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  1. SMP and US Military

    Looking forward to a response
  2. SMP and US Military

    I am thinking about joining the marines but the fact that I got smp worries me. If I shave my head going in do you think I will be fine?
  3. Talc secret must have for SMP

    I'll try it out thanks
  4. Does this guy have SMP? SMP and Shaving Inspiration
  5. Just came across this awesome Lebanese singer named Massari, and i'm wondering where he has been all my life. I was wondering if you guys think he got SMP or just shaves his head for that look. He is very inspirational for guys looking at shaving their heads and getting SMP. I'm thinking of copying his look by getting ear ring, a chin strap with a goatee and some earrings.
  6. Got my 2nd SMP Procedure - How does the hairline look?

    Thanks! What do you personally think?
  7. Got my 2nd SMP Procedure - How does the hairline look?

    Should I bring the hairline down? or leave it where it is?
  8. Hi guys, After years of weighing the pros and cons I finally decided to bite the bullet and get SMP, and I am very happy with my decision so far. I was wondering if I should get the hairline lowered some more. If so please draw the hairline on one of the pictures and/or photoshop how it would look with smp if you have the skills.
  9. Hi guys, I recently got my smp done in San Francisco and here are the results. Please let me know if I should make any changes during my third SMP procedure in a couple weeks.
  10. What are the best clippers for a #0 buzzcut?

    I would preferably want one that doesn't snag, cuts hair evenly, and doesn't cut my scalp.
  11. I just got my first smp procedure done last week, and the artist working on me told me to buzz my head with a #0. What would be the best pair of hair clippers to use for this? I'm not ready to shave down to the bone yet.
  12. I am 22 and I have balding since I was 17. My hair loss is affecting my life in so many negative ways. I would like to know how I would look like with this treatment and was wondering if anyone could take the time to photoshop me with smp.
  13. What Do Women Think?

    Any ladies want to chime in?
  14. What Do Women Think?