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  1. Is SMP + FUE a smart approach or disaster?

    Folicle sheriff.... i am in the process of doing what you are planning. I have had HT in the past and had SMP last year with HIS. I have some hair left the top part of my scalp and the blending it does with the SMP is really good. As with you I am planning to use beard and chest hair. The difficult part is to find a good body hair doctor and at a decent price. I found one in turkey but he is asking me to come down there for consultation...which is painful. I will fill you in with my findinds and results. thanks
  2. SMP + FUE

    My plan is to use the body hair for the chest is bit hairy as well as my beard area. I am just worried about the density that can be achieved with FUE and whtether the doctor can get the hair follicle to lean at right angle. Do you guys know any good HT doctor that can do body hair fue for people with african hair. thanks
  3. SMP + FUE

    Hi Guys, I had two sessions of SMP during the past summer with HIS. I am somewhat happy with the treatment as it made my baldness less visible and I like the dark shade it provides. I shave the sides and the back of my head to bone with Remington shaver every morning while I leave some stubble on the top. I am very pleased with the way it looks. In less than a year I will probably loose the little hair I got on the top so I was wondering whether to have a FUE on the top would be a good idea. I am not envisioning to get a head full of hair with the FUE but would be happy if I could get something like what I have now in the picture attached. After the FUE i still want to keep my hair short as in the picture which is a guard 0.5/ What do you guys think? Is FUE combined with SMP a good idea? Would I be able to get a result like the pic below from FUE? Can I shave my hair this low after the FUE? having the stubbles makes the SMP more realistic by reducing the shine effect. You wont either need to worry abt whether someone touches the top part of your scalp. Please give me your feedback. Thanks
  4. Pain Killer

    Hi There, Think I should help you here as I had to stop my first session short due to the pain level. For the first session, I didnt use anything against the pain so I would rate the pain I felt during the sesssion as 10/10. For the next session, I did my homework and bought the emla numbing cream below and applied it all over my head an hour and a half before the treatment. After applying the cream I had to use a plastic film to wrap over my head so the cream was pressed into the skin. Doing this made my pain level to drop to 3/10. hope this helps. If you cant get the cream in the US, just order it from the UK
  5. Very flakey scalp after treatment

    Many thanks tosspot, really appreciate your detailed response. Will follow your instructions
  6. Very flakey scalp after treatment

    Need to wake up this thread. Had my second treatment 2.5 weeks ago and I have to say I am sort off happy with my final outcome. I asked the practitioners to us a conservative approach. Anyhow, the issue I have now is that my scalp is super dry and flakey. I use lotions directly after shower every morning to combat the dryness. I have noticed only the crown and hairline area has 'flakes' and dryness issues while the sides and the back are fine. I am tired of putting lotion everyday after shower. Does anyone know of any shampoo that I can use which contains lotion so that I dont have to put lotion after each shower. Please give me your advice on this issue. thanks
  7. HIS...ahem HerHair

    Hi Juju! Your result looks really good. How severe was your alopecia - did you have patches or were you completely hairless all over the scalp? I am asking because you dont seem to have 'shine' issue based on your last picture. My biggest worry with this treatment is the shininess. Glad that your treatment turned out well..
  8. Today's the big day!

    Looks fantastic thanks for keeping us updated. It has been a daily routine for me to check your pictures every morning and see how you are doing. Once again thanks
  9. Today's the big day!

    Wow Beachy - this does look good. I like the fact that dot sizes are almost identical to you hair follicles. Regarding the fading - hope it goes well the coming days. Think about it this way - even if you get some fading you have a fantastic base for future touch ups. happy for you mate
  10. My Thread

    Thanks HairHair, appreciate your comments Please step forward if anyone want to add more to this thanks
  11. My Thread

    Hi Guys, I am considering doing this treatment so I would like to get some advice on this board to help me pull the trigger. If I am going to go ahead with this treatment, I would want a result looking like the gentlemens's below (1) what did they ask for when they had the treatment? soft hair line? (2) What should I say to practitioner to get similar result to these guys? (3) How do I get an outcome that doesn't look glossy? Should I ask for low density sprinkles? (4) Regarding the 'shine', how big of an issue is this. Are these anti shine creams really useful - do they reduce the shine significantly (5) Beachy said in his thread that Katarina tattoes small dots compared to other practitioners - is this a good idea? Does small dots provide better result? (6) I am of African decent, does this treatment look better on people of color according to you? (7) How many times can the treatment be redone? Suppose I have the treatment today, can I have a retouch say every 3 years so that it looks like when I first did it? Hope you can give me some honest answers as at the moment you cant tell who is a patient and who works for HIS. Appreciate any input you can give me. thanks
  12. Today's the big day!

    Looking very good beachy ; looks like the redness has gone down from this picture
  13. Today's the big day!

    Hi Beachy, Thanks for an excellent thread. Not only do you take clear high resolution pictures but you keep us on the loop. Your result look fantastic mate. Hope the final outcome will be what you desired. Once again thanks for your thread.

    hi Damien Do you know where I can find the post treatment video for the client in the link below thanks
  15. HIS...ahem HerHair

    nice result juju! Hope you are happy and enjoy the new look.