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  1. Booked March 15th and 22nd, NYC

    @Tommy_Boy Thanks, man! Picked up the T-Outliner but I can't use it yet as the fading is too obvious at that length. I have to wet shave at this point. Looking forward to a third session to address the crown and overall darkness. I'll certainly get the Kiehls! Found Milk of Magnesia helpful in the meantime.
  2. My SMP experience/results (with photos)

    Terrific, man. Congratulations.
  3. Booked March 15th and 22nd, NYC

    @diMaggio I never wore a piece, so I can't give you any perspective on that, but I can tell you that it's extremely liberating to face people for the first time post-SMP. It feels great. I imagine that people will be shocked that you've "shaved your head", compliment you, and then move on with their lives. You'll feel wonderful.
  4. Booked March 15th and 22nd, NYC

    @Troy I'm definitely going that route. Going to give it a bit more time to "settle" and then try to book a third. Thank you!
  5. Booked March 15th and 22nd, NYC

    Remington, iHair - Thanks, guys. I'll reach out to HIS about a third session. I'll also see if I can get the Men-U stuff here in the states. Robby - I think I envision an ideal look as something closer to your avatar. I'll grab some Clubman this weekend. Appreciate your candor and advice.
  6. Booked March 15th and 22nd, NYC

    Per your recommendations, here are photos (mobile phone) from after this morning's wet shave. Not the look I'd hoped for. I'd like to get back to the way it looked at the clinic, immediately after the session and having been cut using the Andis T-Liner (which I've ordered). I left each session with the look that I wanted -- just dark enough and blending well into existing stubble. I'm using HeadBlade's SPF 30 moisturizer and the shine is really unattractive. Recommendations? Thanks, guys.
  7. Booked March 15th and 22nd, NYC

    One day post-shave (rotary). Pardon the quality, mobile phone camera.
  8. Booked March 15th and 22nd, NYC

    Thanks Robby, Sho, and Alec. Graig is a young Michaelangelo, haha. More pics forthcoming.
  9. Booked March 15th and 22nd, NYC

    Thanks! Shaved down pictures coming this week. Good luck, Flippo!
  10. Booked March 15th and 22nd, NYC

    Alright, so it's officially been one week since my second (and last quoted) session. I decided to take photos before buzzing down -- to give an alternate perspective. This is as long as I allow it to get (and probably pushing it by a day). This means shaving down, twice a week, with a rotary head electric razor. I couldn't be happier with my amount of required maintenance and plan to pick up the Andis T Liner soon. I am still so ecstatic about the shape and design of the hairline. Graig did a tremendous job. The treatment has faded a bit more than I'd like, which is no fault of HIS and, as I understand, part of the natural healing process. The frontal hairline has held well but the crown almost disappears at times -- depending on the lighting. The left side profile also isn't aging as well as the right side and lacks the strength that it once had. Graig and I wisely decided to stay conservative with the color and I'm wondering if now maybe a third session is in order with a slightly darker pigment. Damien : Graig mentioned, during my treatment, that 1-week and then 1-month are good checkpoints to gauge settling. If, after the first month, problem areas still appear washed out, would I qualify for a third treatment? If so, is this something I should wait longer to assess before jumping into? I know there's a 1-year guarantee and I wouldn't want to jeopardize that by "cashing in" too early. I appreciate it, Damien. These concerns, however, are very "micro". From a big picture perspective, I'm happy and have a much better appearance (and sense of confidence) than before pulling the trigger. People have had nothing but complimentary things to say and those who've I've revealed the secret to are ALWAYS in awe of the work. Money well spent! Keeping in mind that this is before shaving down, what do you guys think?
  11. His rescheduled me!!

    Aden, you look like a new man. Great work!
  12. Booked March 15th and 22nd, NYC

    @AdenLager I asked about you during my treatment and Graig said that you left looking excellent on Friday. Congratulations, man! Happy for you.
  13. Booked March 15th and 22nd, NYC

    Had my second session at 9AM on Saturday. Got Graig again, which was a pleasant surprise. It couldn't have gone better. All of the nerves and anxieties from the first session were gone. Again, the pain was maybe annoying at most. Graig is a master craftsman and a gentleman. I was rushed for time and forgot to eat before my session so I grabbed a quick sandwich during our first break. I didn't find that the food, or lack thereof, had any effect on the pain but I'd certainly recommend eating ahead of time to calm your nerves and maximize your comfort level. The NYC clinic was having an open-house of sorts and curious SMP-virgins were dropping in and out to see the operation. Everyone was really cool, save for one weirdo, and Graig's focus wasn't affected by the visitors in the slightest. I'm super happy with the results! Graig addressed all of my concerns and worked to make sure I was satisfied with the outcome. Great customer service, great results. I'll post some more pictures in a week or so once things have settled down.
  14. Booked March 15th and 22nd, NYC

    @Shonuuf Thank you! I guess it will depend on how long you stay "red". I had mine this morning and will be returning to work on Monday. Do it before it gets warm. It's so liberating. @Samson Very much appreciated! @adenlager Thank you. I probably won't see you again so make sure to post some shots after your second session, man! All praise due, really, to Graig and HIS.
  15. His rescheduled me!!

    @AdenLager Congratulations, man. Looked great this morning. Nice to meet you, as well!