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  1. Northern Bald Guy's Diary (UK treatments)

    Alright guys, hope all is well. bit of an update/question. Firstly the SMP is holding up well, no more fading really for the past two years so all good. I dropped the hairline slightly on the last session, which meant that new area had only one treatment so was lacking in density a bit. It wasn't so bad that I was in a rush to sort it out, but it's been bugging me and it's time to sort it out. You can see it at the right of the photo, left side isn't too bad. I don't want to change the shape of the hairline just soften it a bit to avoid the line up/"Jamie Foxx" look (it won't look good on me) and fill in this difference in density. Can anyone from HIS advise on cost/length to just add a bit to this area?? I imagine around 1-2 hours?
  2. Northern Bald Guy's Diary (UK treatments)

    thanks mate, I normally cut it really short with the bald fader clippers, they're shorter than normal 0.5 grade but it had a bit longer than normal growth in these photos. yeah it's more the jump from lots of density over 3 sessions to the area that's just had one, I'll try get a better pic to show it.
  3. Manchester clinic....

    My treatments were a combination of Graig, Daz and Danny but Danny did the most recent ones, have a look at my diaries if you like for photos.
  4. Northern Bald Guy's Diary (UK treatments)

    Hello guys, thanks for the comments, finally got chance to update this: it's been over a year since my 1st session now back in April 2014, and 3 months since my last which was when it really started to look the finished article. It's now settled pretty well although I seem to be someone who fades a lot considering this is a 20 shade. The one on the right with the black jumper is about a week after the 3rd session and the rest are from yesterday so you can tell the difference, as it's settled. There's a bit of difference in density in the hairline because that area had only one layer whereas everywhere else had four because i wanted to move the hairline down a bit. Danny did explain it might need another session to look 100% for that very reason. So my plan is to get another short session to fill that in, then that should be it for a few years. Also this is with a couple of days hair growth I normally cut it with the bald fader clippers which is a bit shorter than 0.5. I find a lot depends on the lighting, which is a bit of a mindf*ck if you need to shave it all off as you can see in these pictures the effectiveness of SMP does vary a bit depending on lighting, but you have to realise it's not 3D hair. Not had any 'natural' photos of myself taken by other people or been able to see it in a normal situation because I've been a hermit studying the past two months but I'm pretty confident with how it looks. I've even had mates who are thinning point out that I cut it short but I have such a good hairline so I guess it must be noticeable. For me it's probably been a longer than average process because of fading and chosing to drop my hairline but all credit to HIS they have been really helpful every step. It's been one of the best things I've ever done and to stop fretting about my hair, even though I shaved it anyway, is just a massive weight lifted. So anyway I hope the diary so far has been useful to people thinking of SMP, and if anyone wants to ask anything just comment or send a PM cheers Matt
  5. another canadian going with smp !

    You can get away with doing nothing, I didn't do anything before my first session and was fine. BUT if you moisturise your scalp and get it in good condition before the 1st it will make the pigment stay better and probably make it less painful. I don't think there's anything else that hasn't been said apart from if you have a good idea of what look you're after maybe have a picture as an example but they will help you if not anyway. Good luck man!
  6. Northern Bald Guy's Diary (UK treatments)

    5th session photos Had my 5th session on Wednesday, went down to shade 20 this time. Thanks again to Danny who did an amazing job. I would definitely recommend both him and Daz at Manchester. Hopefully this will be the last one for a while. For some reason despite moisturising religiously my scalp is dry but oily and it was still quite painful, which is quite unusual on the 5th session as most people have sorted it by then. So this may affect the fading, I've ordered some Dr Organic lotion as recommended by Daz, I also looked at E45 but it's the same ingredients as the stuff I have already. Scalp is really oily/shiny in these pics and theres 4 days growth but hopefully gives you guys a better idea than the last bad quality ones. It should settle down a bit more in the next few days, at the moment I've been hiding from my housemates and having my hood up everytime I see them haha! I'll post some more once it settles properly with a before/after.
  7. Northern Bald Guy's Diary (UK treatments)

    4th session (3 months after) Here's my latest update 3 months on after my 4th session. Will probably need to resize the pics in a window as they are not the best quality. I'm fairly pleased but what these pics don't capture apart from the first one is how light it's gone on the sides and top. and the mirror one I aimed to show a bit of contrast round the back, I think it has faded here unfortunately. They're all after a fresh shave with the wahl baldfader (shorter than 0.5 grade) and with Peter Thomas Roth anti-shine (which does make a big difference) apart from the last one.
  8. Northern Bald Guy's Diary (UK treatments)

    yeah it definitely looked realistic. I just saw the post of his about the 3D effect actually. He wasn't like a NW 6 or 7 but he brought down the hairline and temples lower, so it was an area without hair and you can't tell the difference when it's cut with the clippers. I think he went so dark on the later sessions because it faded so much so not everyone would need to do that. It shows what SMP is capable of, not everyone wants the same look, some prefer a more subtle receded look but I'm of the mindset if you're getting a treatment you want to be able to see it.
  9. Northern Bald Guy's Diary (UK treatments)

    thanks man . yeah I wanted to go as dark as possible but they didn't know how it would end up, so I guess they erred on the side of too light. But like I say that's them doing their job properly, was no real way of knowing at the time, I could have been someone who it held very well. Actually my only main worry with it is that it uses up my guarantee period, because I've only got one more top-up included (after my 3 paid for sessions) hopefully it won't come to that. Having seen the likes of Troy's treatment in real life with a 14/16 I do know what is possible though, I think I could even go that dark and it would look how I want it. Not 14/16 overall but just a few scattered dots
  10. Northern Bald Guy Diary

