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  1. HT scar question

    Norcal check my thread out, has before pics
  2. HT scar question

    Looks Great, i agree my scar has become smoother with the needle, makes sense theoretically
  3. Booked TODAY!!!

    3 days after 3rd
  4. Booked TODAY!!!

    Had my third treatment, Had blending above in and below, I must say Greg is the man, in bye yes did an amazing job, redness went away in less then 24 hours and honestly i couldn't be happier, This is was a great experience. if any one has questions feel free to ask or message me. If you are looking to have scar work done I can only speak about Greg but he is amazing
  5. After first scar treatment

    check out my thread….i had just a little redness that was gone the next day
  6. Booked TODAY!!!

    Hey guys, Just an update, the pigment is holding up very well. I find that I do have to shave my head with the Andies shaver every night before bed and the next AM it is a great length for the day. I just booked my third session for march 21st in NYC. Will let you guys know how it goes with pics and all. a few people have asked if I have a scar and I say yes from " making a stupid decision when i was younger" is what i say and that normally stops the convo. The pigment helps so much however light makes the scar look more noticeable at certain angles. So happy i did it though. best thing ever.
  7. Outing Hair transplants.

    WOW, that surprises me. Whose dumb ass idea is this? Not classy
  8. His hair guarantee

    Haven't had that problem hope it goes well for you
  9. I remember saying the SAME EXACT thing, if you are just ready to shave it then SMP is the way to go, Scars will never go away but the SMP helps a lot to be honest, try taking some pics of the scar so we can get an idea and help you out with our advice
  10. I agree 100% I have had 2 sessions done and it is an improvement but you can never make it 100% just make it less noticeable…I am going to be getting my third done in a few weeks/ month hopefully waiting to see how everything settles for a month or so. bigh2- Do you find any lotion that helps, i use aveno face lotion on the scar area with the spy 15 and i think it takes some of the shine when light hits it away
  11. Damien have you seen my PM?
  12. Try to find someone who has had is done and go meet up with them….need to see it in person How do your scars look? Raised? Color?
  13. Check my thread, I only had one HT in the past but I did just the scare and I love it, what area you from ?
  14. Light Hair - Rookie Seeking Advice

    look under scar section "Just Booked"….NYC with Graig
  15. Booked TODAY!!!

    Did a little more in the horseshoe my second time, had to because it was going so low in the back. Blistex and mederma have same active ingrediant so I have been using that during the day but at night use the mederma PM ( different active ingredient) I honestly feel as if it helped with color and texture of scar. If you haven't begun using it I would start. The PM is a little expensive but well worth it. I am sure you could use it on any scar linear or punch.