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  1. The so called dots in the treatment look very large and some seem joined together. Scar is also very dark. Why would you get a treatment like this?
  2. 18 months on....

    I think it looks okay as is.
  3. I look at your treatment Otsoko and it scares me a little. The dots are very big and some are like blotches. It just doesn't match. You are now going for laser treatment which I see is becoming a more recurring theme on here lately. Hi come you have had to search for a laser clinic? Would that not be for the company to do? Hope it gets sorted for you.
  4. My Experience in the London Clinic :)

    Congratulations Raybatesman. Have just read through your blog fully and it's like reading the story of a bald man trying to get his mojo back and lose his insecurities over hair loss. You got the treatment and got your mojo back and enjoyed the ladies. Meeting the girl of his dreams and getting married. Having your first Child and now enjoying life with special people. Now your hair is secondary to many other things. I think that's where the majority of guys on here want to be. I think job done
  5. Nice hairline but not keen on those over elaborated curved sides.
  6. Smokin'

    Give up the fags. That is all you need to no.
  7. laser removal

    Are you thinking of getting yours removed?
  8. 2.5 years on

    Sounds like shine needs to be sorted out as this is a massive give away from what I have seen. Also sounds like you may need a touch up and the time you have had it seems to be the time term of the treatment whatever is Said about it being longer. Once you have this I'm sure you will be back being happy like your first couple of years.
  9. Why is my smp so obvious?

    Very early days GJM09. Is it just a week ago you were treated? I read the treatment can take far longer than this to settle down. I really think you need to remember how bald you were before they saw you again. If my mate or colleague changed like you did I'd probably notice something was up lol. You look great and I'm sure you'll be fine.
  10. Going under the needle 25th march in London

    Looks fine to me ranger.
  11. Any Personal Laser Experience?

    Do you have any photos to share to show us why you need it.
  12. saving for smp jason blog

    From the photos of the third treatment it doesn't look like enough work has been done on the top and back. Why would that be as it's obvious that the front was very dark and the back very light. Maybe wait until you have shaved down, but seems strange to think of another treatment within a day of your third one. All the best tho Jason.
  13. Why is my smp so obvious?

    Seeing the before and after now that's a very good transformation. Obviously there is a big difference so there's a chance that people you no may notice something. I bet looking at your treatment that people who don't no you won't say a word as it looks very natural. It looks great and I'd be very happy with a treatment like this.
  14. Why is my smp so obvious?

    Looks really nice GJM09. Shape looks spot on. It looks natural. Do you have any before shots? I think that will also give us an idea how much change people will see also.
  15. Having all that hair has certainly helped the treatment and it looks nice at the front. Not such a fan though of the exaggerated curved corners tho. Dots still look big but it's early days so don't panic like others on here.
  16. Just had a 3rd session

    Isn't the greatest photo but it looks ok. There seems to be a lot of people stressing on this forum recently just a few days into treatment? I personally think when you have something like this you need to give it a few weeks. I can understand if this was a month or two after, not a few days.
  17. Why is my smp so obvious?

    I think it looks really good if I'm honest and I'm critical at the best of times. I absolutely love the hairline work, it's receded and broken at the front. The dots will stand out for a bit from what I read and probably with your next treatment more density will be added to help the rest. Don't panic as it's a process plus your only 5 days on. Doesn't it take 1-3 months to fully settle down?
  18. My diary treatment by P Clarke 25-7-14

    Be great to see this one settled now.
  19. Bubble totally burst

    That's why I have always thought the best treatments were the more subtle type and lighter treatments. The artistic nature of hairlines is very important and these in my opinion seem to have gone amiss in recent times. Everyone seems to have darker treatments and hairlines that aren't entirely natural.
  20. Why?

    Sounds like a rough day mixedraceman. Personally I'd ignore these thoughtless comments if you can however hard it is. If you were happy with your new look, them that's all that should count.

    You have to have a soft subtle hairline in my opinion. Tosspot how is yours at the moment? Yours seemed to be quite a defined hairline. Are you still happy with your treatment?
  22. scar turning black/blue

    Have you got any updated photos with the bruising gone?
  23. Found Out...Again

    Hi HBK. I can see what you mean with the blotches rather than dots in some parts of your head, and I just can't understand why you would get those? It should be far better than this. However I'd say I'm seeing this because I'm getting chance to scan the photos and look for things. In real life I don't think others will see this and like some have said the treatment after having it lasered looks better.
  24. I have a needle phobia, please help!

    Dr Carter did it hurt you then? I haven't seen your photos or diary.
  25. too dark at 4 weeks

    Jacko sorry to hear about you and beach and matador with poor treatments that you're unhappy with. Would help to see some photos.