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  1. Scars and bald

    I've got existing ink which as gne blue what as been lasered of does that have to be totally gone
  2. Scars and bald

    Thanks for advise not to sure bout top yet but defo having scars done does the existing ink as to be totally gne does anyone no
  3. Scars and bald

    Hi I'm new to this forum but have been looking at the topics for a while now I have numerous scars on the side of my head which make me unbelievably paranoid Iluckily I wear a hard hat at work and I use nano fibres and concealer sticks on the scar areas only, I'm not massively paranoid about being bald but I am considering treatment all over just worried what people will say if notice I was looking to follow my natural hairline and go for a receding look I've had some sort of treatment on the scars of a beautician but that went pear shaped and ended up blue so I went for consultation at his hair about a year ago and advised me to have it lasered of which I have.I've prob got about one more procedure to clear existing ink to barely noticeable. now my hairs got really thin bald I can no longer keep it long enough to hide the scars so I'm currently saving while making up my mind.the scars are from cyst what I had cut out about ten years ago I had scar revision but unfortunately my hair didn't grow back in them places the scars aren't really red or bumpy as any one any thoughts or advise I would be grateful thanks
  4. Unsure with Smp

    As any any recommendations of which practitioner to use at manchester or do you not have a choice
  5. A nice example of SMP

    Looks good
  6. Anti shine

    Would talk powder not work
  7. Unsure with Smp

    I'm in the same boat still very unsure and what people will say if it's noticeable
  8. My experience…and it’s not a good one.

    Scary just had a bad experiance after having mine lasered of was coming to his to get it done proper