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  1. nasty sunburn help!!!

    Hi Damien- I just came from Hawaii and I was also wondering if sunburn really affects the treatment.. So thanks for your reply.. Anyways, I have a question, I've noticed on my crown area that it's sort of fading compared to the front area, and I would like to come in for a quick consult in LA branch, can I just do a walk-in and let Zang take a look at it or do I need to call the hotline and schedule an appointment? Also, if I remember, are touch ups free of charge? Thank you.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. First off, I would like to thank HIShair for all that they do to help us with this predicament of being bald.. when I started losing my hair after I graduated college, life obviously wasn't the same when I had a full head of hair. I was more conscious on the way I look in public. I stayed aloof and didn't have the energy to go out and have fun, in short, I've lost my social life.. Just like most of us, I've thought bout hair transplants and any other avenues to salvage what I had left and surf the web for any new treatments for hair loss.. there were days that I have come to terms with being bald but at the back of my mind i was also hoping that some new remedy will come out.. one night while I was at work I saw an Ad about SMP, I went and google it and that's when I came across HIShair website, it only took me 2 days after I read about it when I picked up the phone and scheduled an online consultation.. After that, I was counting the days til when my first session was scheduled. While I was nervous about the outcome and whether this procedure will be good for me, I found myself reading the forum about experiences and advices from people that had the procedure done, it was very comforting for me to know that almost all of them had a good experience and are happy about it.. right after my first session I knew this will be life changing.. and it did in so many ways.. ???? for one, I have to change and re-apply for a new passport because I look different from the old one.! lol..well, maybe a tad bit, I'll say I look more younger with the new hairline..! ???? Now I'm also goin to my work's human resources to get a new badge with a new photo..! life has been good and the best part is that no one that I know and saw me with a bald head had ask about it... I am posting this NOT because I was ask and got remunerated.. I rarely post reviews about my experiences from services I've received may it good or bad but I just want to share the best thing about getting the SMP and that it's definitely life changing.. hope you guys on the fence would consider it and take the plunge. You can thank us later..! ???? cheers..! Sent from my iPhone 5S
  3. Time between first and second session

    I was told when they schedule me to have one week apart after my first session.. Sent from my iPhone 5S
  4. hair system vs smp

    I haven't tried any hair system but was also on the same shoes before if you are considering it, I paid and at the last minute I didn't show up, I figure it'd be too drastic of a change for me and also I was so worried about what people and especially my co workers would say when they see me with a new full head of hair... and I've read that mostly people doesn't have a good experience with it, being itchy, to name one of its downfall...not to mention the maintenance that comes with it... Last Monday, I went and have my first session done(SMP) with Zang in LA and I couldn't be happier with my decision to do this, what surprises me the most is that my coworkers doesn't say or ask me the first day I went back to work.. Nobody asked me what I have done, and with that I can say that it looks very natural.. I am starting to gain back my confidence in public, I feel good... and that's what matters least for me... ???? Good Luck buddy.. I'm sure you'll make the best decision for yourself... Sent from my iPhone 5S
  5. 15 forum members upgraded to VIP

    Should the VIPs be entitled to a free touch up for life?? haha.. jk.. congrats to the new VIP's... ???????? Sent from my iPhone 5S
  6. First day back at work...!

    Sure. I hope I asked Zang a copy of those pictures he took.. But I will take some when I get the time off.. I can't wait til tomorrow so I can finally wash my head.. It's getting itchy.! Lol.. Sent from my iPhone 5S
  7. First day back at work...!

    last Monday I had the procedure done, my first session with Zang in LA.. after I left the clinic I have lots of things running through my mind, mixed emotions, knowing that I look good with the new hairline and the feeling of liberation from the constant wearing of hat in public, also, I was worried of what other will say... but in general, I am very happy with my results.. Infact I cannot wait for my second session and get all this done and over with.. So today I came back to work, my first day since I got the procedure, as you can imagine the anxiety level was very high, I was so nervous on what my coworkers would say. Well I came in, they saw me.. and nothing was said..!! Lol.. Infact no one will notice it if I had not tell one of them of what I did.. she said omg that looks so natural.. She said she wouldn't even know that I had done something on my head have I not told her.. that was the big relief..! as of this time no one asked me, but I have 3 balding co workers so I guess they're the one who will know and notice right away.. but I don't care... lol.. Overall, I'm really happy and thankful to HIS hair and especially to Zang.. I've got a new head and a new life..! ???? Sent from my iPhone 5S
  8. First Session Done..!

    Me too.. my 2nd session will be next Monday.. Sent from my iPhone 5S
  9. First Session Done..!

    Sent from my iPhone 5S
  10. First Session Done..!

    First off I wanna say thanks to Zang for being so nice and doing an awesome job.. I had my first session done today and I can't believe what I'm seeing.. He gave me a broken hairline and more density on top.. It looks great..! Can't wait for the second session.. Here's one pic halfway through the procedure..! ???? Sent from my iPhone 5S
  11. How often do you shave?

    Thanks man. I am Norwood VI so that means I have to shave everyday after my SMP.. Sent from my iPhone 5S
  12. Thank you Zang, His Hair Clinic

    I will have my first session with Zang this Monday and second session will be the 24th.. I can't wait..! Glad to hear you like your result but then again Zang is the best I've heard,, that's why I opted to go to LA instead of San Francisco which is closer to me.. ???? Sent from my iPhone 5S
  13. How often do you shave?

    i will has my first session with Zhang on Monday in LA and I'm curious to know how often do we need to shave our heads when we have the SMP done? I shave my head every 2(rarely)- 3 days usually and I set my clippers on no.1 setting... I have lots of hairs on my sides and back it's just the top and hairline is my problem.. After I have SMP done, do I need to shave it to the bone? I'm just curious to know... Sent from my iPhone 5S
  14. Just curious...

    cool.. thanks everyone... ???? I've read that Zang does a good job that's why I opted to go to LA instead of San Francisco.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Just curious...

    Hi guys.! I'm having my first session with Zang in LA on the 17th March and cannot contain my excitement.. I live in central California and have to fly to LA for the procedure, I just realized that when I fly back after my procedure I have to go through security at the airport and I forgot if they allow people to go thru with their hats on? I'm concern but the redness after the procedure, does it look really red? I have a brown complexion hopefully it won't be too obvious... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk