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  1. 1st Session NYC

    Just an update. I got my 5th treatment last Thursday. I went a little darker on the top and broke up the hairline just a little bit (barely noticeable). The change was very subtle but I think looks better. I am happy with it now and don't plan to mess with it anymore. I will post pics later! @toddnw7 up close it looks fine. Because I know it's a tattoo I notice that it's dots and not real hair, but it doesn't look crazy at all. Also I still have some hair left on top of my head so it blends in well. I think most importantly is that no one I've hooked up with has ever said anything about my hair.
  2. Bubble totally burst

    I was called out recently too. I was at Starbucks and the worker said 'your haircut looks REALLY neat…it almost looks like a tattoo or something.' So I guess I wasn't really called out, but it was close enough. I also didn't appreciate how loud she was about it and the attention from the other customers and workers. I ended up just saying thank you and grabbed my coffee and left. It didn't bother me that much, but was def made me wonder if others were thinking the same thing.
  3. 1st Session NYC

    @jowells I made an appointment to go a little darker on top. Getting it done March 19th @boxer713 thanks! I went for the sharp edge up . I think it fit me better. When I had hair I always had a sharp hairline anyway. You should def do it. It's a long process to get it perfect, but I think it's worth it. Been almost a year since I had my first session, and like I said I'm going to get one more done. Will be my 5th . Tech I don't need it but I want to get it done.
  4. 1st Session NYC

    Been awhile since I posted, so decided to give a quick update. So over the summer I ended up lower my hairline a little. Around Oct/Nov I noticed some slight fading, and that the new hairline didn't blend that well. HisHair was awesome and gave me a free session (per the guarantee) to fix it. No hassle at all, which was great. So in total I had 4 sessions. Overall I am very happy with the result. I still kinda wish it was darker, but don't think I am going to mess with it anymore. I don't want to overdo it and regret anything. I am not great at keeping secrets, so told all of my friends, and family all of whom have been very impressed. I didn't tell any of my coworker, and none of them said anything. Occasionally, a coworker will ask if I got a haircut, and every now and then I will be on the street and someone may comment on how 'it's cool I got a line up even though my head is shaved'. I'm pretty sure it's usually a comment, and that they aren't suspecting anything, but to be safe I generally just say thanks and change the subject. The other day I went to the the dentist and even under the bright light, no one said anything. Though I guess out of politeness, no one would say anything. Anyway…pics attached. Let me know what you think! I obviously need to shave it down!
  5. 1st Session NYC

    Scheduled my 3rd session for Aug 18th! It's been almost 4 months since I completed my 2nd session. I don't think I've had any fading and no issues. I look 100% better than I did before, and am def happy with the results. During 3rd session I want to go darker and bring the hairline down just a bit…I'm thinking like half an inch lower, but will def get opinion of practitioner before I do that. But again, overall I'm super happy w/results. This was def the best decision I've ever made. No one has ever questioned my head at all, or suspected anything. Friends I have shown have been totally impressed by how natural it looks. Anyway updated pics below! Will be sure to post pics after 3rd session!
  6. Few hours after 1st session

    @amitbhatt705 It kinda looks like a fade because the top is darker, and I skin shave the sides. You have to always keep it low though because once the hair starts to grow it looks weird. I plan to go for a 3rd session soon to go darker on top. @graq, I will take some new pics this week
  7. 1st Session NYC

    Just a quick update on my head. It's been a week yesterday since my 2nd treatment. Pigment seems to be holding up well. No one at work has said anything at all. I haven't received any weird looks on the packed subway, so I think it's safe to say that no one can tell I have a tattoo on my head. I kinda feel a little disappointment no one noticed though. So either my receding hairline wasn't as noticeable as I thought, or I did a really good job keeping my hair cut low and applying the concealer I used to look natural. Probably a combo of the both. As I said in previous post I think I eventually want to go darker in the future. Will probably ride out the summer w/this and get it redone in October. But again, overall I'm happy with it, and my head is now a non-issue which is great.
  8. 1st Session NYC

    So last night I decided to go to the gym without a hat and my plan was that when I got there I would put on my workout wig (aka ball cap I wear at gym). I was really nervous to ride the subway without a hat considering the harsh lighting and all the people, but decided I needed to give my head a test run before I go back to work on Monday. I'm pleased to say that everything was good, no one freaked out or stared at my head...and on a packed subway that's a pretty good sign that it looks pretty natural! When I got to the gym, I realized I had forgot my gym hat at home!! I was about to walk out then decided to just go ahead and workout without a hat for the first time basically ever! Luckily it was around 11pm and the gym was pretty empty, but again, I didn't get any weird looks or anything. It also felt really good to workout without a hat, though it was weird seeing myself in the mirror without a hat, I'm not used to seeing that person yet. After the gym I went to a bar for a drink (I know not the best post workout idea) and again, no one noticed anything, and a friend of mine was there who reassured me it looked totally natural…and that he may consider getting it done if his hair continues to thin. 5 days out from 2nd treatment and I think I am totally happy. My only critique is that I wish I would have gone a little darker. What I have now perfectly blends with my hair now, but I think I still want it to be darker. I'm going to give it a few months and see how I feel. Also, the dots have really shrunk a lot, but I'm hoping they will get a little smaller. But again, I think it looks way better than what was going on before with my receding hairline, and it feels amazing to not have to mess with all that concealer anymore. Speaking of concealer….the weekend of my 1st treatment I had met someone and we hooked up. Not only did the person not notice or say anything about my head, but they also had white sheets and for the first time ever I wasn't panicking about my concealer rubbing off on their white sheets!!! Yay! Thanks HIS Hair!
  9. 1st Session NYC

    Thanks Robby!! I'm hoping my coworkers won't notice at all. Before the treatment I would use a lot of concealer to hide the receding hairline, so I don't think they will notice. It's going to be great this summer to not have to worry about concealer sweating down my face!!!
  10. Good luck w/your 2nd session tomorrow. I'm sure it will come out looking great!
  11. 1st Session NYC

    3 Days After 2nd Session: I had my 2nd Session this past Monday. Like the 1st session I found it to be very painful. But def worth the pain. The dots have already started to shrink down and it's starting to look very natural! I'm really happy with it, and have no plans for a 3rd session unless I experience some issues down the road. My head held the pigment from the 1st session really well so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I won't experience any fading at all. So far I haven't been out in public w/out a hat yet, but plan to try this weekend. I been off from work for the last 2 weeks and go back on Monday and am very curious to see if my coworkers notice! Anyway, pics below!!
  12. 1st Session NYC

    Hi LiveFree. No the dots aren't looking blue anymore. Just look faded. But that's normal w/the first session. I have my 2nd session tomorrow morning. Will update w/pics then.
  13. 1st Session NYC

    ^^Thanks Bald Bull. Good luck w/your session tomorrow! I cut my hair today, and it looks really nice. Totally natural. Looks like I have a skin fade. I'm excited for session 2 on monday! Just need it to be darker and more density.
  14. 1st Session NYC

    I'm noticing the dots (which have shrank significantly) are taking on a blueish tint. Is this normal? Does it have to do with darker skin covering the pigment? Will a darker pigment appear black on dark skin? I believe my first session I had 14 & 16 ink color.