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  1. Coming up 2 years

    Suits you. I haven't had SMP done, one of my concerns previously was that the 'full' look can look unreal as you get older (i'm in my 40's) but I like the receded look
  2. Peyton X-factor

    Yep I noticed, wasn't 100% convinced as he appeared to have a bald spot at the top of his head?
  3. Coming up 2 years

    Looks really good. I like your hairline looks very natural.
  4. Andros Townsend

    Clattenburgs wig is like him. A total fraud !

    They are some of the best pics I've seen from anyone. Great hairline . I've so got to bite the bullet and get it done!
  6. 10 times better than I'd imagined

    Wise words mate. I will have it done just need to get my finger out my arse really. I live North Birmingham, outskirts Sutton
  7. 10 times better than I'd imagined

    Mate, I think thats one of the best I've seen. Can't believe no one really notices to me you look 10 years younger. Gives me confidence to do it myself. One of my best mates is a serial pi55 taker and I think one of the things that hold me back is the ribbing he'd give me!
  8. I don't know if its just me but I seem to have a real eye for noticing celebs that seem 'less bald' than they once did! James Nesbitt, Paddy McGuiness, Football referee Mark Clattunberg, Declan Donnally just a few off my head!
  9. Is my hair too light?

    Cheers for the comments and thanks for the photo cakelover, as you mentioned we have a similar shade and skin tone so its proof it would work for me!
  10. Is my hair too light?

    I've been lurking the forum for a few months and went to an open day last month in Birmingham but at the time I hadn't shaved my head for about 5 days. I took this pic this morning after I had shaved my head and I'm worried that the hair I have is so light in colour and matched with my pale skin tone just makes it look like I have no hair at all on the sides so the benefits of SMP would be pretty minimal. What do you think?
  11. Worried

    Looks great, think the beard finished it off nicely.
  12. I haven't had the treatment done yet but I have come to think over the past few years, who cares? If you stood still in any town anywhere here in the UK and counted the first 10 women who walked past you how many of them would be totally natural with their hair? I I reckon 9 out of 10 will have some colour,extensions etc. So what's the difference? Also, high profile people like Wayne Rooney, Elton John - even those people you forgot after a bit its not real hair and does anyone care?
  13. Unsure with Smp

    Well done mate. I've got a skiing trip coming up in 2 weeks so I'm going to book it after that. Glad you are going for it. Gives me confidence to do the same!
  14. 7 sessions and counting/...

    Mate, I cant see any fading at all. All I can see is some superb results. Its looks amazing, totally real.
  15. Unsure with Smp

    Hi Fletcher, I live in Birmingham and went to the open day at the end of January. I had some similar reservations to you and I met 3-4 guys who'd had the procedure done and they all looked superb, you would never ever tell that it wasn't real. I also watched a live session being done and chatted to the practitioner although I cant remember his name. He was a real nice genuine bloke and I got a great vibe from everyone I met. They also did a mock up on me to see how it would looked and I was well impressed! I haven't booked the treatment yet but im 99% sure I will. At the time I hadn't told anyone I'd been researching it but now I've mentioned it to the wife and my closest mates they are supportive so I think I've got over that hurdle of being a bit embarrassed. All the best