    Hi guys, I posted about the 3rd session in the UK here:
  11. Northern Bald Guy's Diary (UK treatments)

    Hello I had two sessions previously in New York, which I wrote about before here with pics: and then another back in Manchester in June which I'll post about in this thread since it's a UK one. Only just got round to putting up pics but that means it's had time to settle in so you guys get a better idea of what it looks like. Overall I'm really pleased, I think I will need one or maybe two more to get where I want to be because I've had some bad luck with fading after the first two sessions. With the benefit of hindsight, the first two were probably too light a shades but there's absolutely no way of knowing at the time that I would be someone who faded so much, so I still think the NYC guys did a great job.(and they helped me out massively when my UK card f**ked up!) As for this treatment/session cannot thank and recommend Daz and Danny in Manchester enough, they really put you at ease and genuinely care about your treatment, as they've been through it themselves. I was fairly relaxed about this one, as I knew what to expect and it was a short trip to Manchester as opposed to the epic 10 hour drive to NYC last time. They have a good laugh whilst doing it too, left the place grinning despite having a needle in my head all day. These pics are all cut with clippers at 0.5, and after using the Peter Lee Roth anti-shine gel. It's quite harsh lighting from a lamp in front of me and a bathroom light, it's maybe a bit darker in natural light but not much. I get a mixture of comments from people who think I'm still bald ( I think maybe they use shaved interchangeably with bald...yeah that must be it ), and from others who are swearing that I have way more hair somehow haha! That does feel good, but ultimately though it's my opinion/thoughts of myself that counts, I think it needs to be a bit darker, more density and the temples and hairline moving in...but I just looked looked at my before pictures, and it's a big improvement Any comments or questions welcome! Cheers 3rd Session Album:
  12. Northern Bald Guy Diary

    Booked in for the 3rd treatment in Manchester this Friday. I used an electric shaver a couple of times since my last posts, to be honest I'm not a fan because it looks like I just shave it because I'm going bald, you can't really tell there's a treatment/hairline unless you looked closely. I think this is because I need another treatment though to get it how I want. Been moisturising and keeping out of the sun but think it's faded a bit although less than I expected. I hope to get it a couple shades darker and more density on this 3rd session, lower the hairline and bring in the temples slightly. I think then it will start to be more what I'm after.
  13. What is good to use for pimples on the head!HELP!

    I'm getting a similar problem, just a few pimples at the back on one side that won't go away. Tried Tea tree oil wash which helps a bit, but wasn't sure if the 2% Nizoral was okay to use on SMP?
  14. Northern Bald Guy Diary

    Thanks for the comments guys I agree with you guys it does look too long in the two "diagonal" closer shots. Funny you should say that I also trimmed the beard down before as it just didn't look quite right with the short hair, it's still there but looks better a bit shorter. I didn't realise how long it was getting until I had 'hair' on top to compare it to! Robby, at the moment a WAHL 9655 - I looked into the T-liners that HIS use but I don't really want to spend a lot on clippers or foil shaver over here in Canada as the plugs and voltages are different and I'll back in the UK soon. I'll probably try and get a T-liner or foil shaver then though, as don't fancy wet shaving. NoHerrDontKerr, yeah I only noticed afterward it looks two different lengths in these photos, ideally I'd like to keep it the length of the shorter two pictures (the less close up ones) maybe a bit shorter. Right now I'm a bit concerned even when I it trim it right down then it's too still light. I know I have relatively light skin tone but most of my hair is lighter due to it miniaturising and going bald rather than the natural color, so I feel that it's still a bit light even when shaved down properly. I would rather leave it a little longer and have darker pigments if that makes sense
  15. Northern Bald Guy Diary

    2nd session Thanks for all the replies and comments everyone A week since the 2nd session, overall I'm pleased. I think I may have been a little conservative without realising it on the hairline and at the temples but again it's easier to add more in than laser it off, and it's still an improvement on the 1st. I will probably do a 3rd or more since my scalp was really dry for this one. I also think it could do to be a little darker on top and in the crown. I know it's a process though so might take another couple of sessions to get it right. I think the back/crown area has faded a bit but I'll be able to see properly in a few weeks. In some lights it hardly looks visible but in others (darker rooms) it looks really clear, it's quite tricky to evaluate it. In this pictures I would say the lighting is pretty favourable though so it's hard to tell. I know the hair is a bit longer at the back in two pics as well which doesn't help, I've trimmed it since with the clippers. Been around a few friends and housemates now and no-one has said anything or averted their eyes upto my forehead/hairline. I was also talking on skype and my girlfriend didn't notice but I put that down to being in bright light in front of a window. Someone did stop me and say wow you shaved your beard off but didn't mention the hair. Looking forward to meeting my mate here in May as he will definitely tell me if he notices haha! Here's the album: Plan now is wait and see how it fades, and potentially go to NYC for #3 when I'm there in May or wait til June when I'm back in the UK