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  1. Why is my smp so obvious?

    Take some more days off then wear a hat for awhile if you can.
  2. Found Out...Again

    Yeah just looked at your recent pics, looks good to me too. Try to put up some more pics.
  3. Could someone photoshop me with smp?

    I'd bet if you buzzed down your hair to a zero grade now you would look like you have almost a full head of hair.
  4. Never to old to look as good as you feel

    I agree, the hairline should come down a bit, particularly in the middle because it doesn't frame your face like it should, now's the time to do it.
  5. First session monday 21st july manchester clinic

    'A'+ job right there!
  6. Basil's Diary

    Congratulations! And good luck tomorrow, let us know how it went, and how the new place is.
  7. Booked August 28th in Los Angeles! (BiteTheBullet)

    The receding look works for you but I think it might be a bit too much, maybe bring it down a little more next time. The color seems ok too.
  8. Basil's Diary

    Don't forget they have a new location opening now on 568 Broadway, I was wondering about the parking situation too--
  9. Basil's Diary

    When is session two?
  10. Basil's Diary

    You said it Basil, resources are now available and most importantly why waste time! Maybe show them that first picture with the dreads because you can see your old original hairline.
  11. Young Bald Guy's Diary

    I vote for growing the beard back, but go with what the ladies like if you're torn.
  12. 1st and 2nd Session-Complete

    Looks real good but I think a small widows peak would be icing on the cake.
  13. Had mine in Chicago with Mike 7/22

    You're gonna get a lot more attention from the ladies now!
  14. Just Finished my Second Treatment In NYC, My Story.

    I color my goatee with Just For Men, makes me look almost 10 years younger.