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  1. Cold called by a rival company

    I've gotten a couple emails recently from 'xxxxxxxxxx Clinic', says the main guy there is Jack, seems like I remember hearing his name in regards to the Toronto clinic and in the email it says he has worked at: Birmingham Harley Street London Manchester Glasgow Toronto No idea why they'd email me, I'm not in the UK.
  2. Just had Walter in Seattle adjust my hairline last week...the guy is ace. Couldn't be happier.
  3. SMP Seattle location?

    I just had my hairline adjusted by Walter at Seattle and the guy is ace.
  4. Adjusting/ feathering hairline after 3 years

    Any suggestion on when's the best time to call? I didn't get any answer EDIT: Nevermind, called back and got it sorted.
  5. 3rd Session (Black Guy SMP)

    Looks great ????????
  6. Question for the mods or someone who works for HIS: I've had my treatment now for a few years and my taste has changed a bit. I'm wondering if it's possible to have my hair line feathered a bit at this point to soften the edge a little?
  7. Thinking about a 4th procedure

    I'd say leave it man, looks really good as-is
  8. Sucks you're having customer service woes on the admin side, but I'd just echo what many others have said- finish it out. There are stories on this forum of guys needing upwards of 8 sessions to get it right but his always comes through. They aren't going to charge you more than what they quoted you from the start. If you don't go back then it truly will be a wasted grand with no one to blame but your self.
  9. First session with Walter at Los Angeles Clinic

    Pics don't seem to be linked any longer. Any chance of seeing them? I'm considering going in for a touch up and Walter would be the guy. Glad to hear you had a good experience with him.
  10. Any photos of Walter's work?

    Hey guys, had my treatment over a year ago and was considering going in for a hairline adjustment. Originally had my work done with Dave at Seattle and was very sad to see he's no longer with the company. I was told that Walter is now doing work out of that office and that he has worked in Houston & LA. I did a search on the forum and found some positive feedback about him but no photos. Does anyone have anything they can say or show about Walter's work? If you don't want to share publicly, please PM me. Would like to have some work done, but reading some horror stories on here is making me a bit nervous as I'm still happy with where I'm at, just considering some small tweaks. Thanks!
  11. new practitioner

    I'm in the same boat, my original practitioner Dave has left HIS and Walter is now filling in at the Seattle location. Glad to read some positive feedback, it's helping me make my decision. Would def. like to see some results if possible.
  12. today I got called out

    Well played sir
  13. Temples too sharp?

    Nope, looks great
  14. Going in tomorrow for 1st session! Seattle

    Hmm, I'm actually not sure....I think its a nutrigena product. I live in Portland where there isn't much sun for most of the year, so I haven't used it in quite a while.
  15. Going in tomorrow for 1st session! Seattle

    Last shade I had was 26, was pretty dark at first but settled nicely (i think)