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  1. Anyone had Laser, please PM me

    Pm'd hairlinecentral
  2. Hi guys finally had laser yesterday to fade and lighten the top , it seems the laser has blasted away a lot of ink - I have lots of bald patches now. Any advice from anyone who has had it before? Slightly panicking!
  3. Laser side profiles smp

    I think it was 18 or 16. To be fair I had quite a few touch ups, I am brown skinned so I guessed it's not that strong but at the same time I'd like to know if they can make it less dense
  4. Laser side profiles smp

    I've had smp for 15 months I've noticed a lot of people staring at my head recently got me paranoid I've got a laser session booked in.. I feel my side profiles are to sharp, tbh I want them gone and have the natural look bit like Jayson- although I don't want the helmet look Also the top of my head I think is too dark and too dense Advice needed please
  5. 7 sessions and counting/...

    His hair-yes I meant they couldn't see completely about what I was talking about, they saw some of what I was concerned about rather then all of it Your right il see how it settles, I have my doubts as I can see now when I look In the mirror. The new pigments look strong, then you have the good old pigments(looks perfect) and then you have the faded pigments that we're not treated on my touch up. When I drew the circles with the white pencil I drew areas where there were patches and I expected pigments to placed inside those circles completely. For example some circles I drew needed about 10 new dots inside it to cover the patch/fading. Instead only 2/3 pigments were placed. Which resulted in and I can see already after 4days my old faded patch with 3 pigments inside it which doesn't correct the patch. Anyway we see how it settles
  6. 7 sessions and counting/...

    Totally agree about the imperfections. My concern here is about customer service and not understanding what the customers needs. They were both in agreement fading and non blending was apparent. It's what was done that is my question- concentrating more on the blending on the sides then the top of the scalp where fading occurred. The areas i raised only had a few pigment dots applied. More should of been done
  7. 7 sessions and counting/...

    Hi all had touch up on Thursday
  8. 7 sessions and counting/...

    Lol that pipe is from the gents! Thank you all for the positive comments. Off to the Arsenal game peace out folk
  9. 7 sessions and counting/...

    I pity thy fool Balde. As Damien said F off. For everyone saying I want 8sessions?! No. His won't agree to a session unless there is visible fading. So it's not me wanting rather me needing.
  10. 7 sessions and counting/...

    Thanks guys appreciate all the positive comments. I don't want to go ott, just correct the patches and to go over some of the fading. My iPhone 5s clearly can't pick up what I'm referring too. Yes it looks good, but it can look better. The right side of my head suffered no fading looks perfect. The left however not too sure what's going on, there's clearly an imbalance which is probably due to my immune system still trying to fight off the pigments. I concur I don't want a massive blob hence why I will be suggesting to Katrina to go over existing dots more so then inbetween. Density is not so much the issue, it's more a balance of colour which is my concern.
  11. 7 sessions and counting/...

    Thanks jti. Pictures can be deceiving. Hard to capture the. Fading Appreciate it bringnsexc. I just want to be in a position where I look in the mirror and it looks how I want it Will keep you posted
  12. 7 sessions and counting/...

    More pics
  13. 7 sessions and counting/...

    Hello Lads, Hope you are all well. I’ve been snooping on the forum for the past 6months, having had my first session on 30/09/2013. I’m about to go for my 8th session with Katrina in London next Thursday. The forum has been useful for me over the past few months, as the problem I keep having is fading. North/Nightwood and Bringsexyback I here you bro’s and can relate somewhat to your plight. My first session was done by Marcus, 5 sessions done by ####(guy is a ledge and is the best practitioner) and my last session was done by Katrina in Mid January 2014 The reason why I went back for the last 2 sessions is the left side of my head(pic 1) is darker then the scalp area (pic2). And recently the left scalp area (pic 2) has formed circular patches which are lighter in colour then the rest of the head. These patches when looked at from a angle looks like a flaw in my skin, they only just appeared few weeks ago, they feel more smoother than the rest of my head, i.e like glazed skin. The aim of my 8th session will be to go over the circular patches, sprinkle the whole scalp as in the light you can still see the main scalp fading and to go over existing dots. The problem with going inbetween dots is that those dots shrink, hence it will fade. Hopefully going over existing dots will give it some prominence(i hope) Overall the patches and fading is not that noticeable unless you look hard, mainly I can see them close-up in the mirror or when I’m under the light- but for me that’s what matters the most, that I can notice them. To be fair since I had the treatment nobody has noticed or said anything. I was completely bald so it was a surprise! Most assume I just suddenly decided to grow my hair lol My GF( a celebrity hairdresser) insists that most guys who have real hair when shaved still have imperfections and patches etc and i totally get that, but when you invest over £3k and look forward to not worry about your hair, fading kills that feeling. In general yes it was a good idea, I look better, I don’t need to worry about being bald, but now that I have ‘hair’, I want it to look how i want it- after 7 sessions you just want the bloody fading to stop SMP is great when fading is minimal, I feel the happiest days after I have a session, that’s when it looks best, But after that fading is a bitch, for me it keeps happening. As I am brown skin they have used colour 18 always, the main thing I will be asking on my 8th session is to go over existing dots(they haven’t done that yet in any of the previous sessions) and hopefully that might improve things. Pictures of fading never do justice, always good to show it in person. Good thing I still got my Guarantee Over and out