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  1. 1st Session: what to expect? Toronto Clinic

    Looking forward to your before and after pics! I'm also in Toronto and looking to book soon really anxious to see your transformation!
  2. Quick Question about Timing

  3. Hello Again Guys! I am almost positive I will be booking for Toronto on May 22 and 29...one thing is holding me back. I have an outing to attend on May 31...which would be two days after my second treatment. I am afraid that the treatment would still be too "fresh" (ie. redness, dark, etc) to go out just two days after. What are your thoughts? And for those who have had it done, your experiences with going out to a public event right after treatment...should i put it off? Damien, can I push the second treatment back a couple weeks or is that not viable?
  4. Shaved, Ready, But...

    Thanks so much guys! Added additional pics in brghter lighting and shaved down with Adnis T Outliner above... This should give you a better idea of my look now... Thoughts?
  5. I did it! I'm Booked for 5/1 & 5/8 in Chicago!

    Looks fantastic ! Keep us updated as it heals !
  6. HIS Hair Clinic launch temporary SMP

    Wow. Great stuff. Like someone mentioned above great option for people on the fence...couple questions... When will this begin to be offered? Immediately ? Do the pigment shades range from high (lighter) to low (darker) just like the other pigments ? How many people has HiS used the temperate pigment on ? (Say in trials,etc)
  7. Help with what to do

    I think you have a pretty thick hairline and side profile from what I can see ! Look great now !
  8. Shaved, Ready, But...

    Hey Guys! So like everyone else been reading and replying for awhile now. Took the first step and shaved my head. Like I mentioned in a previous post I really like the way I look with a shaved head so it suites me well. Especially when I get a good tan! I have had my consultation in Toronto and met with Ranbir, it was an absolute pleasure speaking with her. I am seriously considering doing it this month. BUT I am in a dilemma. While my thinning areas/loss bothers me (especially at the front but I am slightly diffusing all over) I dont know if I want to take the risk and get this done TOO early. Again I am content with what I have, and wouldnt want to spoil what I have now.... Would really love some feedback. If anything I would want the smallest dots possible to thicken up top, match my existing hairline, and a very light pigment to match my sides...could probably do the wet or 0 guard for now....thoughts? !UPDATED! Thanks for all the responses guys!! Such a huge help! Since perspective is everything decided to take some more pictures in brighter lighting and shaved down as well (with an Andis T-Outliner) So you can get a better perspective. This should give you a better insight... What are your thoughts?
  9. Looks like a great start! Any updates here ? Really looking forward to seeing the results !
  10. Example of SMP on light brown hair

    Hey Damien ! Amazing ! Two questions... What number pigment did that client use ? What was used to shave his head ?
  11. Good luck ! Eager to see how it goes. ! Going to use your treatment as a base for my own !
  12. I did it! I'm Booked for 5/1 & 5/8 in Chicago!

    Good luck ! Looking forward to following your progress!!!!
  13. Hey Guys! Anyone else going into the Toronto office on April 29 get their consultation moved to the Sheraton? Is the office not up and running by then?
  14. JUST Completed session 1 in SF

    Looks great ! Really looking forward to your progress in the next week or two... Keep posting pics ! How much real hair did you have ?
  15. My SMP experience/results (with photos)

    It looks fantastic ! What number pigment was used ?