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  1. Hey man, for some reason I couldn't see your photos in the thread?

  2. 10 day update after second treatment! Have not buzzed my hair since I visited the clinic so I can't really see the final result yet because my normal hair is covering it up. What I can say though is that the pigmentation has given my hair a much fuller look even with 10 days of growth, and I'd like to see how it looks if I grow it out 2-3 cm more and style it with a touch of wax. It might look pretty good. If thats the case I will for sure go for the longer look as long as I can pull it off. There's no doubt about the fact that it looks better with a close cut than how it is at the moment (even though it looks undetectable in normal lightning), but a few more cm in length and it might actually look good. It feels great however knowing that I can just shave it off whenever I want and my hairline would still look great! Major confidence boost! 5 days after my treatment I had to spend some time outside (work) and I had no chance of covering my head up. Do you guys think 5-10 hours of sun on my head could've done any damage (fading) to my SMP? PS. I sent you a personal message (Damien) about moving this thread to the Swedish part of the forum, hope that's OK
  3. My second (and most likely final) session with Sam in Gothenburg was completed yesterday, I'll update with pics as soon as I can. Also, this thread should probably be moved to the Swedish part of the forum since it was done in Sweden? I completely forgot that there was a swedish part of the forum when I first created my thread . Maybe this is something you could fix Damien? Photo Update: 2 days since my second treatment, it´s still a bit red but my real hair is once again starting to come through, adding to the 3D-effect:
  4. Thanks! Yea I def wont have to shave everyday as long as it looks like this. A girl I met today at work said "i like your new haircut", felt great! However, not sure how to approach my second treatment next week, probably increase the "density" to tackle expected fading in the future..
  5. First day back at work today after the 1st treatment and everything went fine, no one noticed. But like I've written before, in my case it was not a drastic change to my appearance. The difference is the framing of the face which is now back to where it's supposed to be and it boosts my confidence big time! Here's a photo from today, keep in mind I haven't buzzed/shaved in almost 5 days! It looks even better seeing it in real life since the camera gets every detail but when you look at it in person it just looks like a buzzcut. I really like keeping it a bit longer and I intend on doing so as long as I have hair growing all over the scalp. Maybe 5-7 days is pushing it? What do you guys think?
  6. Thanks! I honestly don't know what number he used, I never asked... My hair is kinda sand-ish in color so I guess he used a pretty high number? Def. not a dark one
  7. Post some pics! And if you really don't like it (my practitioner told me it is extremely rare,he said it has happened no more than a couple of times out of thousands of customers) you could always get it removed with laser after the 1st treatment. That knowledge kinda calmed me down before I had mine done, even though removing it with laser probably is a bit complicated and most likely expensive it's always nice to know it's possible.
  8. Finally, the redness has almost completely gone away. In some lightning conditions you can still see it and in others you can't. Also, my real hair has started to come through again since Sam shaved it and I cannot believe how well it looks together with the pigments. It looks just like it did when I buzzed it when I was 18 except for the slightly receded temples that I specifically asked Sam to leave there which I think was the right way to go. I mean I am 25, not 18 anymore! I realize one more treatment will be needed when this has faded and the pigments has shrunk (will have 2nd in the beginning of next week), but if it would stay like this I would probably not even have another session. This would totally do it for me! Also took some closer pics this time, one with flash. In the one with flash you can see how ridiculously low my hairline used to be by the blonde hairs along my hairline. 3-4 years ago these were strong hairs that I could grow long. Anyway, here it goes:
  9. @MswSF Thank you! I totally get that you're nervous but trust me, if hairloss is/has been consuming your daily life there's no better option than this if you feel comfortable in the shaved/buzzed look. I was doubting to do this too but then 2-3 days before my procedure I just thought to myself - how long have I been thinking about my hairloss situation and how it's going to look further on as it keeps receding? How much money have I spent on thickening wax, medications, concealers? And how many hours have I stood in front of the mirror at home trying to hide the thinning hairline? And every time after fixing my hair I've always known that there will soon come a time when I cant pull it off anymore... Well, it all just summed up to a feeling of FUCK IT, lets go!
  10. I had buzzed it down to 0.5 mm (I think, I had what you call a "no guard buzzcut" before arriving at the clinic) but then Sam shaved the front part down with an electric shaver, hence the difference in length right now. Yea, I hope I will be able to pull it off with a bit longer hair, it has already grown out a bit but by tomorrow night it should be long enough to decide.
  11. Free At Last in Hong Kong

    Wow that's one hell of a change to the better man!
  12. Thank you! apart from the longer hair in the back I'm over the moon with the look. It feels great not having to worry about the hairline receding a bit every day, and no more creative styling with wax and sometimes Toppik before going out. Sure, I could've rocked longer hair for maybe 1-2 more years without people noticing it, but it just isn't worth it. So this is what freedom feels like!?
  13. Booked March 15th and 22nd, NYC

    The difference between your before/after treatment pics is amazing dude. Takes years off
  14. Samson's experience

    Wow, first time I checked out your thread and it looks awesome man!
  15. I know the feeling man! Had my first treatment yesterday and it feels great, still a bit red but barely noticeable. Check out my thread for pics! What is your hair situation? Diffuse, receding or completely bald?