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  1. My results in HK

    UPDATE! I did my 4th treatment on May 19th, and this time Jonathan was using pigment 26 throughout. After my third treatment I just wanted everything a little darker since it faded a bit, and that is what I got. Its been more than a month since the treatment and everything has settled well, the photos I took are in the same room and light(natural) as the previous ones on this topic. I'm very happy with the results, Jonathan did an amazing job once again, although this one was covered by guarantee, he devoted full attention and around 3h of work. It looks completely natural in my opinion.
  2. My results in HK

    I agree, it faded a lot... I'm doing my 4th treatment now in May, should be much better after that.
  3. My results in HK

    Oh and for anti-shine I've been using Shiseido Pureness matyfiying moisturizer and PDC L'epoze oil off mist. They are both excellent in my opinion, I use Shiseido after shower, and L'epoze mist on the go. Shiseido is a bit pricey though And I've noticed that most of us are focusing only on anti-shine products for men... I'm sure there are much better and cheaper options out there for women... Next time I go to Korea I'll ask around what they use, they are obsessed with that crap, if anyone knows it's them... I would do an online research but I can't type Hangul, tried searching anti-shine on Naver but very few results came out...
  4. My results in HK

    Well, I have a high forehead, my natural hairline was very close to one I have now, maybe half an inch lower in the middle, on the sides even less... and for it to make sense I would then have to do sides as well and I'm not too thrilled how that looks... and I'm a caucasian turning 30 in couple of months.... I'll probably go darker in the future, since I had some fading and I have very dark , thick eyebrows, so I can definitely pull it off. But I'm not even considering lowering the hairline USA14 Thanks! and good luck in April!
  5. Anti shine

    Shiseido Pureness matyfiying moisturizer -excellent L'epoze oil off mist spray- excellent
  6. My results in HK

    Thanks guys. AllGone I just checked your photos and it was actually your head that I showed to Jonathan as one of my favorites. He did an amazing job on you
  7. My results in HK

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here. This forum has helped a lot in convincing me to do SMP and I would like to give back a bit by posting my results. I am 29yo and did my third treatment almost 2 weeks ago with Jonathan in HK. I am very,very happy with my results, it looks completely natural and I've been getting nothing but compliments. I haven't really told anyone but couple of friends who have hair problems as well. People tell me how I have great hair and should let it grow a little etc. Jonathan is a nice guy, he does his job properly, not once have I felt rushed or at risk of doing something I would regret. He's very easy to work with and makes you understand that this is a process and to take one step at the time. I had 3 treatments spaced 6 days and 2 weeks apart (I would advise to space them apart as much as you can, since you never know how will the pigments settle in terms of fading and patchiness). On my first treatment after chatting with Jonathan for some 45min I opted for a very soft hairline and pigment shade 36, as I was afraid of not going to dark. On that first treatment you just get an outline of how it will look, it looks very spread out, though he actually does a lot dots as it took almost 4hours, but I guess thats just a visual effect. The second treatment is a major one in terms of appearance, this time I went darker and used pigment 30 and it lasted some 3h. It looked fantastic till the day 10 when I started noticing some significant fading in crown area, especially at the top. It is frustrating but I knew by reading previous posts here that every fading can be fixed, it's just a matter of pigment and mine was pretty light. Third treatment Jonathan used pigment 28 on front and 26 on the crown area. Again around 3 hours. It did menage to solidify everything, it looks great. I will probably go for a 4th treatment in couple of months as I have fading on top of my crown and to fix some patchiness, but even if I leave it as it is, I am thrilled with the results, and it's definitely worth both time and money. If you take it smartly, with no crazy hairlines and pigments, there is no mistake with this treatment. Just listen to your technician and take one step at the time. Also, pain wise. It does hurt, don't be fooled. You better know it and go prepared. First treatment I went unprepared and it did hurt a lot, I was twitching and sweating for whole 4 hours, not pleasant for either you or the person treating you. So do yourself a favor, and go sleepy, hydrated and with very full stomach, taking bunch of pills also helps of course ( I took 2 codeine with paracetamol 30 min before the treatment and then 2 more an hour into the treatment). you will still feel the pain but much, much less