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  1. Completely Satisfied

    Congrats, sound like you've had a great SMP experience. I asked my practitioner Jonathan from Hong Kong office to send me the photos he took of me to post on my thread, because I'm sure their photos will be crystal clear compare to the selfies that I'm going to be taking in my bathroom . Blurry photo taken from a distance in poor, or over exposing light does little to show the artistry of the treatment. I'm sure Mike will be sending the photos through to you soon, but I might be tempted to drop the office an email, just in case they've forgotten.
  2. thanks his hair

    Looking smooth, congrats. I've also just had my treatment done, and I can't thank HIS enough in sort out head on the outside, especially on the inside, because I was pretty messed up emotionally with my hair loss.
  3. Considering smp..will it work for me?

    Go for it! You won't regret it, baldness suits no one. I just had mine done with Jonathan in Hong Kong. I wish that I'd found out about HIS earlier, then I wouldn't of wasted eight years of my life.
  4. Free At Last in Hong Kong

    Thanks everyone! I'm loving my new look. Confidence is flooding back in abundance. Yesterday, I even caught an attractive girl looking at me from the corner of my eye in Starbucks while I was queuing up to be served. I looked straight back at her, and she didn't look away, she kind of smiled at me, and I kind of smiled back. Then my concentration was broken when a young hairy staff asked me what I wanted to drink. Once I got served, I kept wanting to look back round at her, but I felt really nervous, so I just got my coffee and walk straight out, I've been kicking myself since then. It's been years since the opposite sex has taken notice of me. I hope this is the start of many more to come, and I need to grow some Balls now to be able to chat them up.
  5. Free At Last in Hong Kong

    Hi, I've been following the forum for a few months now, and have been amazed by the results HIS is producing. So 2 weeks ago, without hesitation, I booked in with Jonathan Tang at the Hong Kong clinic. I'm super happy with my result, I can't thank Jonathan enough for what he done for me. He was really understanding and patient with me, a true gent, and a true artist. I do feel that I am now truly Free At Last, I'm only 26, but felt and looked 36. Maybe now, I'll can feel confident enough to pursue my dreams, and feel attractive enough date again. The after photos was taken 7 days after my second session. I washed and shaved on the 5th day. Jonathan assessed me and said that my treatment has settled well so far, and that I can come back for my third session if I notice any fading or blending issues. Thanks again Jonathan, and also a big thank you to everyone on this forum for giving me the confidence to go ahead to have this treatment done. I hope my little story and photos will help others to achieve their dreams too!
  6. hair system vs smp

    It's way too humid where I live, it'll stink within an hour, Definitely SMP!
  7. Request Photos / Videos Of SMP Stubble Beard

    Ouch, that looks painful!
  8. His rescheduled me!!

    Looking good adenlager!
  9. 2 SMP sessions in NYC - mixed emotions

    Hang in there TimboJ, I'm sure Matt will be able to sort out your issue.