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  1. My Journal

    Lookin good man.....natural hair line indeed......
  2. Looking For A Good Foil Shaver

    thanks !!
  3. Looking For A Good Foil Shaver

    I wet shave, looking to have more versatility on the road, Can anyone recommend a good foil razer that shaves close ?? Thanks Fellas... hope all is well out there !!!
  4. Is anyone available to meet up in Nor. California?

    Would that be John C ? He does good work, your in good hands, only thing to remember is you have to shave your head, thats the only work involved. that was the thing i thought about, commit to shaving everyday, or some of you can get away with everyother day. They will do a great job for you. My girlfriend of 1.5 years still doesnt know its not real. so i know it works and looks good !! Goof luck man ! Bald or not bald, that is the question !!
  5. Looks Great, i'm well into year 2 of mine, first session was Jan 2013, holding up nicely, make sure you use good products when shaving and moisturizer, sunblock in the sun . really looks natural, congrats man !!
  6. OMFG Whyyyy whyyyyyyyy

    so i thought your first session looked awesome, so did you? and im just trying to get a handle on this thread, so you didnt go through with second session because when you called they didnt respond to your liking? or timley in your opinion? we all have hangups, but i will say this, it looks damn good bro? Johnathon did a great job, id take a breath and think about this, you may find another company, who knows what they will do, HIs did a great job and you will be with same practiontioner, i wouldnt risk that. But of course we are all grownup and make up our own minds. and have to live with them, good luck brother !
  7. today I got called out

    Hey bro, thats not being called out..... thats a compliment... being called out is this, Hey you were bald, now you have hair, you did something sneaky !! I know youve donte something....thats called out, congrats bro ! I used the same answer you did !
  8. One year past.... Had final treatment...

    Sorry Fellas, been gone for awhile, to answer the question of what Norwood i was, i was a 7, im older, mid 50's, i chose the appropriate hairline for an older Gent, a block look would of been poor choice for me, if your in your 20z maybe, i tryed to be realistic about it. i posted first treatment pics for comparison on a different thread, but im can say the top is all smp, wasnt 100 bald, but close to it. so a before pic wasnt needed. Still to date no one has said a thing. to the bro who asked about zangs advice for aftercare and shaving, Use a shaving oil preshave, good prep, and aloe based after shave, non alcohol base, and day after shave, i shave everyother day most of the time, exfoliate scalp to remove dead shin with warm wash cloth, keep burn and bumps away. Basically, prep well for shave, use good products, cleaning scalp next day stopped all bumps ! But bumps were minimal to begin with.
  9. Good for you bro.... Long drive indeed.... Worth it though . Before you know it you'll be done ! Goes fast and yes the pain isint anything. Like a pinch here and there. I agree. Keep us posted as you progress .
  10. One year past.... Had final treatment...

    @westside... looking forward to seeing your results bro !!!
  11. Best Decision ever made!!! Before and After Pics

    Looks sharp man... well done !
  12. One year past.... Had final treatment...

    @ Westside. hey bro to answer your question about if anyone has noticed it, the answer is no, even my girlfriend of a year now hasnt pegged it, shes said several times ' why dont you grow it out you have so much'. I'll eventually tell her if we last! Saw 2 brothers who i hadnt seen in a year and a half at christmas at some country club full of people, only thing my brothers said was wow, look at that clean dome, lol, you shaved your head. no other scrutiny or questions period, walked around the club sporting my smp, not one person near or far gave me the time of day! Remember, a big part of this is that you know! so you'll always think about it, but ive had not one person in a year question, or stare period. If you wore a rug on your head, you'd be paranoid cause you know its a rug.... youll learn to live with that feeling, btw.. this is much more natural than a hair piece ! After your done, lose the hat, hit the mall and go walk around, take your smp out in the wild, youll become very comfortable fast, at least thats how it went for me.Let us know how it goes, your in good hands with Los Angeles office brother... take care....enjoy
  13. So one years gone by since my first treatment. I had four relatively quickly into it starting last January. After the fourth treatment I figured I'd let things settle for the year and not rush in for a consultation. I've posted previously with pictures and how my experience went and who was all involved in my sessions so I won't rehash it all but thanks to all for bringing me along and doing a great job and for all the great advice. These guys really care about their work! So I went for the end-of-the-year consultation in Los Angeles and I met with Zang. Gave me advice about shaving techniques took a look at my treatments and he decided to give it one short session darken it up just a bit so the pictures I've attached is four days after the treatment was completed and just after a light shave as I didn't want to shave Heavy after the last session. My experience with the company's been nothing but positive. I'm super happy with the results , take a look for yourself And let me know what you think. Zang said I really didn't need a fifth but he did say that he could complement my previous four treatments. I feel he went above and beyond and thanks again for a wonderful experience. Also I've had issue with a little razor burn, Zang gave me some great advice on how to deal with it and products to use. To have this done isn't cheap, but the fact that they took their time went above and beyond went out of their way to accommodate me and to educate me made the whole thing worthwhile and quite pleasant..... Glad my hair loss issue is at an end.... Wish I could've had it done in my 20s or 30s but It wasn't around . take care fellas any questions be more than happy to answer!! John C up in San Fran did first 3 ! Brilliant Artist. Zang did final 2 !! Oh one last thing, I'm not the best photographer ... Can redo if any came out funky !
  14. Session #1 finished / San Francisco

    Was that John C ? He did my first session when he visited the LA office, hes a good dude, really great to work with ! Tell him one more dot says hey !! Things really come together after the second session... Looking good !
  15. Thank you HIS

    Looks awesome bro.... I had mine at Los Angeles as well, great group of guys there......Not surprised at how happy you are. They do tell you like it is. No BS.....Glad to hear you didnt get the transplant, brutal procedure, with SMP only a shave a day, small price to pay for a great look !!