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  1. Fading after 2 weeks of 2nd session

    Thanks for the responses guys. Zang saw me within hours of me contacting him last minute and stayed late after work, just to see me. As the skin peels new skin is grown underneath which appears to look like fading when in reality it is only the ink settling in. I am beyond lucky to be under Zang's hands. Goes to show HIS really stands behind their work. Even though I went in there late Zang wouldn't let me leave until I was educated deeper and alleviated of my concerns. I will be going in next week for session 3 where pigments will be dropped and confidence will be raised. Will keep all you fine gentlemen posted. Cheers! -Premature Worrier.
  2. Hi Gentlemen-- been experiencing a heavy amount of fading and flaking as of last week. The sides, back and crown have nearly disappeared at some points and I have been experiencing a quite good amount of flaking. I have started moisturizing but not sure if there's much else I can do. The front and hairline although have come a light lighter don't seem to look to have faded much. Is it a bad idea to go in earlier then 1 month for the 3rd session? Pics attached.
  3. Upgrading Shavers

    I get away with a 2 day growth with r91. It looks the best on the 2nd day as it matches perfectly with a smp. I'm wondering if there's a shaver that cuts less close so I can have same day results as I would on a second day shave w a r91. I already tried a 0 shaver clip and it wasn't close enough. Any other suggestions?
  4. What Do Women Think?

    Youngbalding- I got way more girls when I lost majority of my hair then when I had a full head of hair. Know why? Because I figured I am losing my hair at a fast speed so I better pimp it on as many girls as I can now before it's all gone. And it worked. Not because I had some hair but because I hit on so many girls that like anything else I got good at it. Practice makes perfect. And having a Ferrari at age 23 didn't hurt either.
  5. Second session with Zang

    Thank you sir. You won't be disappointed. When is your treatment date?
  6. Second session with Zang

    Hazmn1 were you the one I saw outside or the one I saw in the room?
  7. Second session with Zang

    Zang gave me a more broken hairline today which came out superb. There was someone there for consultation and Zang had told him that I had a hairline prior to smp and when the guy came to see me Zang asked me to tell the guy where my hairline started. When I told the guy I didn't have a hairline before smp the guys eyebrows near hit the ceiling in surprise and exclaimed "what!?!?!" I am now only worried about my horseshoe in the back which is as stubborn as a mule because my back hair is as thick as Kim kardashians post preg Let me know your thoughts people. By the way Zang drew some scars on me which look awesome. Let me know your take on it lads.
  8. From Alec Baldwin to Alec Hairwin...

    Mr. Baldwin enough about your hair. It's superb. Let's hear about the ladies and the money.
  9. Flippo it is somewhat premature for me to speak but so far after my first session I already am feeling a sense of freedom from the couvre at least. I hope your hats miss you Damien- I bled a good amount during my treatment. (And I took nothing) so perhaps codeine won't make a difference on some. I actually had petroleum jelly put on me. Imagine after 5 days how itchy my head is. I took a shower to my head for the first time this morning and it made me even more itchy. I just hope I don't bleed as much this time on Wednesday for my 2nd session.
  10. All of you are great. Thanks for all the insight.
  11. David, thank you for the info. The part about "no make me 10 years younger and 20 but charge me the same" is hilarious. I believe you can get away with a slightly lower hairline as well. Judging from just your main pic it looks fantastic though. So I don't know if you should go with the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" attitude or the perfectionist attitude.
  12. Dear all, on Wednesday I will be going in for my 2nd session with the magical Mr. Zang. I wish to get as many of your opinions in regards to my Shakespearean question. Do you believe it would serve me well to lower my hairline? My reservations with it is that to me it looks really natural right now and my fear is that it would take away from the authenticity of it to lower it. Let me let you judge from the picture.
  13. Worried

    JP it looks amazing. Did you end up lowering the hairline??
  14. Couvre cream fades smp?

    Great question, I would love to know this as well
  15. 7 sessions and counting/...

    Dear London-- one of the BEST ways to give a more natural appearance to SMP is in the imperfections. Ask yourself this: Would you rather live with the results you have now or risk messing up the whole procedure in hopes to get it to look "perfect"? In either case I wish you nothing but luck no matter what you choose friend.