is just to straight and perfect. its a dead giveaway. its what has tipped people off about my SMP. I contacted my practioner, and he is going to soften the hairline up. am waiting for an appointment. My question is, do you think I need to have part of this layered off and redone? or can they just soften the line as is. any feedback would be greatly appreciated. ( HIS has been AMAZING to me through this whole process, by the way,)
  8. First Post- Getting it on 8/15 in SFO

    welcome to the roller coaster. Remember, this is ONLY session 1. Setting the template. session 2 will knock your socks off. you ae on your way! just sit back, and be patient. it ALL works out in the end!
  9. First Post- Getting it on 8/15 in SFO

    John C is AWESOME! I just had my 4th session cones today ( just a touch up) he is the real deal! You should feel very confident in his work!!
  10. Will I fade enough to match

    Oh god, I know how you feel. listen, it is going to change SOOOO much.. just take a deep breath and relax. I am starting week 4 of my 4th session. and it JUST started to fade this past week. it is in the process now. everyone reacts differently. Keep calm. its looking amazing!
  11. looking good !! real good!! I think one of the hardest things is t re-aquaint your self with this strong hairline. Remember, only YOU really remember what your original hairline looked like. I still look int he mirror, 3 1/2 weeks after 4th session and sometimes feel it looks to artificial. as Im still not used to this hairline. I also can't stress enough to give it time to settle. at 3.5 weeks after session4, it feels like the ink has not faded at all. it is JUST starting to fade. Just take time to feel comfortable with the new look. it will soon become familiar, it will fade appropriately, and you will feel more like YOU , only better. remember, take a breath. it takes time.
  12. JUST Completed session 1 in SF

    Three weeks after 4th session For some reason, this session is taking ALOT longer to fade.
  13. Booked TODAY!!!

    OMG< you should TOTALLY get the whole head done. You would look SPECTACULAR!!
  14. my new fresh look

    yes. Photos please
  15. JUST Completed session 1 in SF

    starting to fade now. it DOES look SO different in different light. still a tad to dark on the hairline. but it hasn't even been two weeks yet can TOTALLY see it starting to fade now. I fucking LOVE this!